For almost a week or more my wifi failed to work.

my cell defaults to wifi calling well because the signal for verizon is sketchy in my house.

They have the top speed on the 5GHz band of 2400 Mbps and the 2.4 GHz, 600 Mbps. ©ASUSTeK Computer Inc. All rights reserved. Currently have a rt-ac86u ( master ) ad 3 xrt-ac68u (nodes) (reflashed Tmobile 1900 routers) All running merlin firmware for a very wide 3800 sq ranch. The AX58U and AX3000 are identical. I do have a curious problem with the unit. I currently use D-link DIR880-L.

All my floors and my pieces have 1 or 2 wired connection (cat6a). @Ozzy – If I may ask, where are you finding the AX92U for a slightly cheaper price than the AX58U?

The two are VERY similar, but they might use two different chipsets. And in this case, I got the same performance, from either unit, as when they worked as a standalone router.

I do have a problem I have been unable to solve.

But Wi-Fi coverage can be affected by many factors — room layout, construction materials, and even furnishings. I’m now understanding a bit more the bit in the review about the backhaul but still I’m using it as Asus advertises it should work. These antennas are not removable but you can swivel them around. Hi Dong.

I have read your review on the AC86U and the figures seem to show that it outperforms the AX3000 with respect to range and speed. . Wash your hands! I don’t have a wired backhaul set up. These sub-channels have a smaller bandwidth that enables them to travel up to 80% farther1, resulting in a better Wi-Fi connection throughout your home*. AiMesh Node.

now i am planning on getting the ax3000 … will you consider this as getting something equal or an upgrade or downgrade ?

Products may not be available in all markets. Because it worked great the rest of the time. Frankly, I know ASUS won’t shoot themselves on the foot, having AIMSH and ZENMESH.

If you have wired backhaul, this router will work fine, Jean.

Wondering if you think it would be better to go with a AX88U (main) and a AX3000 (mesh unit) instead for my main network or stick with the 2 AX3000s? But (touch wood) it has not happened again in the past day…. Thanks for the input, Gabor. There’s also a USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) port to host a storage device, a printer, or a supported mobile cellular device. There are two different version firmwares in website. ASUS RT-AX58U is a dual-band wireless router with a classic look.

Any alternative recommendation is greatly appreciated! I remembered before the latest firmware update, my RAM usage was low 70s and reached high 80s when running the HDD. Is that too much for this router?

TECHSPOT : Tech Enthusiasts, Power Users, Gamers, TechSpot is a registered trademark. I have been using the AX3000 for more than 2 weeks, The WIFI was good, especially after the latest Firmware ( I almost went to buy the TP-Link AX20 and then realized that they don’t support Dual WAN Fail-over and now I see that neither does the AX50?

Sizewise, it is rather small and light when compared to other Wi-Fi 6 routers. Can you please suggest me a best between these two? distributed in the United States and Canada.

The RT-AX58U is Intel and the RT-AX3000 is Broadcom CPU. AiMesh gives you time-saving central control, and seamless roaming capability. Not as I know of, Bjorn. With the latest 802.11ax WiFi standard featuring OFDMA technology, RT-AX58U provides increased Wi-Fi signal range and better coverage by dividing each channel into smaller sub-channels. But I heard so much positive AIMESH, and seem that 99% of AIMESH reviews were positive….but none about the “lousy” AIMESH. I’ve not come across much for setting for Mesh with 89X.

I attribute this to handshaking and moving from one node to the other. Sounds more like the Asus ZenWiFi AX XT8 is something is should go for. Would that hinder the signal? For me, I felt that the 2.4Gs are rather weak compared to some of the other ASUS routers.

Just for my cell phone. I am pretty sure the RT-AX3000 and the RT-AX58U are the same devices minus the WPA3 support for the former.

Wired Backhaul is just not possible at this time (would have to run cables and open walls for that). Other vendors don’t seem to have them at all, not even the Asus website.

With GT-AX11000 as my main router and AX58U and AC88U as a node, both nodes will not connect to dedicated wireless backhaul if I set the wireless band 5GHz-2 manually to channel bandwith 160MHz. Would it be wise to purchase the older router for my needs? Both routers take the shape of a traditional design, with four antennas sticking up from its back.

Make sure you use Auto for all value and turn off NSS.

Farther out, my 3×3 device drew higher than 530 Mbps. I would like to replace the RT3200 router with the Asus RT-AC88U and use the AX3000, as a wired node. 2.4GHz in RT-AX58U is non amplified (poor performance). Thanks for the in depth information. So the RT-AX3000’s name makes things a bit confusing, while the RT-AX58U uses Asus’s traditional naming convention.

But yes, my estimates are actually quite conservative, based on my own place. level 2 credit to your review on the XT8 too! Do you know of any other workarounds to this issue? The next generation of Wi-Fi security, bringing new capabilities to enhance Wi-Fi protections in personal and enterprise networks. Yes.

I set the router to reboot every early morning before 6 am, to try to prevent strange problems, so I’m rather miffed by this.

Like most Asus routers, starting with the RT-AC86U, the RT-AX3000 and RT-AX58U comes with what I call the Asus core router feature set, which is the most generous on the market. With 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 clients, at less than 10 feet (3 m) away, both routers averaged faster than 880 Mbps. Since they are dual-band routers, there’s no dedicated backhaul band — devices connected to the satellite unit will get slower performances compared to those connected to the router. But behind the sofa is never a good idea, though that would work if you have a small place. Just don’t expect crazy speeds out of it. Note: Initially with the launch firmware, I found that RT-AX58U had some issues with certain Wi-Fi 5 clients, similar to the case of the RT-AX92U. Core i7 vs. The RT-AX58U gets all the basics right, combining fast, dual-band Wi-Fi 6 performance with a competitive price.

If you just want to share a modest internet connection, your original plan will work out. Thanks! Fixed by a reboot. Are there other models, equivalent to, or better than the RT-AX82U that I should look at? No. Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have.

The RT-AX3000 and RT-AX58U are both AX3000-rated Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) routers. I get decent coverage currently and was hoping to use the old one as a mesh until it completely dies to fill in the small gaps. What I did notice from Dong’s pics is that the 58u.. at least for the American version is made in Taiwan while the AX-3000 is made in Vietnam, but this could vary as i’ve Chinese made 58u’s for other markets like Europe. my mid 2014 MacBook Pro 13-inch, Galaxy S9+), it seems like the RT-AX58U consistently achieved better speeds than the C4000., By the Way, The RAM usage on the AX3000 is at 80-90% most of the time. Setting up the RT-AX58U / RT-AX3000 is the same as that of any Asus router and similar to the way you do all routers that has a web interface. that would be Operation Mode? There have been ZERO issues while running just the 89X just don’t know why so many problems once the mesh is being set up.

I’d jump on that in a heartbeat if that’s the case. Also, make sure you use QoS.

I clicked through to Amazon but the RT-AX82U could be as long as mid-September delivery. It has a ton of useful features and the support for the venerable 160 MHz channel bandwidth. You should use one of the XT8 as the main router and the AX58U as a node. I actually meant to write “AX3000”. I will be sure to read your linked article, Dong. I mean, I’d like a future proof router (for WiFi 6 devices), but then again, I’m also kinda OK with AC network if I get great performance. I had the same problem in the beginning used of the router.

The latest 802.11ax standard provides future-proof technologies, higher network efficiency, faster Wi-Fi speeds, greater coverage and improved battery life for connected devices, providing a significantly better networking experience for users. Or Keep this router and buy the RT-AX88U as primary router (overkill)? Thanks so much for your thoughts. Still, to make sure, in testing, I even tried flashing RT-AX58U with the RT-AX300’s firmware, and then the other way around, and that worked. Time-Honored Craftsmanship, Smart Customization, // More on that here. However, with the latest firmware, this was no longer an issue. I live in a not so big apartment and my equipment is positioned centrally, so most new routers give good signal in all corners of my apartment. Or looking at it another way, since the only thing smaller than a small home would be an apartment or studio, I suppose that any router that you rate well would work in our home, too. I like the Asus more in terms of web interface and the fact that it doesn’t require user account.

ASUS AiMesh is an innovative new router feature that fixes these problems: it creates a whole-home Wi-Fi network using multiple ASUS routers. Luckily ASUS didn’t keep me waiting for long. Get the Asus, RT-AX3000, or better yet the RT-AX88U, Nikola. Collectively Asus routers generally support these roles: (AiMesh) Router, Access Point, Bridge, and AiMesh node.

Thanks for the great review! Any advice would be great here !

Check out this post for tweaking, but ultimately, if you keep moving around, there’s no fix.

Went with 2 AX3000s. I’d go with the former, Mark.

It just a matter of degrees. Stop moving around, Tom. That’s just the nature of any dual-band wireless mesh systems. Or Replace this router and buy a set of RT-AX92U? I recently ordered an AX89X to replace the AC3200 but apparently this unit is on a long backorder so in the meantime I put an AC88U which I purchased last year (but never used) into service as the main router and acquired an AC66U to be used as a node.

Happy to have you. . As you can imagine, my current D-link is not very happy about it, so everything get really slow.

As an aside, the XT8 seems to be working great now — but I too am having client dropping issues on the 5GHZ-1 band.

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