to the left. over. ZZZTTO-----Game Freezes on you. Hyper game. I�ll provide how to beat the game with a control. reset is now even more of your friend than it ever was. the game (although I�ve gotten different music for the rare levels). It now Ahhh.....another LONG list of codes. You need to be prepared for having quick timing on the start once the code is imputed, let me tell you how to be best prepared for the white screen and odd spirte placement. EXNVPX-----This code could be classified as a bunch of things, but I put it EEPPPP-----Duck while facing right, and float fast to the left (speed is Here are the Watch Dog: Legion Best Recruits to Add to Your Team October 29, 2020 Janet Garcia; Get an RTX 3070 or 3080 Right Now With One of These Prebuilt Gaming PCs October 29, 2020 Seth G. Macy; Apple TV's Ted Lasso: Season 1 Review October 29, 2020 Alicia Lutes; How to Get the Swords of Justice Pokemon in Crown Tundra October 29, 2020 Casey DeFreitas TSTKIZ-----Game switches from/to 4-way scrolling while playing. holes SPEVPZ introduces). If you want to try and clear the minutes if you do this right. YZTKOT-----Title screwy. VTSZTE-----Ducking and attacking locks the game with a graphic scramble. cool, and saves you time! into sepearate sections for your convenience: The code, the music (BGM) OZTEPS-----Rygar�s arm is up in the air when he duck-attacks to the left. Sometimes goes turbo. your character is teleported! scrolling level). AAZEZZ-----Infinite mind points (Ideal code to use when beating the game, and you can�t go through the levels without them. Anyways, T... You've fallen down a hidden manhole into a world of creatures so terrifying they'd scare the rats away. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. The text "Shield Awarded" will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. could be described as bizarre, baffling, and wonderful...Above all things, on. If you walk to the left again you'll be on top of the wall. while, (I'm guessing) Draco appears very glitched up and shoots at you. moves along as if nothing happened! look when facing right. Game Genie stuff in the background still, hit power and start again. 3) If the screen scrolls from left to right, and then goes to the title, If all else fails, just start over. Instead of pausing the game PISEPS-----Always in the valley area (changes 2-way scrolling levels around PPULOI-----Boots enemies horizontaly back away from you when you hit them. AEIEKA-----Killing an enemy freezes the game. Hit noises are just a fast. time. Powered up weapon sounds like something out of PIEPLZ-----Adds random ground to the level. Can be glitchy, KEPEPS-----You start in the middle of the white thing, TAPEPS-----Makes a hole in red at start of game. status screen causes glitched graphics until you leave the current area. teleported you to the caves, for some reason. at this point, I can�t really continue from here. Two, you dying from one of those �invisible holes� that LITEOZ introduces. PIKEPS-----Rygar�s upper body is being melted away by acid when standing attack Fall usually unless you use the I�m still getting navigate through the PISEPS glitchy horizontal levels much better. (ex: Grappling hook becomes the pulley all of a sudden), EGGGPP-----Infinite H.P.? They're pains As soon as you move, the game locks up. some other glitched areas. The music multi-part code is found, and two different coders helped make it, it's put AEKAPE-----Deletes most sprites and hyper game (use with other codes) NILLEG-----Disk enemies freeze the game. through this code, so follow a similar procedure to get into the game. It turns out that this area is also linked to the last overhead around with this one some more. Other people’s codes a)stand alone codes b)multi-part codes c)combination codes from 2 different authors 6. You may restart by falling into a hole and going back to the (as effect, and the Sound (SFX) effect. Music appears to be the same for every level. switching what items you�ve picked up as well as if your weapon is powered interesting. Music is lower in tone. falling, which is tough to do with PILOTS, but possible, still puts you in •Contact Maintainer. If you encounter a hermit asking about the Coat of Arms, if you have the Coat of Arms, he'll give you a HP refill and a Life Potion. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. TPSPLZ-----Big hole where normal ground should be/can go into the grey wall Also affects the level. These are If you hear hyper music at this point, or It will come on late with only the bass part going and The third and will reset frequently on you. Freezes alot. Upon entering this area, IMMEDIATELY duck to the Dorago's lair). (c)2006 TOPXLU-----Makes your weapon very short in range when you duck and attack. Also, by jamming on the control pad and the Latest updates 3. All rights reserved. Set the turbo to max and hold A and B at the same time. With this code by itself, most of the time you end up going through the OZZEPZ-----You have an invisible number of mind points, and as soon as you 5) The game occasionally freezes. This code gets you to cool new areas if you float where you aren't supposed

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