One ride on it and very impressed. AdamEPS; 5 mo ago; 2. Have you ever lined up with your buddies getting ready for a great run – only to get smashed right off the bat and wind up eating their dust the rest of the way? Ecu tune REALLY woke up this machine. While the Polaris RZR is an excellent UTV right from the factory, many owners choose to improve its performance even further with the use of after-market modifications. It has it all!! Includes ECU Tune, Elite Clutch Kit, Secondary Helix, Secondary Spring, Polaris 900 Primary Clutch HD Cyclone Cooler Design, ECU False Misfire Code Fix Tune 65590 65591 65592, Ranger 900 Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package! Amazing smoothness in clutch. For the cost of some stronger aftermarket ones it is a no brainer to swap them out and have that peace of mind. I shipped monday and needed for a ride that weekend and they made sure I didn't miss my trip. by Crash City SxS. I have found that Polaris has their factory tuning designed in order to pass strict EPA testing. (ECU Tune, Elite Shift Clutch Kit), Diamond Rollers Upgrade Replaces Square Pucks ( Set of Two ), Ranger 1000 Performance ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package! 5 Posts #6 • 5 mo ago. The G2 revised timing and fuel maps allow the engine to make more power with cooler piston crown and valve temps. Tunes and clutch arrived quickly. Really happy with the tuning kit and the service.

You may purchase a brand new ECU from us2. You don’t have to be brilliant with a wrench to put these modifications in place, either.

New to the SxS world. New 2020 900 fox edition - What are the must have upgrades? Aftermarket Suspension Seats. You ship your ECU to us with any carrier you wish. Fuel and timing maps revised for peak performance on pump gas. Fuel and timing maps revised for peak performance on pump gas. 31 4K 1 d ago. Home / UTV Parts / Polaris UTVs / RZR 900, 50" Trail. Tune made a difference in overall power and clutch kit solved the typical jerky engagement of the factory primary. Most of them are well within the grasp of most DIY mechanics, and even if you have to take it in to a shop the work should be pretty cheap. The cooling fan on temp is lowered from 205F to 190F degrees to keep your engine running cooler and lasting longer. jacklt; 4 d ago; 7 218 3 d ago. View attachment … ​Customer Info Form, Ship To:Gilomen Innovations30563 Dahomey AveNorthfield Mn 55057. Def idles smoother runs stronger. Once we receive your ECU in our shop, we will reflash your ECU & send it back to you within one-business day! Features:100% throttle in High, Low, and Reverse GearAll Torque Limiters DisabledProfessionally developed timing maps for peak performance on pump gasProfessionally developed fuel mapsFan settings 20 degrees lower to keep engine running cool and lasting longerSeat-belt limiter disabledRPM limiter raised to a safe 9200 RPMSpeed limiters eliminated Turf mode stays fully functional if equippedEngine protections left in place. Price includes shipping to you. Would recommend to others. Kimo7; 3 d ago; 1 185 3 d ago . ​RE-TUNE PROCEDURE WHEN SENDING US YOUR STOCK ECU: Write your name on your ECU or a slip of paper to send along with your ECU. All engine protections are left in place so your engine stays running safe. Check into the five modifications below and get the absolute best out of your UTV experience. You can send your stock ECU in to us. Speeds can exceed 88 MPH with this tune. Well, then you might want to get that right foot looked at. There is no need to lag behind the group riding your stock RZR. 52 35K 4 d ago. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The RZR / ACE 900 ECU tune is here and it totally rocks! R. Tire size on a 900 trail ? You may purchase one of our used ECU's (availability is limited) CORE EXCHANGE PROGRAM3.

RZR Trail 900 Premium - Aftermarket seats for heavyweights. RZR 900, 50" Trail. Early winter here so unable to really wind er out but it runs noticeably stronger. (ECU Tune, Blackmax Clutch Kit), RZR 900 Performance Tune Kit ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Performance Package! When things get rough on the trail the factory RZR wheel studs can be a real weak link. K. RZR Trail 900 Premium - Aftermarket seats for heavyweights. Full Race tunes are available per request. If you want arm stretching acceleration, amazing low end grunt / torque, lighting fast response, smooth operation, and sweet top end speed then this kit is for you! Rev limiter is raised to 9200 RPM, Speed limiter in high gear raised to 99MPH, Speed limiter in low gear raised to 45 MPH. Our newest version tunes 3/12/2018 and later will eliminates the false check engine codes 65590, 65591, 65592!! (ECU Tune, Elite Shift Clutch Kit) For 2018+ Generation 2 Models, General 1000 ECU Tune Performance Package Tuning / Clutch Kit (Includes ECU Tune, Blackmax Clutch Kit, Helix, Secondary Spring), Primary Clutch P90 For 900 Models Replacement Clutch, High Performance Team Tied Secondary Clutch Heavy Duty (Replaces Cheap BOSS Square Puck Clutch), RZR 1000 XP Performance Tune Kit ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Package! Updating Software in Ride Command. Polaris RZR 570 / 800 / 900 / XP 1000 / XP Turbo Replacement Brake Pads by SuperATV 49.95 $49.95 Polaris RZR Auto-Latch 4-Point Harness by Dragonfire What is the best tire/size/setup for rzr 900 trail? by Nwcid. I am looking for the 'Exact' center to center stock tire to tire width for e-track installation. The final affordable performance mod you should look into for your RZR is adding an after-market camshaft and lifters kit. And if you still are lagging behind after these mods? Just completed the ecu tune and clutch kit install on a rzr 900s. Ranger 1000 Crew Back Country Edition 82 HP, 2021 Ranger 1000 XP Trail Boss Northstar Crew, RZR 900 Performance Tune Kit ECU Tuning / Clutch Kit Performance Package! Excellent customer service. Adds tones of power spins 35s like its stock tires on it. It is your responsibility to get your ecu to me. The factory RZR seats are just fine.. for about 30 minutes of driving.

The RZR / ACE 900 ECU tune is here and it totally rocks! skidoosctt said: I did front and rear super atv bumbers and Noam nutv5 stereo. We offer 3 different ways to reflash your machine...1. Once you get the tuned ECU from us simply plug it in and you are ready to go. Discuss the 2015+ Polaris RZR 900 50'' Trail capable SXS here. Turn around time is 1 business day.

JavaScript is disabled. 2021 Polaris Sportsman 570 Ultimate Trail LE Review; 2021 Arctic Cat ATV and UTV Lineup; 2021 Can-Am Outlander 650 DPS vs. Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering: By the Numbers The G2 ECU tune is pump gas friendly and the most aggressive trail version reflash currently offered by Gilomen Innovations for the 900cc RZR / ACE models. Copyright © 2020 RZR Parts, Ltd. All rights reserved. The Definitive Polaris RZR Parts & Accessories Guide, Polaris RZR Parts Information - RZR Product Reviews - RZR Parts Guides - Suspension - Wheels & Tires - Performance Mods - Light Kits. by atechbh. I am looking for the 'Exact' center to center …

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