Previously associated with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and New Japan Pro Wrestling, the man formerly known as Austin Watson has worked hard to get where he is today. Harlem Heat eventually won the titles back on the June 24 edition of Nitro. Sting won the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship from Rude in April. Sting defeated Flair on the July 19 edition of Nitro to become the on-screen president of WCW. Superstars Tournament, where he defeated Masahiro Chono in the first round, but was eliminated in the second round by Shiro Koshinaka. The name stuck and Sting became one of WCW's stalwarts against the New World Order, or nWo for short. On January 15 at Final Resolution, Sting and Christian Cage defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown in a tag team match after Sting pinned Jarrett. He would also have his first experience in Japan with a brief tour in All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), with his most notable match in AJPW against Dan Spivey at Nippon Budokan in June 1989. [14], In 2002, after over a year and a half of hiatus, Borden toured Europe with the World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) promotion throughout November and December. He made his final TNA appearance of 2003 on December 17, defeating Jarrett in a non-title match. Often imitated, but never duplicated though! Tamara works as a realtor in Daytona Beach, Florida. Currently one of the high-flyers of the modern WWE era, it is natural to make comparisons between Kalisto and the original luchador Rey Mysterio. Sting, with the help of Jeff Jarrett, pinned Abyss to win the match for his team and end their bitter rivalry.[35]. But he eventually moved on and found someone better in the form of Reby Sky. But beneath the red and black mask, there is a soft, warm individual and Glenn’s wife of over twenty years can certainly attest to that. However, that didn’t seem to last and these days, Snow is happily married (for the third time) with Jessica Gousha. He entered the ring and, with his back turned to the camera side of the audience, launched into an angry tirade about what had transpired over the last week: I want a chance to explain something that happened last Monday night at Nitro. But ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be. Sting then became embroiled in a feud with the Dangerous Alliance, headed by manager Paul E. Dangerously. The modern day equivalent to Andre The Giant – at 7ft, The Big Show is truly larger than life. 1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the, Ranked No. The second came well into their marriage when the NXT champion stepped up to the challenge and took on John Cena in the U.S. Open Challenge. As one of the founding members of the New World Order, Kevin Nash teamed with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall to wreak havoc on WWE. [157], Prior to his signing with WWE, Sting's legacy was perpetuated by the organization. Sting has appeared in various films and TV shows such as. While there are a number of Irish wrestlers who have graced the WWE rings over the last few years, Finn Balor might be the craziest of them all. Over the next couple of weeks, Sting would accompany the nWo, indicating that he too joined the group. [115][116][117] Sting returned on the April 25 Impact Wrestling, saving Hogan from an attack by the Aces & Eights. He is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, having cultivated a legacy over a career spanning more than three decades. To this day, Karen and Jeff are still happily married and have two kids. [142], It was announced on the January 11, 2016 episode of Raw that Sting would be the first member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016. Sting's heel turn and subsequent attitude change did not resonate with the WCW fans. However, she filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences after 17 years together. It was a very convincing film. Styles to defeat Jarrett and Lex Luger. Rhodes, as booker, identified Sting as the face who was most over with the fans, despite knowing that turning the Road Warriors heel would be no easy task. Sting spent the second half of 1994 and most of 1995 teaming with new arrival Hulk Hogan in his battles against Kevin Sullivan's Three Faces of Fear and its successor stable, The Dungeon of Doom. Styles", "Caldwell's TNA Bound for Glory PPV Report 10/18: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of the second-half of the show with Styles vs. Sting", "Keller's TNA Impact Live Report 1/4: Jeff Hardy, NWO reunion, Hulk Hogan, TNA Knockout Title match, more surprises – ongoing coverage", "TNA IMPACT RESULTS 3/8: Keller's live ongoing report covering the historic beginning of Monday Night War II", "Caldwell's TNA Lockdown Results 4/18: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of PPV – Styles vs. Paula wrote on Twitter, “Acknowledging someone after they’ve passed away doesn’t make up for how [bad] you were to them while they were alive.!”. On November 23, during the main event of Survivor Series, Sting made his first-ever appearance in a WWE ring by attacking Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and also costing Team Authority the match. Later that year, Sting was tabbed to win the UWF Television Championship, then held by Gilbert, until Jim Crockett of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) bought the company from Watts. Sting returned to singles matches in 1989, starting the year off by wrestling Flair to a one-hour draw in Atlanta's Omni on New Year's Day. [168], John Cena mimicked Sting's hairstyle in his younger years and recalled, "he was my guy";[169][170] Seth Rollins would dress up as Sting in his youth. Then Sting’s ex-wife Sue eventually became a hardcore religious lady.

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