This can assist in situations where they may not want to inherit, such as during divorce proceedings or following bankruptcy. A Bloodline Will is a Will that contains a protective trust. To see how a trust can do this, please see the case studies below. Posted on January 2, 2017 by John Callinan. It’s an important part of Will planning that is too often overlooked so we advise clients to think about it. It can be especially difficult to anticipate how those changes might impact wealth for generations to come. This makes trusts an attractive option for many families. A Bloodline Will can help prevent your hard earned wealth from ending up in the hands of a stranger. In addition, many trusts keep assets out of probate. It is what we call ‘hostile third parties’ who won’t be able to gain access to the Trust. They are particularly beneficial for protecting assets for beneficiaries who are unable to manage their own funds such as minor or young children, and for Inheritance Tax mitigation. With this type of trust, your assets are protected to make sure they remain in the family unit. The Trustees' determination of the amount of income and principal distributable to the Pebbles Flintstone under this paragraph, if any, shall be absolute and binding upon all persons interested in the trust estate. The trust instrument is called a Trust Agreement because someone other than the grantor is serving as trustee. We play the role of the objective third-party in administering trusts in accordance with their written provisions and the intent of the grantor. To show you what a living trust could look like, here is a sample trust, using fictional names and situations. A third party – the trustee – typically holds an individual’s assets on behalf of their beneficiaries and manages them according to the specific terms outlined in the trust documents, which can include when and to whom distributions are made. Also known as discretionary trusts, family protection trusts and wealth protection trusts, a bloodline trust allows you to create a trust with a range of potential beneficiaries and provide greater control on whether assets are released. Last year, New Jersey adopted its version of the Uniform Trust Code (Code). Bloodline Trusts. Your trust document will look different because it will be tailored to your situation and the laws of your state. It can also shield the assets from death taxes. The husband has one child from his first marriage, and the wife has two. At Wescott, alleviating this emotional burden is part of our job. Both parties have been married previously. Typically our clients pay less than £300 and in addition, we offer very competitive package deals where a client would also like to make a Lasting Power of Attorney. The asset protection vehicle ensures any inherited assets will stay in the family’s bloodline. In either case, the couple’s heirs are not guaranteed the long-term stability assumed to be provided by their parents’ wealth. If you would like to access your myWescottVault®, please use your credentials to log-in here: If you’ve forgotten your password, or if you have not been set up to access the new version of myWescottVault®, please call the Wescott offices at 215.979.1600 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST for assistance. For this reason, many individuals hesitate to put this strain on the family’s relationships. Meetings can be conducted via telephone and video conferencing. If you want to protect your family assets by setting up a bloodline trust, contact JMW today to find out more about our services by calling 0345 872 6666. This can be particularly valuable when passing assets to heirs who would presumably benefit from a long-term, structured inheritance. Declaration of Trust Divorce in future generations of a family. Unfortunately, this arrangement fails to take into account changing dynamics that can occur over the years. Future new stepparents to your grandchildren. Bloodline trusts are especially valuable in protecting a family’s assets from the Three D’s that can derail estate planning: While trusts can provide peace of mind for the head of the household, the idea of a structured inheritance is not always well-received among family members who may be expecting an outright lump sum or among direct family members and their spouses who may be planning to use an eventual inheritance in their own retirement planning. The beneficiaries of the trust will be your children, their children and so on. By protecting your children and grandchildren’s inheritance with a trust you can guarantee that it will be safe and that only they will be able to use it. Wescott has national satellite locations to better serve our clients around the country. Discretionary trusts provide you with greater control over your assets; however, this comes at a cost, and a bloodline trust is classed as a ‘chargeable lifetime transfer’. This simple Trust Agreement contains the type of provisions often found in a revocable living trust for a married person with young adult children and a modest estate. Some types of irrevocable trusts can reduce tax liability by removing assets from a taxable estate. The decision to use a trust should always be made within the context of your overall estate planning goals. Some firms charge thousands for setting up this type of Will. Our dedicated wealth protection solicitors have helped many clients to protect their assets and understand the complex requirements to ensure your family’s wealth is protected and your beneficiaries are looked after in your absence. With a Bloodline Will your children will have complete access to the money held within it (they can spend it all in one day if they want to!). A couple gets married and combines their assets into a single estate totaling about $6 million. The Code provides for a concise statement of the laws governing trusts in New Jersey. This means that if you transfer more than £325,000 into a trust in any seven-year period, you will have to pay a 20% Inheritance Tax immediately on the excess. For individuals and families who want to stay ahead of life’s uncertainties and guarantee their children and their descendants will be benefactors, a bloodline trust is one effective option. And how a £90.00 will deprived a daughter of her inheritance. Many parents, after a lifetime of hard work, feel that it is very important that the assets they have built up should be protected and kept within the family to benefit their children, grandchildren and future generations. The cost of a Bloodline Will naturally depends on the complexity of the Will and the estate. The trust is discretionary, meaning that the trustees (which might include your children) do not have to pay out the funds. Your grandchildren may, in fact, get nothing. Alternatively, let us know that you would like to hear from us by filling in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you. © 2020 April King and April King Legal are trading names of April Legal Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 12248940. © 2020 JMW Solicitors LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Several of our lawyers are also members of the highly-respected Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) as well as being named in the Legal 500. The Trustees may, for If you have previously made standard Mirror Wills or have been meaning to make or update your Will then request our free Wills information pack today. The Trustee hereby accepts assignments, exchanges, COVID-19 Update - Our website and phone lines are operating as normal and our teams are on hand to deal with all enquiries. Without a Trust, you could be leaving money to one or more of the following: Modern family life has many twists and turns and nobody knows what the future holds. VAT No: 335753881. Bloodline Planning – Keeping Assets in the Family. Trusts are designed to provide individuals control of their wealth, even after their passing. the principal, of the trust for each dollar of income earned by Pebbles Flintstone. Bloodline trusts are especially valuable in protecting a family’s assets from the Three D’s that can derail estate planning: Death – The trust can ensure assets will be passed on to a direct descendent, rather than a step-child or other inheritor who isn’t related. You can make sure that doesn’t happen and your children (then their children) keep their inheritance for their use only, by placing your funds into Trust. Paul King discusses Covid-19 challenges with Leaders Council, Paul King welcomed to the Leader’s Council, Newly registered LPAs easier to use with new service from Office of the Public Guardian, CEO Paul King interviewed by the Leaders Council of GB and NI. We’ll show you how to create an inheritance ‘safety net’ for future generations. TRUST PROPERTY. Here is one example. Who can make ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ decisions for me? These protections will ensure your wealth is protected from: Our team of expert solicitors understand that no two family units are the same and are well placed to develop a comprehensive and watertight discretionary trust. Upon getting married, they update their wills to reflect their wishes – the surviving spouse will inherit the other’s assets, and at the passing of the second spouse, all remaining money will pass outright to their three children equally. Many Wills leave assets exposed to predatory third parties. Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many families in the UK, so consider the protection a trust could offer in these common scenarios and ensure the assets are protected for your bloodline: Michael and Lara have a daughter, Michelle. To learn more about making a living trust, go to the Living Trusts section of By working with a knowledgeable advisor, you can determine how to structure a financial legacy that makes sense for your family. Each spouse feels confident about the planned transfer of their assets and the equal treatment of their heirs. Instead of each receiving $2 million, one child could receive all $6 million, while the other two children inherit nothing. Bloodline trusts are a more versatile type of trust that allows you to take control over who can benefit from the trust and by how much. The trust is discretionary, meaning that the trustees (which might include your children) do not have to pay out the funds. Discretionary trusts also pay Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax on income and gains generated on the trust assets, and potentially pay small of amounts of Inheritance Tax every 10 years. Instead of leaving your children and grandchildren with uncertainty about their financial future, you can make sure that they are taken care of after you have gone. Wescott Trust Services acts as the trustee or co-trustee for many of our clients. The trust in Mr. Smith’s Will for Joe’s benefit—called a testamentary trust—contains a spendthrift clause. To learn more about trusts, reach out to our team. Outside of these hours, please send your request to and an email will be sent to you to arrange log-on instructions. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is just as important as making a Will, How to revoke a Lasting Power of Attorney. Bloodline Wills help to protect your children and grandchildren from future loss of inheritance. Our advisors can talk you through the tax consequences of establishing a trust so that you can weight up the advantages and disadvantages. Home » Making a Will » Bloodline Wills – keeping assets safe. Bloodline Trusts and Divorce. The beneficiaries of the trust will be your children, their children and so on. Bloodline trusts are a more versatile type of trust that allows you to take control over who can benefit from the trust and by how much. In another scenario, if one of the children runs into financial or legal troubles as an adult, their inheritance will likely be fair game for creditors or legal challengers. Which of my assets can be left in a Will? That is why many high-net-worth individuals take an additional step to future-proof their estate and keep their wealth in the family: they set up a trust.

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