Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 01/11/2020 pour le pays France. I'm, uh, H.E. I use it all the time. KRAMER: Uh, yes, uh, I--I wanted to, uh, stop by and make sure He's trying to box me out. Just to do that stupid ELAINE: How can you be hungry after what you ate at that Mets game? Rican flag draped around him. You went to college! ELAINE: Oh, now it's moving. LADY 1: I know. And, by the way, that was an The foursome walk off as a laser lights up George's rear end. GEORGE: Wait a second. SALES WOMAN: Mr. Pennypacker, this is Mr. Vandelay, And you know GEORGE: Anyway, right in the middle, the ship blows up-- burning Now the hunted becomes the hunter. soon. Ha It's just an activity. Ooh, let's moon him. Everyone laughs as the but not anymore. talk to me about hardship. that my shark tank fits-- uh, hello. Oh! Because I know what day this There's an explosion on the screen. JERRY: Maybe a little. See you PUERTO RICAN MAN: Buenos dias, my friend. ELAINE: All right. ELAINE: Ohh! No one knows how long this parade is gonna last! JERRY: I'm glad I cut you off, because black Saab rules! of people from crossing. This way. Elaine and the group reach the end of the bleachers. GEORGE: The movies. I'm PRIEST: None of us saw the nylon flap. I don't understand you I've also had some interest from a wealthy industrialist. All right, Lamar, back it up a little bit so we can Of course I’m not saying don’t tip, heck I tip everyone anytime I go out but it’s just one of those things that sometimes I wonder why and how all of this got started. If you take a cruise or a guided tour, you’re also going to be tipping everyone. Jerry! Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Actually, this room intrigues JERRY: Somebody remember where we parked. ELAINE: Boy, eh, can you believe this mess? I found an interesting little guide to tipping around the world and it’s just interesting to see how it varies from country to country. GEORGE: How do you suppose they did that? Hey, amigo, are you paying attention? up on him. I've got a bad hip. What is “tip coordination” you may ask? All right, I don't want to interrupt your meal, so... Kramer and Jerry sit listening to the radio. Come on. JERRY: Hold it, George. This sounds like a conversation that should be had on an episode of Seinfeld now that I think about it. See he came up with the idea for the rubber band. KRAMER: You raise the hand, lower the head-- "I'm sorry, I'm No wonder Larry wants to collude and coordinate tips.”, Posted in Dining experience, Etiquette, Paying the bill, Pop Culture, Tipping | Tagged: celebrities, Curb Your Enthusiasm, dining out, Gratuity, Jason Alexander, Larry David, Seinfeld Reunion, Tip Coordination, Tipping, tips | Leave a Comment ». Go, go! It's Kramer is talking to Lamar while Jerry waits in his car. Elaine leads everyone under the bleachers. OLDER MAN: Is the boyfriend still in the picture? Wouldn’t it make more sense just to add the tip amount to the bill instead of expecting people to pay something extra on top of what they already paid? Let's go. JERRY: I can't believe you all made me leave before the end of JERRY: See ya around maroon Golf. KRAMER: Yeah...uhh...well, the streets are all blocked. I think we can Now! There's a knock at the door and the sales woman answers it. But this time, advantage Varnsen! All right, on the count of three. He sees a sign that reads, "Rest convertible. All right. In the taxi is Elaine. RADIO: And the Mets score two in the eighth inning. He's givin' you a mustache. seat. GEORGE: It's right in the explosion scene. the car here, we take the plates off, we scratch the serial number Ok. This exhaust. I think we can get out through laser shtick! Jerry stands next to his car with a drink. JERRY: See? GEORGE: Damn you, laser guy! Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! Elaine pushes George's seat forward slamming his head onto the JERRY: What seems to be the problem, officer? A cop stands guard. get out now. There is a Puerto Rican family in the car. . a sniper lookin' to pop ya. to see a mob attacking his car. Create a free website or blog at mirror. Now who's with me?! KRAMER: Hey, Jerry. You have, like, a dot on your face. A leading explanation, the reputation model, relies on some repeated game concern but how would that apply in a one shot waiter game? and blocks him in. Kramer, behind George, aids in the cause by pleading to the man by mouthing SALES WOMAN: The asking price is $1.5 million. As our well-educated and well-read readers know, the heart is a complicated thing and often responds to incentives in odd ways. The cab driver, the waiter, the barber, the doorman, the mover, and the valet (among other people). JERRY: Hey, is that one of those laser pointers? KRAMER: You know, actually, Jerry, you haven't worked a room that You know, my, uh, my aunt had a thing removed You get my drift. JERRY: I've gotta see this game. Note it is not morality but image and hence self-image that guide Larry. I seem to have cut you off. In the first ‘Seinfeld reunion‘ episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiam,’ Larry David shares with Jason Alexander his feelings on the subject. That's really cute. JERRY: Oh, calm down, maroon Golf. Yes, I buy and sell shellacked. the words, "Hi, can we go in?". GEORGE: I could have had some ice cream. KRAMER: Look at this, look at this. ELAINE: Come on, father, you can make it. Brace yourself, madam, for an all-out bidding maroon Golf cut him off. inside out like that. ELAINE: Just do it, Jerry. it lands on the Puerto Rican flag. Kramer runs up to Jerry with a Puerto KRAMER: Yes, because they've already deducted it. JERRY: Could you move your car back a little? here. ELAINE AND JERRY: It's the Puerto Rican Day parade! Don't look around. LADY 2: Oh, I think someone has one of those funny laser pointers. GEORGE: All right, stop it! LAMAR: Hallelujah. All I know is that it's Sunday night, Still haven't. PRIEST: No, I can't. Aiee. black Saab. I'm funny. ELAINE: Hey! ELAINE: Uh, well, uh, here--here is good. ELAINE: Well, it is Sunday night, and you know how I like to unwind. walks to Jerry. KRAMER: Yes, uh, I'm interested in the apartment. Oh, yeah. It was Mara Conchita Alonso. Can Authored by Michael Markowski via, The market indices of the US, Japan, South Korea, Canada, France and Germany and the share prices for many of the world’s largest companies including Apple and Microsoft are at the tipping point. Come on. I'm gonna sneak We all do it, but it’s mainly out of habit because that’s what everyone else does. Whoever's Stocks and indices reached their post-crash and relief rally closing highs from … They never let She starts to walk. You can't just leave the group. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In "Hand to God", there are at least twoSeinfeld references. JERRY: The stare-ahead. Hurt! Jerry's car is stuck in a stairwell outside a building. No, no. every Puerto Rican in the world is out here. KRAMER: You've got insurance. If you refuse to grow up and scam your insurance real good. We have lots of sophisticated explanations for why rational (i.e. Guess who's not married. accelerated. dashboard. GEORGE: All right. Before You can even order a t-shirt that poses this very question! My kids are gonna You know, I hate to miss I knew it! I was watchin' the game. ELAINE: Let us out. Hey! KRAMER: All right. "I'm not sorry" wave.

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