She has the same range as Bieber, they suite each other... now to listen 2 some Queen AKA REAL SINGING! It's horrible!! But I actually like her voice. I'm pretty sure with training she would be able to sing second octave. THAT'S A REASON TO HAT YOU.. POOR SEL,YOUR FUC*** WORDS AND THOUGHT MUST BE HORRIBLE,AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY WRONG,GET THE FACTS CLEAR. A mezzo is a good spot to place her until she shows off some actual skill since all of her range seems to be at an equal level of untrained muscle. if you look at range alone without hearing her voice, anyone could be fooled into thinking she is a contralto. As a whole, we need to come up with a system for gauging pop vocals and matching them with there operatic equivalents. Star Adele Aretha Franklin Beyonce Celine Dion Christina Aguilera Kelly Clarkson Mariah Carey Michael Jackson So Hyang Whitney Houston A+ Carrie Underwood JoJo Lady Gaga ... Vocal Range and Profile: Rihanna. Live or Studio, it doesn't matter. Her albums have reached the #1 spot in the United States, but she barely moves units, with only 333,000 copies of her 2015 studio album “Revival” sold to date. And for me it's incredible how low she can go as a Mezzo- soprano& that just shows me that she's way better in the lower register and that she reaches more there.. See Britney Spears,an icon,wasn't that great at singing too:) And she is only a singer.. Selena is doing music for fun,demi for passion.. 2 ways and happily 2 different kind of music directions! you should make one of gabrielle aplin or nina nesbitt, they both great singer unlike selenur. Even though I gave her a D on my blog, I feel that if she can improve vocally, I may bump her grade up to a C. I cound't help myself. THAT LOW NOTE WHICH CAN NOT EVEN REACHED BY YOUR *DEMI LOVATO*? Selena Gomez Sia U Usher T Taylor Swift Tori Kelly V W Whitney Houston X Y Z Zayn Malik. Selena is a great actress than a singer. but you put miley cyrus as contralto wow! She should be giving other people chances ya now!! In my opinion, I think it is fair to say that she is not a fairly good singer - auto-tuned songs, strained high notes, inability to sing notes at A5 and above without problems etc, but I feel that she has her good traits too - impressive low notes that are dark enough. Her low notes below F3 are dark, low and healthy. Yes I know that B2 is a low note. Alot of guys do notes like that because its very low and selena doesn't have a low voice. I'm not blaming the stage producer or the one who takes care of sound systems. I don't think that your personal opinion about a singer or an album is relevant in a vocal range associated thread of a vocal range forum. 2 octaves? Pardon the pun, but does Demi need to give herself and her voice some rest? Thank you for the information. Carly Rae Jepsen (IE "that Call Me Maybe girl") has released her second mainstream Pop album: Emotion. She cannot effectively use her voice live due to bad breath support and struggles to belt notes at all. Selena hasn't really demonstrated much Dexterity to even properly place her but her lower notes are too weak (so is the rest of her range) to be considered her comfort zone. It's not hating it's a fact. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Selena Gomez Vocal Range: Revival Tour YouTube; Selena Gomez Shocked Everyone With This! I'm studying music, so please if you're just an amateur dont talk, cause it's stupid what you're saying. If u can't find a B2 from demi then it probably means that she doesn't have a song out where she attempted to hit that note. Jeez, I can barely get a handle on what she actually sounds like. I already checked Selena's live performances a while back and I bought her latest album When the sun goes down. Look at Tasha Cobs and Anastasia which are both dramatic-mezzo soprano equvalents by pop standards.I'm definitely not saying she is a dramatic mezzo like the two listed. I hate the unique type where someone sounds like they are singing through their fucking nose.. Mezzos can have dark, heavy lower registers and retain all their weight up to their highest belt. Her low notes below F3 are dark, low and healthy. You know, while Miley's and Demi's voices are not that far from their studio tapes, Selena's ones are mostly horrible/ And, by the way, what's the font's name, that is used in this video? Don't know your range? Hey, create a profile about Selena Quintanilla's vocal range. - Duration: 3:07. Something went wrong. Vocal Pluses: Sold, clear tone to the low/mid range and chest voice, with a warm, soft head voice. It might be that the singer can actually hit lower or higher notes, but never did so in their recordings known to us. I've actually checked out Selena's B2 and I can't find it. She's not the worst singer on earth, I mean really haven't you seen those american idol auditions...Selena is no Demi or no where near it but she's not the WORST singer' in the world. Vocal Negatives: Voice doesn't appear to have much dexterity, and the lack of vibrato on the chest notes make them sound a little harsh to the ear. She is terrible and is very lucky that Auto Tune is around.PS2 octaves, one note and a semitone, you say??? I just feel that she is developing on her voice. i thought she was a soprano... her voice is pretty high. you guys make a lot of mistakes... she more of an alto, but somewhat a contralto! She sounds really really processed and auto tuned in all songs. Seeing as you probabl cant do half as good in front of a thousand people, now can you? her range is contralto, her voice is very light. you sure she's awesome singing live? I've noticed demi hits different notes depending on what song she sings.

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