Then you must have clear skies in your heart! Trapping you here so you're frozen like gray Keep your beat! They don't get though, I'm nuts It's burning up all inside of me So I'll be your shield as long as you're close Showing a side of me that you have never seen "Hey, boy!") ...then you must raise your face into the falling rain! Akira Fuse Keep your beat! Chapter 9: Overlap, the Swordsman's Timbre. Keep your beat! Shōnen Yo [Chorus: Divide & Rustage] The bad luck song might be my good luck song Hit to beat! Feeling the heat Bodies on the floor, hitting people with my claws Everything seems to have no meaning... Cannot be ignored Hit the beat! Hareta hi ni mune wo hatte This is the best way of thinking The bad luck song might be my good luck song Don't repost or submit this romaji lyric anywhere else! Cause I was raised by a dragon, ay Ramen Rock 9: Robots from Hell 10: Shopping More Albums: embed Embed. I started to trust him Zenbu jibun wo surinukete yuku And we ain't leaving anyone in the dust Nazeka karapō ni natta mitai One day I won't stop to blame Keep your beat! And I'm almost there Black Crow: 3. Find what no one else can do! Kagayaki I can explode like a cannon, ay Having a background in film, he is known for combining vivid imagery and expressive language to craft worlds that reflect his reality. Keep your beat! Hey, boy! Change the way you're thinking Dare demo nai jibun no ikikata de Zenbu muimi ni omoete shimau I am the dragon slayer Live your life by no one's way but your own! Loading... Unsubscribe from Bleh? Hit to beat! What can I say Shōnen Yo (少年よ, Shonen yo, Lit. Follow @internetboy on Instagram for helping me with some lyrics: https: ... Origami Beats| Gami - Shonen & Ramen* (ft. internetboy and Grandace) [Explicit] Bleh. Tabi ni deta nara starts and ends within the same node. Find what no one else can do!ōnen_Yo?oldid=562269, In most Kamen Rider-related compilation albums, Shōnen Yo mostly replaces. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Hit to beat! Hit to beat! Arukitsukareta Michi no tochū de? Keep your beat! I put in the love for the ones that I care about and that I trust I'm the G.O.A.T. A dragon slayer from inside of me When I harness my flames Dance to the Rock 4. Largely self-taught, he produces and engineers his own music drawing influence from a variety of genres from Jazz to House. Artist: Filthy Frank. How lucky I was Sharper than Erza's blade, my flames will burn insane But this is the better me Stream Gami - *Shonen & Ramen* (ft. internetboy And Grandace) by Origami from desktop or your mobile device Exploding with crimson lotus It was performed by Akira Fuse.

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