They will give the player a chance to reshape reality to Detective Murilo, and the player can tell him that the person who took the deal killed Maya or tell him the truth that Maya herself took the deal and that was the reason she died. The screen will then cut to a video of the 3 friends taking a "New Beginnings" photo. Once the victim has taken a deal, sometimes even at the expense of others, as it is suspected in Simulacra 2. It acts through Kimera, mostly on influencers. Set up a Spark account as Ashley, and find The Simulacra acting as James through matching. You are given her phone … I ASKED FOR YOUR NAME! The interrogation video, instead, simply shows Mina and Rex being interrogated instead of Arya and Rex/Mina and Arya. It refers to itself as "We", hinting to the fact the victims it kills become a part of it. The Rippleman tethers to a victim through TRM, a Kimera boosting service (Described in the In-Game section of this wiki).

IRIS OS is the only thing that made it's way to Simulacra from Sara Is Missing. In order to stop the phone reset, The Player must know what the IRIS OS Version name is. Simulacra Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It turns red and convulses when it sends a message, as well as reading the message out loud. It erases a person from reality when their lifetime goes to zero by buying eggs in Flapee Bird. This ending is a little hard to get, as a single mistake can ruin everything. This article features spoilers for SIMULACRA, Simulacra: Pipe Dreams, and SIMULACRA 2. The Simulacra indirectly forces the player to choose which "worm" to kill and who to spare, and this choice is made with the actions it took to meet the Simulacra.

The Simulacrum also says this about Taylor (and vice-versa in the end screen, but only Taylor will say this in the end screen if you achieve the Abandon All Hope ending, repeating the sentence "It is me as I am it". If The Player chooses to spare Taylor and kill Anna, the Simulacra will have Anna stand by a ledge, and will tell The Player to persuade Taylor to push Anna off of the ledge, killing her.

The police department's casefile system is also supported by IRIS OS, through the WARDEN app. Maya, an upcoming influencer has been found dead, and an obsessed detective suspects foul play.

Even asking The Player to surrender all personal data to the IRIS operating system.

The Simulacra (Simulacrum) will, by default, grant The Player one "worm" to save, wherein they are met with a moral dilemma on whose life to spare. Then, the 3 kids will call with Arya's phone, and after being able to finish the call, the screen cracks and cuts to a dialogue with The Rippleman, who will try to stop the player from deleting the 3 Kimera accounts, in which it fails. The Rippleman can ask the player to be their new host after reshaping reality. This leads to them leaving the chat and the video of them showing up with them panicking and having their face torn open. It probably is a major entity that appeared for a fusion between all simulacrums till now and the assimilated victims, that's why it uses the We/us pronouns in the dialogues. The video will show Rex getting something to drink, trying to fight off The Rippleman and as well as the others, getting his face torn open. Shortly after, the player will tell Detective Murilo to "Send the team for ... (in this case) Mina". Murilo referred to them as "creatures" in Simulacra 2. Telling the truth will result in D.O.O.P. 11, 13, and (possibly) a 14 version, 11.5 version (Pipe Dreams) as well. It is voiced by Lee Min Hui.

Rex's bad endings can be achieved with the same pre-requisites as Arya's or Mina's, and the only things that change are the same that change with Arya or Mina. ), If you chose to either spare Anna or kill both of them.. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

If this is done, Taylor will be shown voicing his regret over the action before the cops are heard in the distance. Until now, 3 different Simulacrums have been shown in the series.

It has a annoying and persuading personality, shown when it is speaking to The Player and influences them to accomplish its plan.

Its name is first revealed in a synced webcam recording of Maya, Arya, Rex, and Mina trying to get rid of the Rippleman, before Maya's inevitable demise at its hands. ", and, "If you looked behind you right now, would you rather see a floating disembodied head or a headless body". AVAILABLE NOW FOR $4.99. Responsible for Maya's death. This happens to Teddy Jones. The fact that The Rippleman says that "Simulacra" is the name given to its kind by.

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