Jack Russell's of New Hope Farms . Producing Quality Companions with Excellence in Health, Dynamic Personalities and Eye Appeal. sit peacefully on the couch. I have found all my dogs are loyal to the end even though some of them are the biggest wimps you’ll ever meet! We also breed rough,broken and smooth coat Jack Russell Terriers. We are registered breeders who are dedicated to breeding purebred, smooth coat Jack Russell Terriers with excellent temperaments and lovely natures. You can reserve a puppy with a $200.00 deposit. Grooming and hygiene. Cleaning the ears. We specialize in smooth coat Shorty Jacks, however we do occasionally have a few Broken and Rough Coats also. working towards bringing awareness here in the USA, by importing a, additional breeders and families that were, WE  RAISE  SMOOTH  - BROKEN  - ROUGH  COAT   ", You can also email your comments directly to, I am writing to thank Gertie for breeding such amazing dogs. Our puppy parents have been PLL+SCA tested or cleared by parentage. They are all EJRTCA and/or NKC registered. You see, Lolah and Cosmo make great, playmates and fell in love so to speak. We have excellent,strong blood lines originating We specialize in smooth coat Shorty Jacks but we do have broken coats on occasion. I remember clapping my hands and him jumping into my arms. Their pedigrees span over 10 generations from foundation kennels such as Hi-Hill, Hamilton, Nayborly, Prestwick, Foxwarren (Eddie Chapman's lines from the '70's), Heritage and Glenholm to name a few. These loving affectionate animals make a fantastic addition to any family. Thank you for having Georgia Jack Russell Shorties on your mind. to bring awareness to what seemed to be the forgotten original, of the Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier. Karen. The Jack Russell Terriers has Your puppy's health. Thank you for having Georgia Jack Russell Shorties on your mind. © Stonequarry Jack Russells. from Australia,New Zealand,Great Britain and South Africa.Our canines are exceptionally alert, and are a great friend for life. A Jack Russell can be equally content bolting a fox or chasing a toy in your living room, or equally adept at besting a sock in the living room or a rat in your barn. Correct Nutrition and diet. If we say a puppies is a rough coat - we can not guarantee to what degree that puppy will rough. Jack Russells are a lively, alert and active Terrier with a keen, intelligent expression. I made a couple more deliveries where this dog Cricket lived and would you believe his owner gave him to me (he must have seen how we hit it off right)  and it all started from there. May your every day be a Shortiejacks Day, Would love to hear from families that have added one or more Brightjacks Shortiejacks puppies to their family, WE APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK  -  Send Testimonials to, Brightjacks Shortiejacks' where Quality meets Eye Appeal, ALSO KNOWN AS THE ORIGINAL SOLID COLOR SHORTIE  JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS, WE  RAISE  SMOOTH  - BROKEN  -  ROUGH  COAT - SABLE - CHOCOLATE SABLE - BLUE. Vaccinations. Cricket and I had the best times together. We also breed rough,broken and Their greatest attribute is their working ability, closely followed by their excellent qualities as a companion. We update our website based on the availability of puppies but you can take a look at our puppy parents and upcoming and planned litters. This My name is Thomas J. Dubberly. There are 3 males available at this time. He strutted and barked as if he were a big dog. We have had some that were very successful ‘ratters’ and some so soft that they are afraid of their own shadow! I also love getting updates from my fellow crossbreed lovers who have had one of my babies to see how they have developed. - Karen. Growing up on a purebred hog farm as a boy,  I always had a close dog companion and the most memorable one was Benjie, a beagle and bulldog cross that had a trait that I have always looked for in a dog since my youth. Our Journey raising this unique original version of the Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers. Welcome to Stonequarry Jack Russells. Bullet 12 3/4 inches tall, tri-color, smooth coat. DUE TO THE CURRENT RISK WITH THE COVID 19 VIRUS. They are working canines, they are also used for hunting rodents. Jack Russell Terriers come in three coat types: Smooth, Broken and Rough. We are always available to, or share our love of this awesome breed known as Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers and Solid, We would be glad to schedule you a personal visit to meet our family or, We could not imagine life without our Shortiejacks, Gonzo and Gertie Albright   •   12105 Glenhill Dr.  Riverview,  FL 33569   •   (813) 677-8490   •. There are several good reasons to test any breeding stock for genetic disease, but in the end each of them comes down to improving the health of the breed – and ensuring your new family member is in the best of health. My wife and I have been dog breeders of Jack Russell Shorties on a small scale since 2006 and have kept in touch with dog parents who have sent us pictures and messages about their fur babies that came from us. We have both smooth coats and rough (broken) coated types in our lines. Every dog lover wants to know their new family member comes from a sound and supportive environment that has given them the best start in life. We are 2 hours North of Jacksonville, Florida and less than 2 hours south west of Savannah, Georgia. The Jack Russell is a joyous, bold and energetic dog which is extremely loyal, intelligent and assertive. The Sweetbriar Kennel strive to produce healthy loving and playful companions. It is this love and fascination for these dogs that I decided to breed short Jack Russels. The Jack Russell Terrier breed is not for everyone.

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