We apologize for any inconvenience. All LLC Statements of Information and the required Statement of Information for most corporations can be submitted electronically using a credit card. Note: The designated office need not be the place of the limited liability company's activity in California. To change that information, you must file a Statement of Information (Form LLC-12). Online: SOSDirect (electronic filing of many, but not all, types of documents) Fax: (512) 463-5709 Mail: Corporations Section P. O. If your business is required to be licensed, certified or registered, before submitting Form LLC-5 to the California Secretary of State's office, it is recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing authority in order to determine whether your services are considered professional. Item 4: [New LLC Name]: If you are changing the name of the limited liability company, list the new name. All attachments are part of this document. If the dissolution was not made by the vote of, Item 4: [Tax Liability Statement]: This statement is required and should not be altered. If you have specific legal questions or concerns, please consult a private attorney. Some foreign limited liability companies may have registered using an alternate name. For California limited liability companies: A Certificate of Dissolution (. To check the status of the limited liability company, go to BusinessSearch.sos.ca.gov. The fee for filing Form LLC-1 is $70. For more information, please refer to the California Franchise Tax Board’s Guide for Corporations Starting Business in California (FTB Publication 1060). However, electronic signatures only are permissible in electronic transactions between consenting parties. The use of an electronic signature requires the agreement of both parties to allow the use of the electronic signature and must be on a document that requires a signature and that is electronic. If Form LLC-11 is signed by a trust, the trustee should sign as follows:___________, trustee for ___________ trust (including the date of the trust, if applicable). Do not use Form LLC-11 to change the limited liability company's addresses, the names or addresses of the limited liability company's managers, or the name or address of the limited liability company's agent for service of process. Check (personal or business) 2. Liability Company, or Ltd. Statutory filing requirements are found in California Corporations Code section 17707.09. For general information about name reservations and name style requirements relating to limited liability companies, please refer to our Name Reservations webpage. Copyright © 2020 California Secretary of State, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, California 95814. Multiple signed Form LLC-4/7s will be returned without being filed. Do not use a P.O. Item 1: [LLC's Exact Name]: List the name under which the limited liability company transacts business in California, exactly as it appears on the records of the California Secretary of State. Example: Mary Todd, trustee of the Lincoln Family Trust (U/T 5-1-1994). Computer generated signatures or fonts made to look like a signature printed on paper filings are not acceptable. Statutory filing requirements are found in California Corporations Code sections 17707.08 [for California limited liability companies] and 17708.06 [for registered foreign limited liability companies].

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