They won’t sell to you unless you buy large quantities, typically starting at a thousand pounds or dollars per item. That’s how I feel about you. Far from it. I’ve worked and emailed with her over the last two and half months and, in the process, I’ve gotten to know her quite well. I think vampy perfumes tend to contrast my beard nicely. Some small high-end companies, like New York’s famous Enfleurage, were usually too expensive to be practical for all Ms. St. Clair’s needs, but she found help at the Perfumer Supply House whose owner, Christine, sells more affordable, good-quality naturals and aromachemicals from the best companies, including Robertet, Synarome, IFF, and Firmenich. Source: her website, The rest will be in the email, my dear. Dear Kafka, welcome back!

The butter is so rich and so high-fat in content that, even after leaving one of the balls out for two days in a covered butter dish, it still hasn’t dissolved into mushiness, lost its shape, or turned gooey. A PREVIEW OF THE PARTIALLY REVISED & CHANGED TRIO, St. Clair Scents — Part I: The Queen of Butter & The Intersection of Artisanal Food & Artisanal Perfume, The Average, The Banal, The Bad & The Ugly Lists, French Laundry was ranked the No. I look forward to Part II. The summer’s breeze blows soft wisps of aromatic lavender your way but never enough to distract from what is a rather delectable hay-immortelle-tobacco-vanilla accord. Back then, she had three cows and made roughly 6 pounds of butter a week. While my grandmother wore modest amounts of Aromatics Elixir and I have vague memories of a great aunt wearing a lot of White Diamonds in my childhood, I had no real appreciation for it.
The same problem exists when it comes to buying the actual perfume bottles and their boxes. Gardener’s Glove longest and main phase on my skin, however, is neither the titular glove nor a floral-driven scent. Chef Keller created an actual “Bread and Butter” course on The French Laundry’s expensive tasting menus, listing “Diane St. Clair Animal Farm butter” by name. I remember testing one of them and having to double, then triple my standard testing scent quantity in order to detect its individual notes or just its presence, period, as it developed. Middle Notes: Lavender Absolute, Rose De Mai, Rose Geranium, Immortelle Absolute It, too, has a floral-leather stage on my skin. Hope all is well with you and yours. © 2020 I think two of them, Frost and Gardener’s Glove, would appeal to people who love floral leathers or floral-woody scents with the airy feel, polish, and easy elegance of fragrances like the sort put out by Neela Vermeire, Nobile 1942 (eau de toilettes), early Papillon, April Aromatics, or Parfum d’Empire. Ms. St. Clair took their advice to heart (minus the pioneer woman wood-burning stove bit), and decided to focus on a very old-school method of butter production. And I know better than to suggest to The CEO that we move into the dairy business — it’s insanely labor-intensive as well as capital-intensive, and doesn’t tend to provide either a stable or a satisfying income level. DIANE ST. CLAIR & THE EARLY YEARS — ANIMAL FARM, CHEF THOMAS KELLER & BECOMING THE QUEEN OF BUTTER: Diane St. Clair via St. Clair Scents. Or send us a tip. Then, she decided to get certified in dairy production and bought two more Jerseys, a breed which isn’t traditionally used by farmers because they (along with Guernseys) produce a much smaller quantity of milk. Her horses would sometimes be hired to plow fields, which is partially how Ms. St. Clair later became involved with Vermont’s strong agricultural and farming industry. I thought she told me that she ships overseas, so I’ll definitely check into that for you and post back later. Even if wider international shipping will not be available in a while, it’s always a pleasure to witness new talents get their deserved attention and flourish in the years to come. . 9 Park restaurant in Boston. Pingback: St. Clair Scents - Part II: Gardener's Glove, Frost & First Cut Reviews - Kafkaesque.

With a thriving, successful business dependent on the daily routine of a farm and with obligations to her cows (who simply must be milked every day), Ms. St. Clair didn’t have the option of enlisting in one of the week-long artisan courses offered by some perfumers, let alone flying off to Grasse to take an expensive year-long course at the school there. They can be anything from fierce military dogs rappelling out of helicopters with Special Forces teams to bomb/drug/IED-detectors to docile, comforting therapy or gentle eye-seeing dogs. All in all, very depressing. [Photo lightly cropped by me at the top.].

I sighed and fished out the one piece of truth within the attaché case―a small, thin, blue book of poetry called One Hundred and One Famous Poems. I simply struggle enormously with the fragrance’s softness, lightness, and discreetness. The things which make me alight with fervor and with the passion of a small child at Christmas include: history, German Shepherds (“GSDs”), gastronomy, German Shepherds, photography, history, German Shepherds, gastronomy, politics, Supreme Court decisions, Michelin chefs, German Shepherds, and, well, you get the idea. I was one of those bloggers. Ms. St. Clair took one of the classes in person, then approached Ms. Douglas about teaching her long-distance and Ms. Douglas agreed. I’ve been writing Part II of the St. Clair series almost nonstop for the last 3 or 4 days, three full reviews in total, and I’ve have been submersed in a veritable waterfall of olfactory descriptions, facts, and details.

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