Some winchester stuff fits fine, i recently replaced my forend, and that was a hard fight, be sure to use oil and a dremel for that replacement, mine fits perfectly now that i shaved a little off, heat shield needs a little shaving as well, but it is a great gun shot over 150 rounds out of it now and only 1 hiccup, (user error), very accurate tight pattern as well. Warranty is 1 year from date … tough duty use. However, the Stevens 350 is half the price of a new Ithaca 37. 6.8lbs while the Maverick 88 weighs 6.23lbs. I've seen them on GB for $220 - $235. Heavy and hard-hitting. He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. Cliff - I recently just bought the same stock for my 320. Great first 12 gauge. Wanted to say that I got the 320 with the 18.5" barrel in March and after a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, proper oiling and reassembly, it's not had a single FTE or FTF using various types of Winchester, Remington and Federal loads fro 00 to 7 1/2. "American Rifleman's" write-up seemed fair enough and I've got a pretty nice supply of slugs, buck, and field loads for a healthy break-in period torture test. The 350 is the newest rendition of the Stevens pump line that began with the Model 520, first offered in 1904.

Hello, I recently purchased a 320 for home defense. Be aware. I hope the trigger on this is better than on my Stevens 350. It is heavy, but that is by design. I would also like to mount a light, ideas? I almost bought 2 at that price!!!! Only thing I want to do is install a sling. I had one once and for a long time the 1200 and 1300 I had operated well. In addition to sporting models and a variant intended for use in WWI, Stevens developed variants of the 520 for the law enforcement market, where it was well received. I bought this for home defense only. I have a milling machine so I could do it. I hope it shoots and stays together. If anyone knows for sure if Winchester 1300 items might fit let me know will you? I really like the gun and for the price can't complain.

Was out shooting mine today. I have yet to bring it to the range. Pins in the receiver appear different than a 1300 so you may have to use velcro for a side saddle. Utility Grade: Joined: Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:49 pm Posts: 9 Sidecart, Does it look like 1300 accessories will fit? any advice on that would be great. You might need to disassemble and do some polishing. I plan to look for one and maybe pick it up. I will let you know any findings. Unfortunately, I can't shoot 2 of em at once. This gun is essentially the same as an Ithaca 37 but with a lower build quality.

Pistol grip and bead sights.. Action is smoother than the 350 but not as smooth as the H&R Pardner Protector. it would not be the first time I have done it. It is not sexy, and is not for people who will need to use their shoulder a lot. good home defence gun. Action is smoother than the 350 but not as smooth as the H&R Pardner Protector.

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