Pitch and roll control was excellent as we slid forward and down, the aim point remaining steady in the lower left corner of the low-cut canopy. Climbing quickly to the west, we saw a land of timber and steep hills, with a runway hiding out there somewhere past the small lumber town. Two people make the job easier, with one standing half in the cockpit, facing aft, and one on the ground, handing luggage up. Anyone who has tested their RV for full-power stalls knows what it is like to look almost straight up before the break. The RV-14 handled much like a bush plane—one with a low wing, but good visibility. This changes the way you go about loading it for a trip—but only in a minor way.

There appears to be little danger of bumping one’s head on the canopy in either case—this is a roomy airplane.

To the pilot and passenger entering the airplane, the choice of engine is not apparent; only the stance on the ground is visible.

Currently, they are building a Xenos motorglider. If you think that tailwheels are only for supermen (or women), remember the fact that before the 1950s, just about everyone learned with a tailwheel—and many soloed in five or six hours. Orders were taken for the wing kit shortly after the Oshkosh introduction, with subsequent kits coming out at intervals longer than many had hoped. The reason he’s excited? We entered on an upwind for 27 to give me the lay of the land, then curved into a decelerating downwind and a continuous base-to-final turn with the threshold hiding behind trees until the last few seconds. But along the way, I wanted to sample the slow-flight characteristics to see if they had changed any from the original model.

It was very easy to adjust pitch attitude for either a three-point or a wheel landing as I settled and slowed on a shallow glideslope for the pavement. We tried one more trick, an accelerated stall, and got the airplane to break over the top—from a steep left turn into a gentle right bank before relaxing the backpressure to once again let the wing fly.

So how does it perform? “Now let’s stay high this time around, right at pattern altitude until we turn final. A standard CIGAR list would suffice in a pinch, but it is always nice to go over everything—including nav settings—before taking off. Steps aren’t included in the tail-dragger version (but can be added), and we didn’t miss them. It is a slightly higher step up to the wing than with the smaller RVs, but nothing the average person can’t handle.

This eliminates a source of free-play present in previous RV models.

The RV-14 makes it tough to choose a configuration because both handle just fine. Landing and takeoff distances are reliably short, and I verified this on my flight with Seager. Starter SauceRegarding Amy Labodas experience with the purge valve in her RV-10, I also... Homebuilt judging at EAA AirVenture. It has been three years since the introduction of the -14A, and many builders have completed their wings, fuselage, and tails—and are now hard at work on the finish kits that have recently started to be delivered. Please. Kitplanes.com and the Kitplanes logo are protected properties under international copyright law. And the speeds are close enough that the cruise altitude you choose on a given day has more to do with when you’ll arrive than your choice of where to put the third wheel. Bringing the flaps down, we tried again—and this time were rewarded with a break typical of a Piper Cherokee—benign, slow, and well-mannered. Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform. So expect more normal temperatures—and faster cruise speeds—in the future. All of the avionics and the aircraft’s electrical system are connected through the AFS hub used in the Quick Panel system, making for fast build times and standardizing the RV-14 fleet.

It’s just a matter of getting the package full and correct.

A definitive determination of which is faster probably needs to wait until we see a few more flying, but I would not hesitate to start shopping for an IO-360 if I were thinking about having an RV-14 in my future. The RV-14 kit comes complete with switch panels and controls—this really is a mature building experience. The most popular color?

In brief, the factory numbers at gross weight show a cruise speed of 170 knots at 75% power and 8000 feet, with a maximum rate of climb of 1500 fpm at sea level—respectable numbers in all but the most overpowered aircraft. The flap motor is slow, but that is something Van’s is looking into.

After orienting me to the pattern, he suggested I just go ahead and land however I wanted, then he sat back, and relaxed.

Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. In the five landings we did at Scappoose, we got no bounces, and directional control in the flare and after touchdown was excellent. And that could be good news for many builders looking for a bargain, since the IO-390 in the -14A is really only available new at this time, and there are IO-360s (as installed in the -14) sitting around in many places, removed from Arrows and Mooneys. We used the electronic checklist on the EFIS to make sure that the airplane was ready to go, but there was nothing that would surprise any pilot used to an EFIS-equipped airplane. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Taildragger at the Discogs Marketplace.

Even for those of use that love being close to our spouse, shoulder room is a great thing to have when launching halfway (or more) across the country on a multi-leg outing that can take all day. We’ll talk about the operation of these later, but expect changes as the design and kit is finalized.

The RV-14’s cockpit was familiar to me, as I have flown the -14A several times already. Additional cushions are always an option for folks who want to sit farther forward or higher—and of course, all of the ex-NFL linebackers lining up to try the airplane can remove cushions as necessary. Yes! If you’ve shied away from taildraggers as they sound difficult or fearsome, I recommend you learn more about Kolb Aircraft as it has some very affordable taildraggers that you can fly with little fear.

Tailwheel technique is not harder or easier—it’s just different. I wouldn’t give up my RV-3 for aerobatics if faced with a choice between it and an RV-14—but the advantage of the smooth, roomy ride afforded by the -14 is hard to pass up.

You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Again, the visibility afforded by the low canopy sills made maneuvering flight a scenic experience, and orientation was never an issue.

The morning air was smooth and the airplane rock solid as we fell toward the runway. While I’m aware of the frustration of the long wait for the release of the various subkits for the -14A, the parallel development of the -14 now being completed should free up resources for the final push that should break the logjam. Each blip of the switch backwards sends the flaps down to the next step—the first being 5, the second 20, and the third full down. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. Back to our landings though—the best thing I can say about an airplane is that it is predictable and goes exactly where I want and expect it to go. While it might be a little easier to load the original tricycle version because the floor is level, it is not much different overall when loading the taildragger. Since you still have to put items through the space behind and over the seat backs, the most efficient way to load is with two people, one standing in the cockpit, the other handing things up from the ground. Those considering the taildragger should take that into account when reading performance numbers presented here; a BA prop will probably improve them, at least a little.
No, if you want to do snap rolls, this is not the airplane for you. And appear it did, with many people trampling the grass to create a ghost plane not seen since the tricycle gear predecessor debuted three years before.

The most common taildragger material is ceramic. Relaxing the backpressure broke the stall, and we were off flying again. Visibility was great and recovery a piece of cake. As a result, drop tests have confirmed that the aircraft meets virtually all of the standards for certified aircraft, as do all of the other elements of the structure. I confirmed in flight that CHTs were lower than 300 much of the time, with oil temps barely getting up to the regulated temperature of 180—and this was during a heat wave in Oregon. I expect to see a flood of completions as builders start receiving final parts and get their airplanes into the air. Sonex-B tail dragger kitFuel Capacity 30 GallonsEngine Jabiru 120 hpEmpty Weight 620 lbs.Range (1) 687 milesCruise Speed @ Sea Level 135 mphCruise Spe... AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales of Chicago Schaumburg, IL - 1,564 mi.
Taildraggers For Sale. We guessed we were down and stopped about 600 feet from the threshold, and I might have given away 100 feet in the initial float.

Visibility is reasonably good the way it is, and prop clearance is always nice. Again, RVs with nosewheels have been operating off of these kinds of surfaces for decades. My five-foot-eight-inch frame needed the forward-most seat position to accommodate a 30-inch inseam, and we tilted the seat back all the way forward to give me good stick reach. Its a set of chocks! It isn’t that hard, and learning keeps us flexible.

This of course, changed the design designation of the already released version—for everyone knows that Van’s designates its nosewheel designs with an “A” after the number.

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