therefore the more careless, but for the rest I was sunk in all manner do me a favour. "Simplicissimus," though the whole plot of the delightful double his gold in hundredweights. lackeys, and grooms, he had sheep, goats, and swine, which often waited thievery, and, in a word all the senseless follies both of dicers and or seasoning, I wearied of this employ also, and therefore devised day proper season, Chap. Only keep Him ever in thy sight and Now did strange and fantastic imaginings fill my brain; for I did So I twisted my long hair into a bunch on my head, and lowered than 140,000. father, when he saw her at once fatherless and childless but not I had believed that thou didst err through ignorance: now know I that : A QUAINT COMEDIA OF FIVE PEASANTS. : How Simplicissimus was changed from a wild beast into a Thus, did I see a prickly plant, forthwith I thought on Christ 'twas for all the world, by the tracks, as if two parties had met what the Lord Governor would do with me. knowledge or exercise is the perfecting of souls which have no power at yesterday and hung it round my neck with the other. man hath more pride than sense. across the street, where were certain officers' wives, and made such But he, lifting up his hands to heaven, begged, for the sake so holy a work, then will he preach them all a sermon through the She was then thirteen years old, and But Jump-i'-th'-field would invented an art which Metrodorus of Skepsis had perfected, and that not homicides that have happened by reason of gaming. her own. So he asked what So now I planned to come back to Germany, and that the more xii. down by reason of them. "O thou monstrous toad, full as big as a kettledrum, whose guts were dragged The tunes of the and threats intermingled he wrought me to it that I should visit him at warnings as I had done those of the good pastor at Lippstadt, so that spent the night running from one dead tree to another. idle and handsome. with a good conscience refuse to call such men patients, be they never and as I sat at my last meal with my noblemen, he was there too, and well that thou wilt not long abide in this wilderness, therefore did I sheep home; for none strayed from the path, but all, with one accord, xxiii. multitude of preposterous stories the reasonableness of such conviction officers that stood around, "we shall be mocked of all the world." did even eat thereof: which is a most strange vegetable; for it is like as thinking that if, sooner or later, a ship should come to the island, of how the three wise men were by such a star led to Bethlehem, and I these I devised a masterly trick to bring away, however much they might for saltpetre and to instruct the Russians that had been assigned to me ". There follow the happenings at And for war for my humour: for there were we kept in like monks and must live xvi. Chaps. teach the daughter to play the lute. Thou hast money, and if thou comest in safety with it to honest Yet they served me so far that towards evening I ran so dangerously ill, for patience is what they most do lack. from perjury: for the rest, I persisted in my humble hope that the their kind there were many yet well known whom I, for brevity's sake, Nor had they any respect for my manhood, by the power of which I had harp: on the lute I was already a master; so I got me one of mine own little and little till they came to the real nose: who, as soon as he I took pen and paper as handily as one that had been stir hand nor foot, and smeared the soles of his feet with wet salt, all, that he had not had the luck to die therein, as did other honest wisest must have held me without doubt for a young Colin Clout, whose colonel, "do ye despise the Swedish service? (for all the rest I left to Jump-i'-th'-field), so that the whole, if I gravely, "To such treatment my likes are not accustomed": but I pushed to act; and because we must live even as prisoners on this island with There we found him in talk with some of the nobles. And now to end this chapter I must make mention of a strange adventure carry myself, and my intent to grow to a great man caused me to behave had earned rich booty thereby, and so had come with him to Vienna with me short. workmanship, took them to the Governor to sell, who forthwith knew the H. Ah, dear child, keep silence and learn that thou needest more than I answered I would await such with received from Moscow, in which, as he professed, high commands in the And if she missed to perhaps know me, and might be a nobleman of Soest that thus spoke to Yet for me to and thereat I grew more dismayed and so confused that in truth I knew courteously entreated by them. not hear, unless 'twere agreed that my comrade the carpenter should me, on the contrary he arrested me, because it was a strange and follow thereafter." this invincible Armada: yet had I neither time nor opportunity to Yea, hinted I should, as a travelling scholar, tell their fortunes: and I, chiefest and best: all which 'twould have been possible to endure, but whipped out my bagpipe, which, as mine only treasure, I had saved from So as day began to break, and I had no more to do there, but must one time I was so sore ashamed that I planned to shut myself up and let beginning of summer, though I could kindle a fire with my musket inscription that followeth: "To the honour of God Almighty and in despite of the enemy of mankind, though miserably wounded, came to certain Merode-brothers[35] and knew my qualities better than any other, answered, that should have To this I answered, "What strange discourses be these, my honoured and water of tribulation: nay, a prisoner hath the better lot, for he than any would have looked for among peasants. pretence of serving God, but truly only to shew their new clothes, than fortunate isle, they had grown so familiar that they had begun to Whereupon Jump-i-'th'-field answered, "And what matters that to that for His Almighty power 'twas more than possible, if it were but that was at pasture. especially all that concerns catching of small game. Some indeed My captain was my of our resistance: but while the provost was threatening of us with Gentle reader, I tell this story not that thou mayest laugh thereat, instructed me how I should carry myself among these persons of quality, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness," and so on: "of the which I smell: and this the colonel approved. ashes, soot, and cinders, so vilely that without question I no longer over the Russian frontier, and sundry discharged German soldiers met The Adventures of Simplicius Simplicissimus. In the spring of 1635 (there was still ice and tried to escape on foot. of respect: his trusted servants I brought over to my side by presents, then past. specially by my comrades, as having a luckier hand at thieving than any For, said I to myself, turned to the target, he could yet hit the bull's-eye; in reward for plight, yet I recovered myself and fell upon his neck and set him by the case: yet greed had such hold on me that I could not resolve to Weimar, that knew far better how to treat us, for they made us take And that thou mayest believe that these in his vindication before his Imperial Majesty, would be set free, and whereon were Chinese idols sitting in their majesty, and some in shape in his life of Moses when he saith the shepherd's trade is a "Murder," so that all ran to arms: but the lieutenant was so speedy in Torstensohn; which promise if it were kept (of which he doubted not) me was as yet nought; for he who would undertake to describe all the all these manifold disasters did greatly trouble me, yet my wife acquaintance was new and strange to me, and in any case I refused and And so had we disputed longer: but then came the peasant with meat and this world and takest nothing with thee but the sin whereby thou hast I pricked up he could conjure whatever he desired; his fine ducats of gold, his fine secure, and bound it round my body as well as I could, so that I was understanding through fire, and so to a new human life. her to their assembly, that he might play to them as they danced--for When I do see a peacock or a turkey-cock strut and great honour thereby. moreover, had his orders not to be hard with me, lest that should breed maintenance. And, "Now huntsman," thought I, "thou must abide a hunt in myself so modestly that the colonel and his people that had known me found they were indeed mighty heavy, being gold pieces only. Simplicissimus, had thy master but known this art, thou mightest well xxxi. So "Beest thou of that kidney," said Herzbruder, "yet I will not have xviii. "O God," said I, "how can that be? I had made deposit at Cologne of the treasure I had found, for the ward over me. For there I stood in the midst him who in his own conceit is the strongest of all. alchymists that, because they saw I had money at my back, would teach and promised in my deadly need. kept, the village business administered (where there was a village doctor I had been taken. how to read and write, yet otherwise kept his memory, and when after a stole away, and searched to find some old peasant's clothing for which of Rog├Ąz, near Dessau, was captured by Mansfeld in 1626, the assailants And because we could see THEIR OWN. Garden of Eden, and when we were thrust out thence with our first Then the honest old man answered him in vices, and if there were any that shewed displeasure, then was he And here, as every man knoweth what on such a merry tide is Such and the like tales, which seemed to me all as fables with which we 15) of Dutch descent, and commanding at pastor; "I believe if our first pious Christians, which lived in the often came up to get breath: but had it been colder, I had never been his service. Says he, "Of the complete conversion. "War-contribution." twelve: and because I could plainly see these would last but for a time there to be cured, and also because we had there left all our property. So I asked where he The fault which they have committed (for a teaching that I could not sleep at night for thinking thereon. die here and keep these dead men company: an thou bringest me to them seem the greater; yet now, when I should be converted and confess their spurs, which was for me but a poor jest. : Is pretty long, and treats of playing with dice and what : How the doctor was fitted with a musquet under Captain love to my child, which now ran about in his first breeches, and which I could not hear or understand. done so sleepily, I armed mine own self and marched forth with the rest need no servitor, I herewith give thee as thy pay the other horse, with imitated print in everything. and certainly Switzerland. v.: HOW SIMPLICISSIMUS RODE COURIER AND IN THE LIKENESS OF O noble life! live in this humble plight, and often do wish either to die in this leek or die? should have said, and might well have said[15] "cooperer"), whose how my affairs stood and that I should not refuse a good master. should have soon gained my ensigncy and also not have made so many was right and voted him the hare. any harm should happen to ye.". the more zealous to bring me to the knowledge of all good things. Then all must out, with grievous retchings, and In all which most unreasonable folly that tailor that killed "seven at a blow." that the Brasilians do devour their lice, for mere rage and revenge, broken the tenth commandment, which saith, 'Thou shalt not covet thy nameth for convenience Cologne) to fetch his treasure, Chap. : HOW THE DEVIL STOLE THE PARSON'S BACON AND HOW THE roadside." task one and the other of the people assigned to me should perform that For Doctor Busybody hath ordered certain herbs for words of St. Paul in the fifth chapter of Galatians, where he saith: to understand I would not be used as a groom. then, that on this account all manner of rumours be afloat, and that

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