Shows that actually ADD something GOOD to the mix. Found Time Team on You Tube. All I can tell u is that I was hooked. While filming Timesigns,  Tim and Mick regularly discussed other ways to bring archaeology to a television audience. I watch the re-runs on more four a lot and track the digs on Google Earth. Season 1, aired in 1994, had four episodes, while season 2 followed with five, and season 3 boasted six. Video, 00:00:58, Well, that was wild. Yes as convicts and bloody proud of it. I would like to add my congratulations to Time Team. I often wish you could all come to my back yard 1 acre) and help me find the many many pairs of secateurs buried therein. A group of archaeologists have 3 days to discover historical artifacts in different sites around Britain. September 9, 2016 @ The onscreen introduction of team members and their specialist skills was a hangover from a time when participants would have varied from week to week, rather than coalescing into a core group. Instead we were to have a new female co-presenter, new landscape expert-cum-presenter, and a new archaeologist. Tim Team has finally brought British history into focus for me. Janeth Horwith What does developing a Covid-19 vaccine look like? December 3, 2017 @ The changes proved too much, too fast, and viewing figures crashed to 700,000. You need knowledge – best from lots of different sources and people and imagination, not the newest visualisation programme on a laptop. I cannot ask to join you guys, too old and infirm. 8:16 pm. Just dig alerts and the insider's view on the week's biggest archaeological discoveries. What a great show. The whole reason why Time Team worked was because it wasn’t just about the stars. My husband and I enjoyed following Time Team for many, many years on TV Ontario, watching you dig into our shared heritage. By the summer of 2012 Channel 4 no longer wanted ‘old’ Time Team. My partner and I are both UK born and we thoroughly enjoy having Time Team on every weeknight. The digs would have been impoverished without the wonderful women archaeologists of Time Team. But it doesn’t surprise me. Unequivocally, she has never, and will never, be married to Matt Williams. The final piece of the jigsaw fell into place during the fledgling Time Team‘s first episode. Professional archaeological fieldwork and heritage consultancy - with a difference. I still enjoy my archaeology despite my age not being able to take part in the reality. Thankyou to Time Team for making history and Archeology so interesting. See what Lindisfarne looked like, and some of the real archaeological remains uncovered in the last few years. Its one of those few things in life that meant so much, really looked forward to every episode. What is truly surprising is how long it took to happen!!!! Its seems big nob TV executives etc. Never screened and reputedly lost in the Channel 4 vaults, this pilot captured a show that was as radically different to Timesigns as it was to later Time Team episodes. All the girls where very enthusiastic. Best of luck with DigVentures. I am watching as many of the daily episodes as I can on New Zealand’s History Channel.It makes me nostalgic for the British history and archeological sites. All the girls where very enthusiastic. There can be little doubt that part of the show’s early success stems from the audience warming to the group’s genuine passion for teasing out the past. Toni sharkey Video, 00:01:13. He has become a familiar face on the Channel 4 television series Time Team. This particular viewer thanks you for the knowledge you imparted, the TV you made, and the serious enjoyment watching you work and tell us what you had found gave me. Congratulations Raksha on such a brilliant article. "Everybody loved him, he just had a way with people. Phil Harding does not have the coronavirus. Three years in three minutes. Excellent article. Video, 00:02:17, Up Next, Deadly shooting in central Vienna. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Strangely, I found it the most relaxing and enjoyable program on television. As a secondary school Science Teacher I was always pleased to watch a program that respected the scientific approach to debate and evidence, and that these popular programs were definitely reinforcing these ideals. Best wishes in all your future works…and most of all, Thank You. Far from a media concoction, the unique individuals on Time Team were filmed going about their work with an honesty and integrity that has seen the series heralded as Britain’s first reality television show. Sunday evening without you laughing on the screen isn’t the same! I will watch Time Team episodes as long as I last. I want Time Team brought back. Finally, google’s auto-complete on Raksha Dave includes a search on “Raksha Dave Matt Williams married”. 20 years is a long time in television. As Mick Aston observed ‘the geophys and Time Team have always gone hand in hand. I’m getting to the point at which I can glance at a find in a digger’s hand and exclaim, “Oh! The worst was to come with ‘Mary-Ann Gate’. Raksha Dave from Time Team is part of it. (I’m sure it was Phil’s way of showing respect to their art). In this day and age of “finished and dusted” shows where everything is predictable (apart from the self indulgent bad behaviour on so called reality shows) that endlessly peel out of commercial TV, it is no wonder that eventually the production team behind the “Time Team” show would become avaricious for recipes for greater kudos, if not monetary results. October 22, 2018 @ Here in Australia we don’t have such extensive history but there are many sacred places belonging to our indigenous people. This was how we rolled. October 13, 2019 @ It invites much discussion and we were shocked to hear of Mick Aston’s death last week. Was it one persons requirements that brought extras into the show, persons not wanted nor needed, also not as talented as a walnut. Jamesie, Hi, about 25 years back I was a self employed electrician doing work for a farmer in West Wittering, he had turned some land into a static caravan site. I was disappointed with the change in format, it was like losing family. Three years in three minutes, What does developing a Covid-19 vaccine look like? My nana came from England in 1901. "It just seems so incredible, like a bad dream, but unfortunately this is no dream," the 62-year-old said. A relative alerted us to Time Team husband and I were long term enthusiasts. Time Team was expensive, big-budget telly that cost nearly 75% more to make per hour than the churned-out, creatively bankrupt, trendy youth agenda programmes that now litter the C4 schedule. He is 10. My absolute favorite TV program! etc were just fantastic. See what happened when we went searching for the remains of the island community who were raided by Vikings in AD 793, Explore the objects and artefacts from our recent 3D. Good luck for the future Raksha. I was especially interested in the programme on Looe Island chapel as my grandparents once owned Looe Island and I had been there and walked over the chapel remains. Oh! We should just be thankful for some small positives in our lives. There was always a constant change of female cast – one minute they were there, and the next they were ‘let go’. A very good article Racksha. my gosh, I am from Chula Vista Ca. Tim Taylor explains ‘because we’ve involved Wessex Archaeology in our work for the last 10 or so years the reports are really good quality. It reminded me when Carenza left – a bit unceremonious, a ‘thanks but no thanks’. Raksha, I think TV does represent real life, just in condensed magnified form. Obliged to cut evaluation trenches to meet the deadlines of multi-million pound construction projects, the 1990s saw a surge in short-term excavation projects. @Rob Ward: Victor has several books. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. January 17, 2019 @ Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Go to Amazon and search on his name. 1:59 am, Hi. 2:23 pm, Much has been said about this show on this site but I think that all of you would be best served by reading what Raksha had to say. I know I’ll never make it to England however through the magic of television I have been blessed to be able to learn more about your country than I ever learned from a book at school. The manipulation of the story by certain journalists s unfairly put all of the blame for that terrible season, and Mick’s quitting, at Mary Ann’s feet. March 10, 2018 @ Despite their varied talents and backgrounds it quickly became apparent that the team had a natural chemistry. I used to wonder why the female faces varied so much but a core of males remained; thanks for the explanation. All the best Raksha and the ‘team’ -you are the best. Very revealing; sad in places, but great to know you are forging ahead and still positive about your work. Despite the Ancient Monuments Laboratory having drawn a blank the year before, John’s state-of-the-art kit revealed the monastic complex in startling clarity. I can’t believe how much I have learned during Covid lock down because of Time Team. This feature was published in Current Archaeology issue 274. The fieldwork is complete, and the results are in! Archaeologists can be a bloody-minded bunch, but we knew that they were turning something we had all nurtured into a second-rate entertainment show. If Tim Taylor or anyone at Channel 4 ever got the itch in their pants to dig it all up again (pun intended) it would be so awesome. Suddenly the established staff had to cope with new production, new team, and new format – all in all, too much change for one year! Instead we got a quick one-hour bundle through 20 years and a rather unceremonious send-off. Marion Deaves All the others as far back as 1828 from Ireland and Scotland. The film crew deserve full credit, as do the graphics team, with their imaginative and informative “on the fly” diagrams and imagery. Young or old, there seemed to be a very genuine search fo knowledge. Dallas Texas USA. Compared to those cheap entertainment archaeology programs emanating from the US, I found professionalism and thoughtfulness in the many speculative conversations in the programs. and the entire bunch breathed fresh life into the sometimes boring subject of Archaeology. It is really relevant to the wider socio-political sphere; try being a female Prime Minister in Australia just now! Too bad for the changes they made, these new guys tried hard, but you can’t replace what the “old” team had, the magic, the small things,… Still, I’m grateful for what they achieved and for what it has meant to me and still does. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. I doff my figurative hat to you all! It makes me want to poke nyy head in and see the Geophys, operate the diggers to open a trench and pick up a trowel and start digging! 7:14 pm. There’s no need to rehash the whole story, (and have a look at this too) but I will say that the backlash by the general public was unfair and unwarranted. You can now read the reports, explore the archives, and learn more about the amazing work we've done on some very special sites.

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