What you may notice is that mine and Inferno's list styles differ greatly from each other. Basically, Pyribbit attacks with lava and camping in the background. Absorbing some pieces of the Galactic Nova, he transforms into a hideous new version of himself, Marx Soul. And it attacks with a...slightly unpredictable electric attack, but that's all it has going for it. Dark Daroach is one of the trickiest and coolest bosses in the game, and having a much more powerful version of him would've been a perfect ending. I'm not gonna deny, I was originally gonna put Fatty Puffer from Kirby's Return to Dream Land on this list. Still, that doesn't stop him from being a generally creepy final boss. However, this only BARELY missed the top. The best place for this power is actually during a boss fight, Kracko to be exact. If you DO manage to charge up a burst and fly into an enemy in midair above a pit, it doesn't matter: You'll die anyway. Mad Jack is one such boss. I honestly don't see why. Also the attack is slow and other attacks can do air-based fighting much better. He literally just does nothing but dive around, float across the stage, and shoot water-literally what a normal whale does. It's time to see just what I've been missing. Oh, and the fact that you can’t win this fight either. Yep, I'm talking about King Golem. And that was the list! Suplex is for the most part usable in a sense, it's not intuitive at all in fact I'd argue that out of the three it's probably the most annoying to pull off properly, in addition, I'll say it again, Suplex could easily have been worked into Fighter. The extremely unsettling boss music doesn’t help either. The gameplay especially took a big leap forward. The problem with Paint is not only that its a weaker version of Crash, which I've already expressed my dislikeness towards Weaker Versions of other Abilities but also when you get it. I almost never found this ability useful, although it's somewhat fun to bounce around in certain areas. Mario… ITS WEAKER THEN CRASH. But this hardly makes up for all the shortcomings. I'm going to say this now and this will also apply to two more abilities later down the line; Fighter is the only good Physical Copy Ability. It's attack pattern isn't too bad in the first phase, but it's pretty annoying in the second phase, not to mention confusing. Other annoying things about this ability is that if you want to kill an enemy in the air, you quickly find out that you can't. I mean, yeah, a lot of the Whispy battles are boring, but those battles are timeless; Kirby fans remember the simplicity of the Whispy Woods battles, and it's treasured-not to mention recent Kirby games made Whispy look a lot better. Shine and Mr. This means that you can easily camp when she pops out of a hole, and, with an overpowered ability like Hammer, you can beat her in seconds. Fimfiction is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.®. This is it. You'll take damage and then fall to your death." Disappointing, yes, but I do at least promise to get it out this week. Yeah, in other games, they use Gordos sometimes, but it doesn't help that they have a painfully predictable attack pattern. ( Log Out /  These 15 Mega Man bosses, however, are just the worst, the exact opposites of Skull Man. Kirby would stop running, and slide into the enemy while killing it. Just to let all you confused folks out there now, we are excluding Mix Abilities from 64 and Squeak Squad, Super Abilities from Return to Dreamland, and all endgame abilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfHah9s6BWE. Dark Nebula's battle may have been unoriginal and unfun, but at least there was some sort of strategy to fighting it. And I hate spiders. It isn't like you can transform out of this Metal form, or HELL no. Now, I LOVE Kirby games. For now, anticipate. While Inferno uses pros and cons, and reveals his choice in the section name, as well as just a text style, I reveal with pictures and will briefly talk about my opinions. Or maybe... is it something much worse; something far more sinister...? What is this being's true power then? So when he was making Earthbound, he recalled that scene in his mind and he fashioned Giygas. While it's true that vertical sections become your new waifu with this ability, how many vertical sections are you gonna find in the games? Do you have any suggestions for a future countdown I could do? So what'd you think of my choices? It was amazing, I'll be the first to say, and it had some amazing boss battles. All Light does is as it suggests light up things, well what does it light up? So I'm here to countdown my top five of them! Now we're getting into the REAL bad ones. A downgrade, in video games, would mean taking something that's...relatively decent, taking away some of it's perks, and reskinning it into something different. I of course speak of Marx Soul. But no... you get her broom. Oh my god, where do I begin. For those of you who actually know about Earthbound, you knew this was coming. Fair warning, but I'm sure we can bypass it for now. Just seeing Ganon appear before you is intimidating but it’s the fact that Ganon is constantly shrouded in darkness is what makes it truly creepy. Oh but they did Fuzzy, the spin-offs could have used Hi-Jump and I'm not talking about the Curse Games, I mean like the Pinball, Block Attack and Golf games. His design? WHERE. I mean, you can beat this thing easily by swallowing it-but there's an 80% chance of you using the ability you were using because The Arena is a dick. What. Also, no "fake" final bosses like Miracle Matter or Landia. All of this is disturbing on SO many levels. I have trouble between throwing the knives or attacking melee with them. Bright (Master Hand and Crazy Hand, though I'm kind of unsure with this one.). Please don't make me do this. While they could arguably be considered creepy, they're not the true final bosses of the game, so they're not on this list. Well, Mini did it even worse somehow. However, there is one I can't really enjoy enough to like. I would've been satisfied. Or just use an ability, in other games. It was kinda lame for me, but whatever. That boss is Magman. ;). As mentioned before, the crown covers most of Magolor's body, sprawling off into an assortment of horns and spikes. As in, if I can look past flaws and enjoy using an ability, then it likely won't make the list. I probably will get hate for this choice, but I'm sticking it where it is. It's almost pathetic. I don't adore Kirby 64, like every single person on the planet. But sadly, it just had to suck. At first, Kirby was powerful in Smash Bros.Far too powerful. In its sclerae are mechanical lines that look like some sort of computer. So that's why it's only #9. It took me a long time to fall asleep that night. Majora (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask). Majora has been creeping out Zelda players since the day Majora’s Mask was released. When you think of Big Brother, Dr. Will Kirby is one of the most-mentioned players. It just seems like the battle is so easy, easier then it was in KSS. It takes control away from the player to let Kirby perform the attack and when you have abilities like Sword, Beam and Leaf where the player has so much control and can pull off unique and varied attacks, Backdrop is kind of a one trick pony in comparison and sure maybe the first time you Backdrop a Waddle Dee its a new experience but unlike other abilities, Backdrop gets stale very quickly and becomes more of a hassle than simply sucking up the enemies especially ones with other abilities. However...he has had one weak one. The music that plays screams the fact that you stand no chance against her now. This ability is just terrible, with everything included. First, his concept; Marx was killed by the Nova explosion back in Milky Way Wishes. While I agree that her attack pattern, admittably, is decent, it came straight out of Amazing Mirror's fight with Moley (which was spared from the list). In your experiences, what is the worst video game boss or battle or sequence that you have come across? Metroid just as a whole, makes a point of making you feel all alone. But they just HAD to put in more. Well you inhale it, which is really kind of stupid, Kirby does have hands and he has been shown to be able to pick up items so why does he need to inhale to use this ability. The "Copy ability" is gone after one use, also. Anyway, Keep in mind that this list is just my opinion. If I remember correctly, the Spark ability was first introduced in Kirby Superstar (or was it Kirby's adventure?). Parasol has over the years been neglected, its abilities range from being a less effective Sword Ability, to a less effective Beam Ability to being a less effective Kirby. Cons - It's a terribly slow ability that is pretty much useless against Bosses and Mid-Bosses and the standard Kirby would be more effective. Now, I bet you guys can agree that bosses...weren't exactly this game's strong suit. The knives aren't too powerful, either. Now, it does get somewhat better: you can hold DOWN B for a longer time to charge up the pack and jet forward for quite some distance. I'm not sure why the developers thought this would be useful. However, reincarnated final bosses are very much allowed, like Soul forms or just plain returns of bosses in other games. Change ). Hell??!!! You go in the background only briefly (like Paintra or Dark Meta Knight) but this? All Magolor is now is an empty shell which the Master Crown has taken over; Magolor has no more control anymore. Who am I describing?The only differences I see are that Sunset was already antisocial before and instead chose to steal a magical crown which ultimately corrupted her even more (Oh, hello Magolor), Page generated in 0.023 seconds Yep, Mini Kirby cannot fly. One, the range isn't as much as it should be. Backdrop's main gimmick is that Kirby can flip and slam enemies into the ground, now sure that's good and all but for one, it's a slow move, secondly it requires the player be right up in the face of their target like Throw and finally it's kind of boring to look at. Both versions stink, anyway. If this was a bit more promising with what it offered, I would've liked it much more. It really is a wonder how this series has managed to stay rated E for so long. He retains all of his attacks and abilities, but this time he brings along a secret new final boss to the mix. The. That we are, my infernal friend! Tomorrow, Nintendo will be hosting another Nintendo Direct.

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