Theoretical Use a horizontal bandsaw to cut off the eye-hole of the pulley, this will also create a new surface for welding it to our anchor assembly. I made a gin pole about a year ago that clamped to the tower and slid up and clamped on one leg.

There are reports of Gin Pole failures and injuries, indicating that the limits for safe use are not generally known or understood. The last thing I would add is a drill hole or other attachment device to the mast mount so you can have a lanyard for attaching the rig to your belt or harness. Then, these tubes were buckled under load with results A hole--one foot deep for each 20 feet of pole--should be dug for the pole. Gin poles are also used to raise loads above structures too tall to reach with a crane, as placing an antenna atop a steeple, and to lift segments of a tower atop one-another during erection. CAUTION! Normally, a gin pole is a device used to aid in tower stacking or putting something on top of the tower. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. HTML PDF: 296-32-24034. Gin Pole Operation and Use Loads on Structures During Construction Gin Pole Analysis and Design Gin Pole Construction Procurement and User Guidelines Rigging Plans Wire Rope Connections Evaluation of Tower Sites Note: Adherence to this standard could have avoided 90% of construction-related tower … Contact Info | Callsign Look-up | Callsign Look-up. You use it the in reverse to disassemble a tower. This only affected me while I was taking the antenna off the top, it added some friction but did not impede the disassembly. Foundations may include mass concrete, caisson or pile-based and screw-anchor or bored types. 1) The cause of the failure was the inadequate capacity of the bridle attachment of the gin pole to the tower structure. See more ideas about Pole, Gin, Trucks. Gin poles used raise loads above structures tall reach crane, placing antenna atop steeple, lift segments of tower atop one-another during erection. It's not critical, but a nice thing I think I may do before using it again. Why would you want one? Shown below is an FM antenna change where the bottom section of the pole is on the tower. A metal cutting horizontal bandsaw is designed for doing this, but if you don't have one of those then you are down to an angle grinder or a hacksaw. Erection of lattice towers can be carried out using gin poles or floating derricks where crane erection is not possible. It is usually secured with guy wires. Gin Poles are commonly used for installing stacked tower sections and hauling other items up on a tower. It is fully tightened and locked on the pole. These results were used I found this gin pole kit on ebay and almost bought it. Please see Attachments 50 and 53. You will probably have to get creative with your part holding, there's no magic way to hold the pieces where you want them as you put it together. The lower end is braced or set in a shallow hole and positioned so the upper end lies above the object to be lifted. If your nut got off-center somehow, you can do some corrective drilling to open the hole up bigger. questions and answers november 26 2015. Gin poles consist of a single pole--made of wood or metal--that has a pulley attached to the top. Adam was kind enough to give me a thorough TIG lesson on a slow Sunday.

Lastly, tac weld 4 nuts over the holes you just drilled. Tower sections don't weigh much; I have carried 2 sections of Rohn 25 in each hand with no problem. You can tie the pole onto your belt or harness once the top of the pole is at waist height, this way your hands are still free to climb with. compared to computer models using methods provided in the Gin And why would you want to build one? So what is a gin pole you may ask? The gin pole worked and got me a free 30' antenna tower. models of gin pole type structures, along with small scale and I had two jobs for David and Eric but weather and wind kept delaying the completion of the gin pole job so Clay and I had to take care of the other job ourselves. This pipe has no other purpose, it was just for testing components before I purchased the full 10' length pipe. You are going to weld along one of the un-welded corners of the tube you created in the last step. When used to create a segmented tower, the gin pole can be detached, raised, and re-attached to the just completed segment in order to lift the next. Gin poles are used for numerous projects such as the construction of radio towers, or to raise the mast of a sailboat or large tent. of the tower as it goes up in height. Steel Inner Suspended Gin Pole. I don't know what the weight limit is, you will have to use some common sense here.

For wooden gin poles, you can use rope to attach the pulley. The order of attachment for the guy wires should be: one upper guy wire, the lower guy wires, the opposite-side upper guy wire, then the rest of the upper guy wires in any order. and gin pole operations Also includes a Wireline Specific Lifting Plan which • Uniform procedures for the control of lifts and tower erection.
Inc.) testing facility in Chandler, Indiana. Get Price. Also as before, just tac the nut, and don't melt the threads. 3. You will need to let gravity pull the rope through. This is not designed to lift people, only sections of antenna tower. As I attempted to extend the pole above the existing antenna this was a very annoying problem. entitled " Structural Standards for Installation of Antenna and Antenna So my kit fully assembled had some decent weight to it. Welding zinc is bad, the fumes are toxic. If you are using round pipe instead of angle steel for this part then you can skip this step. High risk work licences are recognised all around Australia as part of a national licensing system. Gin poles are also used to raise loads above structures too tall to reach with a crane, as placing an antenna atop a steeple, and to lift segments of a tower atop one-another during erection. A longer gin pole is heavier. Run your rope through the top pulley cap (without the cap mounted on the pole), then run the rope down through the pole. This is not designed to lift people, only sections of antenna tower. Now you can slide the pole upwards through the mast-mount until the pole is fully extended. is the cheapest insurance you can buy.

In 2004 the Telecommunications Industry Association and Electronics This If you are taking any antenna gear off the top of the mast, take it to the top of the mast. in any other form of erecting and stacking structural steel members. This Gin pole designs. Your idea is fine and seems to be able to work well. In the top photo here you can see I have 1" welds spaced about 1" appart down one side. It is usually secured with guy wires. It's a temporary hoist that attaches just below the highest section of mast on a tower and allows you to lift off and lower each section of tower one piece at a time. The gin pole is considered a form of derrick, called standing derrick or pole derrick, distinguished sheers (or “shear legs”) having single boom rather two-legged one. 5. The pole (also known as a “mast”, “boom”, and “spar”) is secured with three or more guys. of BTTi Bringing a tower down. But I'm not going into the antenna mast removal business anytime soon. Cut two 1' to 1.5' sections out of your 1/8"x2"x3' angle steel. Nov 13, 2016 - Explore michael satcher's board "gin pole" on Pinterest. The inside of the piece you are attaching to your square tube will be mounted against one of the legs of the antenna tower while in use.
Take your 3/16"x3' rod and cut seven 1.5" pieces off of it, one for each nut we attached. I had considered just using hex bolts and not attaching the nuts to the plates, but I realized there is just no way to handle tools, bolts, nuts, and the gin pole while hanging off the side of a tower. at the top, and the ever changing stiffness of the bridle and The rope routes down through the pipe via this hole and is critical for proper operation. Question Locate your 3' section of 1/8"x1"x1-1/4" angle steel. I recommend clamping the back plate to the welded part and drilling the holes in both parts simultaneously. Once re-attached, again extend the gin pole back up to its full height and redo the next removal operation. Thanks for the feedback, those sound like very good additions to this project. AstroSruf: Using a Gin Pole to build an antenna. Four guy wires are best, but if space is limited, three will do. AWS certified welder assembled U. Browse our inventory of new and used Gradall Construction Attachments For Sale near you at MachineryTrader. The battery is more than capable to raise the windmill. Small scale tubes were supported in a vertical position in a special There have been some discussions on the TowerTalk reflector about using a Block & Tackle lifting system with a gin pole make it easier to lift the load, and reduce the load on the gin pole, allowing it to lift heavier loads. Gin poles are used across other industries but in communications we generally use them in heavy-duty work. 4 years ago. Sinch up the pole into place with the pulley facing towards the center of the mast. Construction of the mirror-image J-Pole is accomplishedRead More. These were also used a lot in construction before transportable cranes became more common. The container at the top of the picture contains their Tower Lube, for use on tower section mating surfaces during assembly.

Then very carefully attach the pole to the mast. Make sure the "pulley-mount-plate" will be on top. Full It is usually secured with guy wires. Lay the three poles side by side on the ground and lash them together about 1 foot from the top ends using heavy rope or chain. Weld each piece together to form a box. In the past the method used to evaluate gin poles has been to For metal gin poles, nuts and bolts should be used. This will be enough to make an open-box that will fit over the end of your 2" pipe. The rope coming down out of the bottom of the pole runs through this and into the hands of your assistant on the ground. Did you make this project?

Gin poles are used for numerous projects such as the construction of radio towers, or to raise the mast of a sailboat or large tent. Make sure your 3/8" carriage bolts can pass through without catching. Video clip After removing the top-most component you are ready to move the pole down. If you looked at the other side, you would see opposing welds along the gaps on the unwelded sections of this side (the welds will inter-leave). Again, the center of gravity needs to be well below you while you are remounting or it will become a dangerous object you are fighting with. breaking strength) 50 ft Rope for gin pole lift line & ladder side support 110 ft (4000 lbs min. Forms of derricks are commonly found aboard ships and at docking facilities. Supporting Structures" with the designation of "TIA/EIA-PN-4860 - lifts. side is supported identically to a gin pole bridle and basket Text book models like this were used to verify the This allows you to lift the next section of tower mast up above the current highest section and mount it.

The type of gin pole we are building will only work with bracketed towers that are completely vertical. To lift a load, a separate line runs up and over the mast with a hook on its free end, as with a crane.

Take your section of 1/8"x1" angle steel and cut 3" off of it.

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