British male name: Boy: British: Christianity: Calunoth: A british male name: Boy: British: … The name was used to refer to men who originally came from a place known as Lucania. It is French for manly. The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree. It is used to refer to someone who is a wise leader. Giedda is a male name of British origin. It is also the name of Prince William who is the son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. It means the one who is as brave and strong as a spear. The name means the one who is a dominant ruler. Donald – From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means “ruler of the world”. It means the one who is like a bright stone. It will go on to shape her personality as well. It will go on to shape her personality as well. Charles comes from Charlemagne. What do English Boys' Names Mean? google_ad_client = "pub-6321590226208373"; meaning of these names. And, it’s also true that the name Rose is associated with sweetness, purity, and love. One who is wealthy; Swedish form of eddie. 1997-2020 All rights reserved. All rights reserved. Baby Names. They love truth and desire to understand and analyze the world.They are very broadminded and hardworking. It means the one who is from a high and noble birth. Classic names still dominate the rankings and the following names that will appear below made it to the top 20. The name Jack means god is gracious. It means the one who will be a conqueror. If you're looking for an unusual baby name that will help your baby boy stand out from the crowd, then you should look no further than these awesome and truly unique baby names. It means the one who defends men, and the name has been made more popular by the nobles. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment box below. While there is a range of popular baby names to choose from, traditional names exude a charm and elegance that will always remain in style. google_ad_client = "pub-6321590226208373"; It means the one who is warlike or brave enough to be in a war. The name means the one who is as solid and as steadfast as a rock. The very simple name is extremely popular and is found both in the Old and New Testament. To give you the best experience, BabyCentre’s website and emails use cookies and similar tracking systems to personalise the content and ads we provide to you. It is an old English name which was used to address the head of a religious community. //-->. They are very clever and deep mind and creative.They are very sensitive. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. It means one who is strong and manly. Here is fairly It means the one who has a famous heart or spirit. Traditional choice, Samuel is down 9 places to position 64 and other old-style, established names for boys that are also on the decline include Sebastian down 13 places to 52. If you don’t know what name you are looking just browse through the list of names by clicking on a letter below: A  | B  | C  | D  | E  | F  | G  | H  | I  | J  | K  | L  | M  | N  | O  | P  | Q  | R  | S  | T  | U  | V  | W  | Z, traditional and contemporary English names, are looking for an English name for your baby boy, or want to find the meaning or origins of an English name. Biblical Baby Names. It means the one who is a good athlete or wrestler. It means the one who is famous and noble. 1999-2004        ALL RIGHTS It is compiled from the words which mean the one who is rich and fortunate. Here is our list of 103 traditional English names that will be perfect for your little man: It is an Old Testament name which came back in style in the 1960s as a classic cowboy name.

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