Ever since the hotel had been in reconstruction and rehabilitation fairly recently, the creature's appearance had ceased. It gives us lots of warning. Join us! The caption describes how humans had gotten used to the goliath, becoming able to predict the arrival of the monster due to the heavy footsteps and the screaming birds around it. Until–*They aren't letting us out. Horsemen of the Apocalypse | Frankenstein's Monster | Mamlambo | They had the evacuations down to a science by now and even with an emergence, the fields kept them from doing any real damage. DON'T SPAM. 1k 65. Not all art here are made by Trevor Henderson, some of them are fanart. Aka Manto | However, this theory has not yet been confirmed by Trevor. I'll create a whole story about them and make it into a video just for you! I do suggest looking at Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki, there are canon ones and non-canon ones made by Trevor and his fans. Dr. Victor Frankenstein | And nobody bothers us over here at ground zero. Stingy Jack, Humans & Humanoids Hobby Beast of Gévaudan | John and Susan Buckley | Bloody Mary | Chupacabra | Devil Monkeys | Jersey Devil | Tydeus | In the description, it states how it's amazing what humans can adapt to after enough time, describing how people were able to get the evacuations “down to a science”, allowing people to still go to their jobs even with the Giants emerging. Set | Clown Doll | Louhi | SCP Foundation Villains, “First there was the siren, cutting through the mist, then the crowd arrived. The Class is a creature created by Trevor Henderson . Damballa | Ghost Trains | The Smile Room | Akkorokamui | Fairies | Kelpie of Loch Ness | Lamia | Jezebel | Fallen Angels Amanda the Doll | The Watchers | Mammon | Cartoon Cat, Mythos Titans | Interestingly, the caption also describes “fields” that prevent the Giants from doing much damage. Trevor Henderson Villains | Eight Feet Tall | Ixion | Stingy Jack | Black Goo | Kappa | Maricoxi | Harpies | Ame-onna | The caption again warns people to stay in home because of the storm, but not if you or a person you know and love is “pre-chosen”. But i can try list some here: Siren head. Morgan le Fay | Erymanthian Boar | The Giants were created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. Sea-Serpents | Stalking and abducting humans (possibly). Trolls | The man with the upside down face. With the storm, two more creatures arrive to the event. “It’s amazing what people can and will adapt to, if given enough time. Giants | The Duke Of Spook-E • 12/08/2019. Bogeyman | Davy Jones | Siren | Members All creations copyright of the creators. Slide-Rock Bolter | A creature which she called cow in English due to it's flabby skin and the sound of hooves hitting the concrete floor with each step it made. Hook Killer | Alias Old Man Try-By-Night | Nanny Rutt | A-mi’-kuk | Cursed Dolls | Fear Liath | This photo was taken by an anonymous netizen who resides in Laguna, Philippines. Andromalius | Lucius Tiberius | The Story of Long Horse - Trevor Henderson Creations - YouTube Vampires | It also has pale skin and short tentacle appendages down its back and “horns”. Devil Monkeys | Santa Compaña | Baphomet | 3. Siren Head. A crowd of mysterious smaller humanoid creatures with what seem to be white spots on their heads is also seen near the giant, which is described as sickly in the caption, shown heaving in the picture. As they ambled towards us, the shadow of the sickly giant heaved above them.”, “*Emergency storm warning. Beelzebub | Scylla | Kongamato | Cartoon Cat. Minotaur | Blair Witch | Sheepsquatch | Behemoth | 10. 13.4k 2.2k 3. On October 20, 2019, the latest picture of these creatures was revealed. 1. 20.8k 3.2k 11. All rights reserved. God Of Roadkill, Notable Legends It is an Over-Fused Humanoid Creature. Kali | Roc | Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Hostile Species Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Fetch | Hellhounds | This is V3 of Cartoon Cat! VIEW. Goatman | Paimon | Belphegor | La Llorona | Abhartach | Emela-Ntouka | Zombies | Pope Lick Monster | Hades | The Giants, also known as the Storm Creatures or the Titans, are a collection of various giant and mysterious creatures created by the Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson. Clown Doll | 34. Pukwudgies | Beast | Tsuchinoko | Stymphalian Birds | Black Monk of Pontefract | Cartoon Cat. There's a new version now! Since it has been known that only a selected number of people will go to Paradise, the storm sirens might be Gabriel's Horn. It is possible that the Bridge Worm species is able to grow in different ways. Shechem | Origin Kroni | Abere | Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Category for all of the creatures made by Trevor Henderson. Trauco | Mikari Baba | Lil Nugget. Medusa | Patasola | Rain Man | Bunnyman | Succubus, Gods & Spirits Poltergeists | The Devil | Demons | Reptoids | King Ahab | Kitsune | This creature has actually been named “The Wandering Faith” by Trevor, and he has confirmed a theory that the appendages dangling from its neck are used to carry believers to “Heaven”. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Notable Creations Neither the netizen nor locals around the surrounding area have never encountered this creature before, therefore any information regarding what it can do is unknown. The Lamb | Black Stick Men | Ghost Trains | Its most notable feature is its crooked neck which causes its head to bend down. Monsters | Cockatrice | The Giants were created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. Groundhogs | Henderson has also stated that this creature is an adult version of a Bridge Worm, a pale creature known to lure in prey with its sad-looking false face, which covers its fleshy red actual face featuring a mouth with sharp teeth that it most likely used to devour prey.

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