Tony Nguyen - 6/14/2017, TRA001 Then he takes us through the complete sanding regimen he's used for decades as a professional. Jb chadeyras - 2/4/2018, Powerfull and precise router The only time I’ve felt a need to remove the baseplate was when I wanted to run a monster router bit, with a diameter larger than the hole in the template guide baseplate. Murray Coleman - 7/14/2017, Great Value The baseplate for the larger router fits fully underneath the router plastic(?) Earl E Mecham - 9/27/2019, I wish I hadn't waited to buy one. Alan Hausmann - 10/11/2017, Great HD router Lars Bayer - 1/2/2018, Havent got to use it yet but...... David Wellings - 3/1/2020, Super Maschine GARY RIECK - 7/24/2018, Very good router David - 7/24/2016, Tra001 router Kevin Thompson - 10/17/2019, Horní frézka TRA001 Bryan Olsen - 4/19/2017, Triton 3.25hp Router Joseph Selander - 12/1/2018, Triton TRA001 John Stewart - 7/24/2019, Powerful Any thoughts? Universal 12" x 12" Router Base Plate (115-032) The Infinity 12" x 12" router base plate is precision C.N.C. The left-hand one is specifically for the 2400W router. Yves JANCON - 9/20/2017, Greg chris blunston - 1/20/2019, quality product when tight, the router plate still moves up and down. I used the drawing to then cut the base plate out of 10 mm acrylic including the centering hair lines which come in handy when lining up the 'wonder fence' for some of the cuts. krenelka - 4/6/2012, Sweet JavaScript is disabled. In some cases, you want to use the template guide with a router bit that is too large to fit through the hole in the guide. Chris Williams - 12/14/2016, Router Review CWF - 1/28/2013, TRA001 Julian - 11/29/2018, tiuter If I add washers to the screws, I will make the screw head proud of the plate surface. Salvatore Ferrante - 3/13/2017, Lavori con router TRA001 The smaller the template guide, the sharper the corner that can be achieved, but also the smaller the bit itself needs to be to fit. Compatible with Triton Router Table for easy, accurate and attractive box joints. Leigh A. Sauer, iii - 9/26/2016, Great table router John Sargent - 5/27/2017, Great tool! Michael - 5/10/2018, The Right choice Router slide plate for overhead work. Order online at Dean Lamb - 10/30/2017, Amazing Router! Richley Down - 7/19/2016, Best router I've ever used We’ve kept in mind all the factors responsible when choosing the best router plate and have recommended you the top 10 router plates for 2020. HTG - 7/19/2016, Great table router michael burkhalter - 1/12/2019, 3-1/4 hp router Thanks for the heads up, will follow your advise.

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