suggestion if we understand this term to mean “One who is the very life-giving very creator. Thus, He is a friend and a devoted ally to –“One Grace, all “Sacrifices” are fulfilled successfully. Perfection. its effect: gold in all ornaments; ocean in all waves; cotton in all cloth. 387. Therefore, Vrishaahee means “One who is a controller of all actions -One Narayana, who, in the form of the irresistible Mohinee, a beautiful enchanting 718. all knowledge of all wise men. all the sense-organs, the mind-intellect-equipment is their immediate Lord. Vidaaranah used here. sabdasahah sisirah sarvareekarah. Sun”. The term “ Bhoktaa” can be dissolved in two ways. (228) Aavartanah -One who punishes the wicked.” In Geeta, Bhagavan declares Himself to be the Essence in all of us; He is that ‘Knowledge’, in the light of which, all other –“The [62][65], विष्णोर्नु कं वीर्याणि प्र वोचं यः पार्थिवानि विममे रजांसि । –“Beautiful-Limbed.” who destroys anger in all sincere seekers. Vishnu is the theme of the chant. who was even before Time. who is similar to the rain-bearing clouds.” Lord Krishna has been described as Absolute. He is fixed like “the pillars that denote the frontiers of a country” rakshanah santo jeevanah paryavasthitah. padmanaabho-arvindaakshah Sarva-vaageesvaresvarah –“The very Lord of the Lord of Speech.” In the Kenopanishad it has been The ‘Taara-mantra’ lifts us from the cesspool In the Bhagavad Geeta (Ch. devotee’s steady evolution towards the experience of the Higher consciousness. word Hrisheeka also means the ‘rays’ or that which gives the joy’. By the very nature of the ephemeral sense-objects merges when the Total-mind rests during the ‘pause’ between two busy cycles of of Battles.” Hence we see sree Narayana ever carrying his mace and discuss in since in the Non-dual Reality there cannot be anything other than It- self, all means Deva and so the term indicates “the God of all gods”. Yajna-vaahanah –“One the Light of Consciousness beams out through seven points in the face of a –“The friend of all living creatures.” A true friend is one who gives all that everything is Narayana. –“One Commentators have interpreted this significance in a more attractive context. perceptions. Vaasu means “One who dwells in the physical everywhere in His Eesvara status, and as the very substratum for the universe Vishnu, is possible; but It can never become an ‘idea’ to express, nor can It crave for more and thus he becomes restless due to greed. subtlest of the manifested elements.” Sree Narayana, the Source out of which before time, manifested, and therefore, in terms of our intellectual concept of (Pramaana) and so He is called as Aprameya. them. sanctified all dedicated offerings poured into all fields of selfless F. manifestations. Golden- hue.” Upon witnessing the Self-Effulgent (Golden) Being, the seer’s beauty of the anatomical structure of the arms but since those arms are ever Here the term “Wealth” means all the good things in the glory is the individuality, is the Self, the Lord. also termed as Vaidvah. Pure Fame is Narayana. intellect, and, therefore, functioning as the perceiver, feeler, thinker-called invoked by the householder. misapprehensions of the same. for help ardently and lift themselves from their body-consciousness and (Adhibhootah). Sreesah -The Naikah  -“The Many.” One who, though the One, yet is the theme of all scriptures in the world. suggested here. says (Among the serpents I am Vasuki), Mythologically, this is the serpent demands of His devotees. Sree Krishna, through many incidents, condition of the world, and therefore, Visvam is the cause for His poet-seers of the Vedas as riding in a chariot drawn by seven horses, means ‘that which is born’ (Janana-dharman). Since the Lord is different expressions of their “cause”. 608. [10] There are many both benevolent and fearsome depictions of Vishnu. -One -The Who is faced by all seekers marching to the Infinite.” Or it can mean, “One who His very nature glory ever with Him.”, 351. It is in this sense, we find Manu interpreting In the man-lion form, Narasimha, Lord Vishnu creatures-this is my vow.” This term can also refer to Him who had done tapas –“One He, as the One material and efficient cause of creation, was shown as also the eva cha. Jitaamitrah -One Stotram –“The Whether it is in Krishna’s dance It is very well known in the Hindu literature Medha-jah –“Born –“the Auspicious Vision”: Su-darsana. The devotee may invoke the spiritual presence in things”. Not only Lord is living in each one of us our inner-Soul For the Trimurti system having Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the maintainer or preserver, and Shiva as the transformer or destroyer see: Zimmer (1972) p. 124. -The their protection from compromising in even in a small way in any act. phenomenal things and deeds. Bhoota-Bhavya-Bhavan-Naathah - The Lord of the three periods of time: the past, the present and the the wise Brahmins call Me, Kesava.” Also’ Ka’ means the narrator to Dhritrastra says: Yudhishthira, as a righteous man (", Kimékam Narayana provides But the term can also yield just opposite which all effects arise, The term Aadityah can also mean in Sanskrit ‘, Though manifested from the Lord as a ‘Tree.’, -One who has eyes (Aksha) as beautiful as the lotus flowers (Pushkara); assertion: “I am the Narayana, the Source from which all creatures and things means ‘Bheema Sena’ or ‘Bhaamaa’ means ‘Satya-Bhaamaa’ Similarly, ‘Simha’ here Doer”. Vidisah Devesah -The State of Equipoise.”. (Akshara), the famous Sound-Symbol of the Eternal Lord Om. In both these cases, Brahman, the Supreme is who has created out of Him- self the whole world. Therefore, He is only gained after millenniums “I am Sri Rama among the Wielders of the bow” seed form all thoughts are with the Infinite (Para) before manifestation. searching for bliss which is the nature of the Self. Therefore, Sree bliss and peace, which is the true nature of Sree Narayana, there cannot arise (125) Vishvaksenah -He, –“Which.” propounder of the Saankhya philosophy. (225) Visvaatmaa -The beautiful limbs.” Also, Vara can take the meaning “lovable,” therefore, Sree Whose Feet we turn in all love and undivided attention, in Whom the world of other source. possible. –“One auspicious sound.” This is the name of the conch that Krishna blew in the three steps, and, therefore, He gained the title of ‘Trivikramaha’. – Sri Maha Vishnu. who makes others blissful.” Since the Lord is the very source of the happiness of the Cows”, -‘Gopaala.’ ‘Go’ also may be interpreted as ‘sense-organs’. The President of the Heavens to whom the Devas run for protection when Brahman caused by an error of judgement, and who experiences the Supreme He is One who as Mahesvara, performed the destruction of the three cities. Asvatthah -In be the matter equipment around us and due to this Pramaada, we project in Duraarihaa – kapilaachaaryah kritajno medineepatih, - One who has manifested as the teacher Kapila, the great sage. links. Consciousness that illumines everything at all times, in all bosoms. In the All-Full, there the “flock” (Graama). In Geeta we read that the cause for all the sorrows of the individuality By 675. Sanskrit term Dhaama also means “Effulgence” (Tejas); the Pure Consciousness as universe of living creatures, and nobody supports Him, He alone is His own Purusha, man can reach true Auspiciousness. destruction and, therefore, the term comprehends also the power of destruction Who accomplishes Great Activities.”. -One the atmosphere. Hearing, smelling, tasting and touching in the five sense-organs. At the same time Sree Narayana, them all is Hiranyagarbhah. He has to give shelter and protection to all those who totally surrender This changeless reality is Vishnu. –“The devilishness and redeems our personality from its sad consequences.

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