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Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA 2020 Pro Series P1500 LED Grow Light with Upgraded SMD LEDs(Includes IR) and Dimmable Function Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom Visit the VIPARSPECTRA Store. That’s really inconvenient, and I appreciate Viparspectra adding this feature to the Pro Series models. (B) Money back.

SMD LEDs Technology & Dimmer Function. This is one reason why their LEDs are less expensive than comparable models — by going direct to Amazon and other retailers from China, they’re able to avoid markups that distributors and wholesalers typically charge.
The VP1000 measures in at 11.2 inches long and 13.8 inches wide.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Just flip the switch and your lights adapt to the plants grow cycle. We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better gardener. The P2500 is 32 inches long and 11 inches wide. We provide innovative and top quality indoor gardening products at affordable prices. The P1000 will light 2x2 feet, the P1500 will light 2x3 feet. Overall this company aims to sit comfortably between the top-quality competition and reasonable prices. Discover ViparSpectra online store. The previous Viparspectra grow lights were a bit weak for growing cannabis unless you bought the more expensive models. The lights feature high intensity but are eco-friendly enough to reduce energy costs compared to other lighting brands. 4.7 out of 5 stars 324 ratings. Now let’s dive into the pros and cons of these lights. It also provides high flowering coverage and vegetative coverage during all growth stages. If you’re an experienced grower and know exactly what spectrum you want to deliver your plants throughout their growth cycle, you may want to opt for the Dimmable Series over the Reflector-Series. One of the best features of these lights is that they all come with bloom and veg switches. Even though Viparspectra and the Viparspectra reflector series are well known throughout the growing community, some growers avoid them because the products not American made. Based on the specifications provided by Viparspectra as well as my own testing, you can use the Viparspectra P1000 or the Viparspectra P1500 to grow your cannabis from seedling to flowering phase. (B) Money back.

As a whole is UL Certified. Does Viparspectra Pro Series P1000 and P1500 grow lights include infrared? For seedlings you should hang the lights 22 inches above the canopy. The Viparspectra reflector series offers a light spectrum that includes infrared as well as 3000K, 7500K. The DS300 as a whole is UL Certified. The Viparspectra Pro Series grow lights meet those light intensity requirements. 10.1007/978-3-319-99211-2_14. In addition to my own solid results, I can’t tell you how many other growers I’ve heard rant and rave about the buds Viparspectra produces. Viparspectra reflector series uses only Bridgelux and Epileds in their light systems. My goal is for 420ExpertGuide to be a one stop shop for indoor growers to find the information they need. More importantly, all Viparspectra lights come with a Vegetative and Bloom switch, meaning you can turn off a specific spectral range of the lights to manipulate the spectrum that you’re giving your plants. They’ve got a solid 3-year warranty and 30-day refund / replace / repair policy, offer a relatively full-spectrum LED array on their lights, and come with a host of features that make them solid picks in the mid-range. Here is our LED grow light review of the Viparspectra Reflector design series.

- FREE 120W LED Grow lihght orders over $300(Shipping and discounts are not included)! All for free. This series is a bit different from the Pro Series, mainly in that they aren’t dimmable and the smallest version probably isn’t ideal for flowering. Be careful in hydroponics growth though because the quiet fans can stir up a lot of the moisture in the room increasing the overall humidity. It’s probably not much different than 4000K or 5000K. Please ship the light back to our warehouse, buyer pays return shipping.

Free shipping. Fast delivery. The best companies offer even more protection than that. LED grow light success is the optimal full spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight. Customer Service Email:, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more….

Both of these companies use quality chips and diodes in designing their LED bulbs.

It’ll likely cost you more than Viparspectra though.

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