Encourage staff to upload pictures of celebrations (weddings) or milestones (kids, pets, or sports activities). We’d love to hear from you! See more ideas about Sisterhood activities, Tri delta, Sisterhood. We all want to make the world a better place, but the fun of it is that philanthropy means something different to each one of us. This is a wonderful way of strengthening the spirit of sisterhood, boosting pride, and uniting a sorority. {"IsAuthenticated":false,"IsSemiAuthenticated":false,"IsFacebookConnected":true,"IsAnonymous":true,"IsMobile":true,"IsInMobileApp":true,"IsAdmin":false}, {"PersonID":0,"ObjectGuid":"17b560db-f630-4da3-999e-cbf5eef7c457","AppPromptForSatisfaction":false,"CultureID":1033,"Email":"","FacebookID":0,"FacebookIsAppInstalled":false,"FirstName":"","Gender":"U","IsAdmin":false,"IsBetaTester":false,"IsCurrentUserFollowing":false,"IsRegistered":false,"LastName":"","Name":null,"NextBirthday":null,"Password":null,"PhotoUrl":"https://d5qwdql29d6jm.cloudfront.net/remote.jpg.ashx?autorotate=true&mode=max&scale=both&urlb64=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWxmc3Rlci5jb20vaW1nL2FwcF9kZWZhdWx0cy9kZWZhdWx0LXByb2ZpbGUtMzAweDMwMC1tYWxlLmpwZw&hmac=KIIjZj_TrFs","HasDefaultPhotoUrl":true}. The main goal here is to provide a means for your distributed team to relax and bond with one another. For instance, all the gals who had beauty-related answers will get into one group. You want to be a tight-knit sorority, right? Schedule weekly / bi-weekly check ins over the phone, email, text, or video call – stay connected! Set up a shared calendar and have a participating team member schedule a day to upload a series of photographs, a video, or a presentation of their favorite environment. Submit your work to a coloring or art contest. Sisterly Relations Sisterly Relations Committee will have a phone conference on April 16, 2019 at 7 o'clock p.m. 1. Inspired by a recent post about sisterhood awards, I have compiled a list of fun and positive awards to bless your sisters with at your next retreat,... ice-breaker fun for all your sisterhood events! Graduate chapters tend to have a more business-like focus and with members' family, religious, career, and civic commitments, often don't have the time to hang out together as they did in undergrad. This sorority icebreaker game gives your gals a chance to think about how they can use their talent, passion, or knowledge to serve the sorority in their own unique way. Copyright Alpha Tau Omega Chapter 2018. Perhaps you can have cute t-shirts made featuring your core value and your sorority name. Don’t Be Scared About Your Career This Halloween. Do fun activities and use mindfulness tools. Sisterly Relations is the description for interaction and engagement from one sorority member to another. She’ll sashay into the center of the circle and teach everyone her signature move. This can be their home office, a tour of their city, or just some of their favorite spots. The only catch is that you have to donate all to one charity, organization, group, or person, and the donation will be made anonymously. One benefit of having a distributed team is that everyone has a different view when they look away from their computer screen. Share quotes.. How the quote relates to your life and keeps you motivated/empowered, research the person, etc. While it might be slightly strange to hear some slurping and seeing fellow staff members chewing via video, the socialization and bonding that occurs by seeing each other’s faces and discussing non-work-related things are priceless.

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