I have a 1951 and a 1955 wheat penny dont know what the value is on them and i have a red 1973 penny??? Don’t forget to like and subscribe our YouTube Channel so we can build the community and stay in touch! The online Coin Community channel where we answer your questions and give information on error and variety coins to help you grow as a collector. I have a 1904 Indian head penny. or Brilliant Uncirculated (BU). An inexpensive magnifying glass may be needed. What do i do to sell it? Can you help me? Silver dollars are worth good money today, even with the price drop of silver. I found a 1910 penny in my change! It’s the pennies that have only light wear or are in mint condition (uncirculated) that are really scarce! Broadstrike. I have a penny with a steel ring around it. Seems unusual. I truly hate to hear that. You can read the full disclosure, TreasurePursuits.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This is definitely one of the most valuable pennies in circulation, fetching prices as high as $500 in mint state condition. Steel is it a good one. I have a 1970 quarter with the 1941 date. “LIBERTY” can be found in the left field and the date of mintage is found to the right. As of July 2013, there was a decent climb in wheat penny values. It simply possesses a variation that is different from the standard penny of that year. Steel pennies were only made in 1943, they have a silver looking coat. Sign InУмер десятилетний Коля Кузнецов, чью мечту исполнил Путин // НТВ.Ru on March 23, 2019: I have a 1983 D penny weighing 3g how to sell. I’m a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) and have won multiple awards from the NLG for my work as a coin journalist. Even though the 1958 Wheat Penny was the last cent produced featuring the wheat stalk reverse, the large amount minted has made it only worth face value in any grade under Extra Fine condition. has anyone ever seen or heard of one, or has an est. An authentic 1922 wheat penny is valued around $420. I believe the wheat is even double stamped. I'm curious to hear about your discoveries, so please tell me what you found and how you went about finding it! Great post! I have a 1944 steel penny and a 1943 copper are they worth anything? Its prominence as the most well-known doubled die is what makes its history so interesting. Zach has been coin collecting since childhood. I have a 1967 penny. These cool errors show part of the design missing — as if it would be hanging off the side of the coin (if only you could see the design floating in thin air alongside the coin)! Struck Through Die Cap. The 1984 double ear penny is often also referred to as a doubled die obverse error. The less wear it has, the more that coin is worth. Significant doubling can be seen on the date and in the mottos, “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST”. No Mint Mark Means A Coin Was Made At The Philadelphia Mint, Right? A huge jump in price can be seen between MS-65 and MS-66, with MS-66 examples worth $30. I have alot of these Penny's that are very old would like to sell them ..... i have a 1993 double die on the front and back all over it i can't find nothing on it can you guys tell me how much is it worth, I have a 1983 penny is bigger in diameter than any other penny out there can someone help me find out more on this 1983 penny, i found a 1943 copper penny in the Delaware gap this year medal dectecting it was in an old mason jar with other coins so what is it worth, l have 10 old coins starting from 1930 to 1950. The 1922 wheat penny (the one without a mint mark) is very valuable. Its prominence as the most well-known doubled die is what makes its history so interesting. Note: There is some overlap in the tables, for example, the 1943-S Copper Lincoln Wheat Penny is in both the "Most Valuable Lincoln Cents" and the "Most Valuable Wheat Pennies" tables. This is the latest Lincoln penny error that the U.S. Mint produced. Most collectors do have some type of Wheat Penny Collection, and it is the coin that brought most people to coin collecting in the first place. As for 1926, none were made. The odds are much better than the lottery! Consumers loved the coin but did have some criticisms about Brenner’s initials being too large, resulting in a slight design change. If you have a rare variety, it will have a small space between the letters A and M in "AMERICA.". Part of a select group of modern Proof coins that lack the mintmark. 1864 Indian-Head Penny With "L" on Ribbon. I have a penny with a knife or wooden stake in the forehead. Brockage. I have a wheat penny , where Lincoln is looking at Kennedy, Kennedy head is in graved looking at Lincoln worth anything ?? In the 1960s, coin collecting became so popular that it caused a coin shortage! Managing Devine rio on December 12, 2019: I found a penny 1984 no mint mark black color. These particular pieces don’t trade in the market very often — but similar doubled dies often sell for $50 or more. Damaged and cleaned coins are worth much less. I have a 1948 canadian penny with georgivs vi dei gratia rex on one side is it worth anything? "D" and "S" are the most common, but there are other mint marks to be on the lookout for (though not all of the following mints manufacture(d) pennies). This could indicate that these are getting a little harder to find in circulation. They were later removed because citizens felt it was disrespectful. Also i fhink i have a double die 1955 wheat ! I'm the Coin Editor here at TheFunTimesGuide. I'm sold on this site. I have a 1896 indian head penny and 1959 penny plus more if interested call Alan Foster 209 764 0618, I have a lot of wheat pennies and would love to sell them. Have coins i dd like u t o look at if u have time. Brenner’s design for the obverse featured a bust of President Lincoln facing right, with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” centered above. In this case, the coin might be in good or a lesser condition. I have a 1966 penny with no mint mark and is almost as thin as a piece of paper. Image Source Flickr user Matthias Shapiro. Extra Fine 1958 Wheat Pennies are only worth $.12 and are not in high demand by collectors. As far as regular 1955 Wheat Pennies that exhibit no signs of doubling, the value is non-existent or really low. Cant read stamped twice with bottom cent covering date is it worth any thing ? My neck hurts. Keep protective casings on hand just in case you find a valuable coin in mint state condition. I have a 1943 penny that looks kind of silver is it worth something. By far the most well-known double die error coin, the 1955 DDO Wheat Penny is sought after by coin collectors all across the country. Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on August 27, 2014: Awesome find Jake!! I found 2 trash cans in my grandfathers barn full of wheat pennies. I have pennys 1943,1905,1903,1907and nickles 1936,37,35 ,and more for sale. I have a wheat penny 1957 is it worth anything? As always, good luck! I jave a 1944 wbeat penny also a 1938 wheat penny with noetters.how much are.they worth. Have the item graded by a professional third party grading company with a good reputation. Concise but very informative and the pictures were exactly what I needed. Coin Guide, Coin Grading Tutorial - Heritage Auctions. Even uncirculated examples are worth less than $0.50. I just found a 1944S copper wheat penny. Comment or email us any questions or suggestions for videos on coins. Over the next few years, I predict wheat penny values will continue to increase. Is it worth anything? Knowing how much your 1925 Lincoln cent is worth is a matter of determining the following: First things first, let’s figure out where your 1925 penny was minted…, Do you see a mintmark under the date of your penny? Here are a few cool facts about these old coins. Or is it not worth anything? Way to heavy to lift and carry. It missing half of the wording from the front to back of the coin. I’ve contributed hundreds of articles for various coin publications including COINage, The Numismatist, Numismatic News, Coin Dealer Newsletter, Coin Values, and CoinWeek.

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