Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King? Sloan takes her by the hand, and tells her he will always love her, and that they were meant to be. She coped with her anxiety by rambling incessantly or snacking compulsively. RELATED: Grey's Anatomy: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected). I honestly don't. "Meredith pretty much doesn't want anything to do with her," Leigh said. She is my kind of girl. There was only one person Mark had ever said he would marry and that was Lexie. In "Holidaze", Sloan's daughter shows up at their apartment, seeking kinship with him. Why not have both?'". Workplace [14], Near the end of Meredith's intern year, Thatcher and Molly mention that Lexie is a student at Harvard Medical School. Meredith and Lexie became so close that Meredith gave Thatcher a piece of her liver so that Lexie wouldn't lose her dad because Lexie wasn't a match. After a year, Zola also came to live in the house when Meredith and Derek were granted temporary custody. [16] Although Cristina is initially rude and strict with her, Lexie eventually stands up for herself and manages to earn her mentor's respect, with Yang going so far as to acknowledge Lexie as her best student. She was liked by the attendings for her knowledge and good instincts, but her residents generally treated her as a scut monkey or their encyclopedia. They became good friends and even rented an apartment together. She initially asks for something more and Alex catches on and tells her that he's not that kind of guy. She had a "Photographic Memory" which helped her through medical school. The sisters' relationship continues to grow throughout the series until she died in a plane accident. The final straw occurred when he received his new interns and Lexie discovers he hadn't had the decency to even ask to have her assigned to him. At least, that's what Lexie is hoping. Sometimes, they have to fake it. As long as I'm here--it stays open, all right? [9], Lexie was among the spirits who visited Meredith on Day of the Dead.[10]. Lexie is supported by Mark and, to avoid having to leave the operating room, resorts to using a diaper so that she can sufficiently hydrate herself before and during the surgery. Meredith put up a notice for roommates and chose Izzie Stevens and George O'Malley. On casting Chyler Leigh as Lexie, Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes said: "We met with a lot of young actresses, but Chyler stood out, she had a quality that felt right and real to me. Died Despite having a distant relationship with Sloan, Mark grew to become a caring father for his daughter. Jackson soon broke up with Lexie after realizing she still had feelings for Mark. [42] The two men continue to feud, resulting in Lexie beginning to stress-eat until they eventually reconcile. Curiously, Lexie's lab coat has Lexie Grey embroidered on it, while she was officially named Alexandra. 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[119] However, Armstrong later noted that the "sparkling" friendship development between Lexie and O'Malley "won her over". Figuring Owen would find her there, she went to stay with Stephanie, but since she would rather stay out of her bosses's fight, Amelia moved back to the house. And yet so far. [116] On the other hand, People was initially less than impressed with Lexie and criticized the way Leigh's character first approached her sister, calling it "rude". Having parties with fellow interns such as Graciella, Megan, Steve, Pierce, Claire, and later Ryan. Just pure honesty. https://greysanatomy.fandom.com/wiki/Meredith%27s_House?oldid=319875. Lexie is left babysitting Zola on Valentine's Day and contemplates confessing her true feelings to Mark. "[12] Despite this, the Grey sisters ultimately form a strong familial bond after Lexie moves into Meredith's house. Then she goes to Meredith's house and gets drunk, and has a discussion with Alex, leading to her sleeping with him. But after plucking up the courage to visit his apartment, she finds Mark studying with Jackson and loses her nerve, instead claiming that she wanted to set up a playdate for the kids. [13] This did not cause any roadblocks because as soon as Lexie realized who Derek was, she backed right off. "[110] BuddyTV lauded the development and progression of Lexie and Mark's relationship throughout season five, saying, "They are beautiful, and they can adapt to a hostile environment. After the Season 6 finale, Jackson and April also move in. [66] She continues to gain her confidence throughout the season and helps Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) discover a cure for hospital fistula. Don't be spooked. Meredith and Lexie both want to succeed. They played really well together. She had a younger sister, Molly Grey-Thompson. While not part of the original group of interns practicing on each other, Lexie caught her fellow interns under Yang performing simple procedures on each other.

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