The novel is centered on a young, precocious boy named Ender Wiggin. Ender has been bullied by several people in his life, one of them with his own brother Peter. Auch als: Enders Spiel. Andrew Wiggins went through many hardships throughout his life. Ender questioned him but the old man would not speak but just look. He wears a device called a monitor and this allows the military to see and hear everything Ender does. After school one day Ender beats up a school bully named Stilson, after his, Graff's Manipulation of Ender 2008 erhielt Card den Margaret A. Edwards Award der American Library Association für seine großen Verdienste in der Jugendliteratur. Bonzo provoked Ender and they fought. In his early years of life, Ender is sent to Battle School to train to become a hero. Throughout Ender’s Game, Ender and a group of other young children are picked by the government to be enrolled into a military school to be trained to battle in a war against a foreign species that, voices describe how Ender is going to be the one to save the planet from the Buggers. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. When these problems arose, he always solved them to they wouldn’t happen again (except when he played buggers with Peter). Cards frühe Werke stammen aus den Genres der Science Fiction (z. Durch verschiedene Umstände bilden die örtlichen Außerirdischen zusammen mit den Menschen und den bald entstehenden Krabblern eine neue Gemeinschaft. When Bonzo Madrid found out that someone as young and unskilled as Ender was assigned to his Army he got furious. “So I can’t go see Valentine anymore?” Everyone in his team where ether Launchys, or people from other teams but where not that skilled. No one's life is nothing. Later on Ender got traded and then promoted to be a commander of his own. Daneben hat er in den Bereichen Horror (Lost Boys) und Thriller (Treasure Box) veröffentlicht. Ender gets his monitor removed and is still an outcast. Ender team eventually played Bonzo's team and destroyed Bonzo. Die Serien sind nach dem Erscheinungsjahr des ersten Teils geordnet. Des Weiteren erhielt er für Sprecher für die Toten den Locus Award[4], den er bislang insgesamt achtmal gewinnen sollte. Ender had his monitor longer than Peter and Valentine. Ihren Ursprung besitzt die Reihenfolge schon im Jahr 1985. B. When Ender was showering one day Bonzo came and attacked him. In the book Ender does talk about how he did take self defense classes while at battle school. Die Reihe Ender wurde vor über dreißig Jahren von Orson Scott Card (*24.08.1951) ins Leben gerufen. Beide Auszeichnungen erreichte auch der Nachfolger Sprecher für die Toten (engl. He did not allow Ender to train in practice or fight in team battles. Ender and Bean were both prodigies in their time, but ironically they. [10], Der erste Band wurde 2013 mit Harrison Ford verfilmt und kam am 24. ​. During the wait Ender rebelled and instead of not doing anything in battles he used his weapon and saved the game for his team. Oktober 2020 um 13:02 Uhr bearbeitet. Now that his job was over, he wanted to see his family again so he could live a normal life. Oktober 2013 in die deutschen Kinos.[11]. Of these three adults, Colonel Graff was the most prominent in the manipulation of Ender. Seiner Vernichtung der Krabbler setzt er im zweiten Buch die Neuansiedelung der Krabbler-Königin auf einem Planeten entgegen.

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