He showed her, claiming Buffy had come back from heaven "wrong." Though Angel was saved, Spike's ritual succeeded, and Drusilla was restored to perfect health.[44]. [13] However, Spike did exercise patience when he was confined to a wheelchair after a brutal battle with the Scoobies left him paraplegic for several months. Pricing is based on a per school and per student basis. Buffy locked fingers with him and declared that she loved him. As a human, he was a poet and appeared to have a broad knowledge of literature. Though Dowling initially pointed his gun at Spike and Koh, they quickly realized they were on the same team, and went to help Buffy. He was also capable of easily operating various vehicles, such as various cars (although having crashed both a DeSoto[13][49] and a Citröen[41]), a Harley Davidson motorcycle,[32][82][91] and a Winnebago. He admitted to her that he felt like nobody's expectation of a hero, and that he wasn't as confident as he had been in the past (indirectly referring to his soulless self). Last seen As his disappearances became more regular, a terrified Spike confided in the Winifred Burkle that every time he vanished he was being transported to Hell. There, he shared an apartment with Xander and rescued cats, who quickly became his close friend and advisor, and worked as a supernatural consultant for San Francisco Police Department thanks to Dowling. [102], Non then prepared to kill Jeremy, but Angel's son, Connor, appeared suddenly and stopped her. He made sexual advances towards her, and when she refused him, he grew desperate and tried to rape her. "[99] He also called Buffy, on one occasion, "Slutty the Vampire Slayer"[52] and "Goldilocks. After witnessing Buffy's clear jealous reaction to his sexual liaison with Anya, Spike came to believe that he still had a chance to win her back. Spike assured Buffy that he had given Wood his last chance and that he would kill Robin without hesitation if he so much as looked at him the wrong way again. Realizing he was starting to forget her, Spike immediately took out a tape recorder he had prepared so it would refresh some of his memories. He admitted to her without hesitance that he was, but also expressed his reluctance to continue acting as her "dark place." Spike frenzies under the First's influence. She casually mentioned it to Buffy, who confronted Spike but was knocked out by him and Drusilla before Spike then turned against Drusilla. He told Buffy how he first learned about the Slayer from Angelus, who spoke of her in an attempt to scare Spike. [9], Buffy and Spike's hands on fire when Buffy tells him: "I love you. Buffy, Spike and Andrew then traveled to the suburban house where Buffy's real body had been living with no memory of her identity as the Slayer, only to discover that she had been kidnapped by the rogue Slayer Simone. Going through their usual snark with each other, Spike told him that Simone had a secret agenda about creating an army of slayer-turned-zompires against Buffy, and that Dawn's condition was worse, as she was now starting to become transparent. After taking a beating from Spike, she began to use the last human hostage — Jeremy — to regain some of her power. Later, Spike was hitting a punching bag with a self-drawn picture of Angel on it. Riley: Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin, Rock 'N' Roll All Night (and Sleep Every Day), The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part One, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part Two, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part Three, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part Four, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part Five, The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Part Six, The Ultimate Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Gift, Magical Mystery Tour, Featuring the Beetles, What You Want, Not What You Need, Part One, "James Marsters on Dudes & Dragons, the end of Angel, and having fun with John Barrowman", "Buffy's James Marsters on the hardest day of his professional life", "Joss Whedon Says Serenity Was Firefly Season 2", https://buffy.fandom.com/wiki/Spike?oldid=226934, This article is about the vampire. [20] After enlisting his assistance for a while,[85][86] Buffy brought him out of the basement and welcomed him back into her circle of close companions.

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