eens gehad over de emotionele puinhoop die Marcella (okay, een voornaam, maar toch…) heet. This was a bit of a relief, not least because I really couldn’t see how they could stretch that Line story out for so long. ( Log Out /  I’m also watching The Occupation on Netflix which is really good. (Although the question has to be asked, aren’t all teenagers messy?). Deze Noorse variant Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. All this was happening as Wisting was now officially suspended and Torunn put in charge. The pace of the first one was all wrong for me. It was all a bit of a mess and the links between the two men seemed very tenuous, but thankfully the sheer pace and momentum carried you through. krijgen. Cecilia’s case – which was giving him more and more food for thought, especially Nils’s involvement – bore resemblances to Linnea’s. And will Haglund’s tantalising piece of information on how to find out who visited him in jail and, therefore, tampered with the evidence be something that Wisting acts on? The body of a Norwegian man was found, and the DNA of  American serial killer Robert Godwin found on him. ( Log Out /  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. With Line’s newspaper, VG, leading the charge of reporting his fall from grace and his own boss suspending him, he was in a spot of bother. Interesting turn of events. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But her reporting the Oslo murder felt like it was sidelined a bit in these two episodes in favour of her hooking up with an old flame. Because really…  I had no idea. sodemietert. Some very neat camera work in this last episode, segueing between scenes with a very pleasing panache. Despite all the plot stuff, it was a good watch. Change ). ( Log Out /  Her parents noted that she was a messy teen and not one for folding things up. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. detective met de nodige uitdagingen in de privésfeer voorgeschoteld te It kind of went the way you’d expect it to go – there were no real big twists and turns, just a few red herrings, and some serious momentum ramped up thanks to the strong join-the-dots element. Wisting zie je vanaf zaterdag 23 november, om 20:25 uur, bij de KRO-NCRV op NPO3. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! So poor Viggo was right all along – he wasn’t having delusions. De grootste streamingdienst van Scandinavië, Viaplay, heeft Delete Me, een Noorse serie over het leven van jongvolwassenen, besteld. I did like how they blended that case into the new one, despite the hilarity of the initial set up (man goes on national television to call a cop negligent, doesn’t supply any evidence in the world’s shortest interview). Deze website maakt gebruik van cookies om de ervaring te optimaliseren. I’m preferring this second story. I like that dual investigation approach, and it’s obviously a template that creator Jørn Lier Horst, whose novels this series is based on, also favours heavily. I had to consult Our Charlotte to discuss it, and she confirmed that Crabb had visited Viggo one summer. In many ways, the Linnea story is the most interesting because it’s a straight-ahead procedural journey, and I’m pretty sure all stories will come together and connect in the final two episodes next week, but at this moment it’s lurching from one to other and, in Line’s case, not very satisfactorily (even though I like Line as a character). The first five episodes were given over to one story, and this next five episodes – of which we saw the first last week – presents another. Haglund’s conviction, it seemed, hinged on the DNA found on three cigarette butts found at the scene of the crime, which was now being disputed by everyone. They do have connective threads, though, and throughout these next two episodes, we saw the development of the Haglund case that Wisting was trying to comes to terms with and clear his name over, and the murder case Line was working in Oslo. What an annoying character! However, a third case emerged in these two episodes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The series is set in Larvik, a town on the southern coast of Norway. I thought they showed the wife out walking with Nils at the end of episode 5, so we assume she’s detoxed and out of the basement. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wisting - Seizoen 1 (DVD) Sandra Hutchison. This was too neat a crime scene for her daughter to have committed suicide and they suspected foul play. Just before Christmas, we saw that Sarah Phelps had melded two Tana French… 20 feb 2020. So far, Wisting has been a big ‘ole bag full of contradictions. I was about to give up on the whole thing, but decided to stick with the ‘new’ story line. But how did Viggo really die, and what was his link to Crabb? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Dissecting the best crime drama on television and radio from around the world. No small achievement. READ MORE: OUR EPISODES ONE AND TWO REVIEW, READ MORE: OUR EPISODES THREE AND FOUR REVIEW, READ MORE: OUR EPISODES FIVE AND SIX REVIEW, “And perhaps there’s the problem with this story: it’s trying to spin too many plates all at once…”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Vanaf zaterdag 23 november is het weer zover: een Scandinavische speurneus gaat op onderzoek uit. The young woman who came into the police station in the first story complaining of a stalker – lifestyle blogger Linnea Kaupang – and who had been almost laughed out of his office by Benjamin (not his finest moment it has to be said) went missing. ( Log Out /  Things didn’t look good though – Linnea had posted something on her Instagram account from a lake and said captioned the image that read like a suicide note. (It seemed Torunn was attempting to have her highly personal procedure in secret… why didn’t she just tell her superiors and book time off beforehand?) ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  I feel I may regret it! En dan hebben we het nog niet The action here is, like all the rest, set against spectacular landscapes, packed with blood-freezing encounters and virtuoso plot turns. But no – as Our Charlotte has pointed out this series of 10 episodes features two Jørn Lier Horst novels (The Caveman and The Hunting Dogs) in separate instalments (ie. The denouement to that story was all tense and enjoyable, but once it was all over I had to take a step back and ask myself: what actually just happened there? Elsewhere, Line was back in Oslo and was furious at her newspaper’s treatment of her father. I wondered last week whether Wisting – the 10-part Norwegian series – will spin the Line kidnap storyline out for another 10 episodes, or whether, because there were a full six episodes left, she would shuffle off this mortal coil quite quickly. Episode five, the final episode of the first story, was fast-paced and very watchable. When they got to the lake, they found her mobile phone in the water and her neatly folded-up jumper in a boat.

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