Driver #1 uses a water blade and does 2 HP of damage to the fire orb. After the attack finishes, your party’s HP is also restored. If you succeed, then you are allowed to use blades again from the previous round AND increase the specials level by 1 (maximum is 3). You will see underneath your opponent’s HP bar that there is a Red Fire Orb – this is the elemental orb that you just gave them! Bursting these orbs lengthens the chain attack by another round, increases the damage ratio by 200%, recharges all Blades by 50%, and increases the burst meter. The small additional damage bonus gets reduced. If you have 2 leftover orbs, then you get 250% added to the Full Burst bonus. Some common blades have Ultimate Combo battle skill (Nim's version is called Synthesis Lore) that boosts fusion combo damage by 50% at Level 5. This helps certain specials reach damage caps (999,999 damage is the cap per hit). Break one orb each for 6 chain attack rounds. The 1st blade bursts the fire orb. If the target enemy is attacked with the true form of Pyra/Mythra, each existing orb will be attacked once. However, using an element of the opposite type will count as 2 hits. bar on the top left hand corner of the screen that fills up gradually during battle It is possible to do this without relying on chance by using Element Orb Prioritizer aux cores. 1st round of chain attack: 1st blade has Element Orb Ender aux core and is a water blade. Burst Symbol is one of the most powerful accessories in the entire game. 2nd round of chain attack. Topple causes increased damage and effects wear off after the topple gauge runs out. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Chain Attack (Nintendo Switch). One way to think about the gauge is that it has 6 HP max (I'm aware the actual in-game numbers are 50x higher). Single or dual driver chain attacks are possible but will have more difficulty compared to 3 driver parties in adding rounds.The blade specials in a chain attack are what damages and breaks elemental orbs. This will increase the blade combo gauge instead (helpful in BoC mode where it's harder to do simple blade combos). Example #2: One fire orb is up. After those 3 turns, if no new orbs are broken, then previously used blades will be stuck in cooldown, even if there are turns left in a round. Example: One of your blades causes very high damage for Lv2 special during chain attack but not the Lv1 special. Useful especially if the blade has 3 aux core slots. There are also 2 types of fusion combos and only one type offers the damage bonus: Having the driver combo register first and then the blade combo. Element Orb Prioritizer does NOT work if the blade's weak element orb is still out: the blade will target their weak orb instead of a damaged orb of another element. There are no water blades available. When all 3 levels are filled, Chain Attack is activated by pressing "+". To trigger the chain attack, wait till your party gauge is filled up to the max, and then press the + button on your controller. Note: Idea level determines elemental damage for that pair and not the elements themselves. If the orb is damaged by any other element, then 1 HP of damage is done. If you time your actions right – say, pressing B at the right time – then the chain attack will continue on. If you have 1 leftover orb, then you get 125% added to the Full Burst bonus. The driver that would have gone next / last will have their blade do their Lv2 special in the background. If the above break patterns are not used, then Full Burst is possible with 5 orbs. If there is a weak orb to target, then 2HP damage will be done to the orbs. Because chain attacks are all blade specials, using a specials level plus aux core / mod will further amplify damage for that special only. Other way is breaking 2 orbs the first two rounds. Starting chain attack right after Topple stage of a driver combo will amplify damage for at least the first round of a chain attack. If a round is extended, a button prompt will be given at the end of the current round. If the orb is damaged by its weak element, then 2 HP of damage is done. Pneuma is not strong or weak to any particular element in a chain attack. Rarely, if a driver falls out of bounds, the chain attack will end early. This sounds useful, however, this skill can NOT be used to plan chain attacks in advance. Crossette's version does 60%. The maximum possible chain attack multiplier in Bringer of Chaos mode is 1675% or 16.75x (excluding the small damage bonus). Having 2 orb bursts in one round and 1 orb burst in the other rounds is the typical method. You can find a more detailed guide on how to perform Blade Combos here. A written dedication to Nintendo Switch games. 2nd round of chain attack: The water blade that was used first is available to use again. 2nd and 3rd blades deal increased damage after the orb burst. If you choose an element that no orbs are weak against, then the game will randomly choose one orb to hit. When the gauge is full, then Full Burst is activated. For any subsequent button challenges between rounds, the specials will stay at Lv3. Burst Symbol is one of the most powerful accessories in the entire game, Increasing Damage Further Outside of Damage Ratio, Torna - The Golden Country Blade Combos, Critical Routes, and Chain Attacks, Chain Attack Comparison: Main Game, Torna, Difficulty Modes. If you choose a blade with an element that an orb is weak against, that orb will be automatically targeted. So in other words, if you have a Water Orb and you hit it with a Fire (2 damage) and an Electricity (1 damage), it will burst. Then it's possible to start with 400% instead if using Rex and Morag. Actions such as criticals and successful button press challenges will fill gauge faster (unlock these nodes on the driver affinity charts). If an enemy is killed by a Chain Attack, the rewards they give will increase. When it is completely filled up, you can use a ridiculously powerful move called a chain attack, which allows every one of your characters a chance to use a special move on your targeted opponent. Pneuma has the capability to damage ALL orbs for 1 HP of damage in a chain attack. The chosen blade will attack with the element its associated with. Any extra orbs destroyed in the same round give 100 points. If you have 3 leftover orbs, then you get 625% added to the Full Burst bonus. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Note: If Pneuma is available, then the 3-turn rule does not apply. Crystal earrings are an optional accessory that increase party gauge gain.Chain Attacks link together blade specials and are done in rounds. When your party gauge is ready, press + to use your Chain Attack. If you have 4 leftover orbs, then you get 1250% added to the Full Burst bonus. Each broken orb raises the damage ratio by 200%.A new gauge appears in the upper left corner during a chain attack. This can be explained better with an example: Nia about to launch a move in the chain attack. The blade that broke the final orb will do the Lv4 special. Each round can use up to 3 blades: one from each driver and you choose which blade on the driver to use. This will cause 3 HP damage to an orb it's weak against but have no effect on other orbs. Each member attacks in succession with one of their Blades. As example, in second round of chain attack, let's say there's one orb left: water. Chain Attacks are a battle mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. If you have leftover orbs, they will all be broken for Full Burst. So they can crit and apply the effects in their affinity chart during the attack. Although Newt would cause more orb damage, it is preferred to use Kos-Mos as she causes much more damage. If you have 3 leftover orbs, then you get 2500% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. If you have 2 leftover orbs, then you get 1000% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. This comes in two ways. (Excluding the small damage bonus.). However, this is not the only thing the party gauge is useful for. A huge thank you to a few users over at Reddit for contributing to this article with their suggestions of things to add and corrections of some of the terminology. However, the game will give you a larger damage ratio bonus if you have more leftover orbs. Break by itself does not increase damage. Fusion Combo Up V aux cores also boost fusion combo damage by 30% (Challenge Mode offers a stronger VI version). This is typically done in 2 rounds: Break 1 orb in one round and 3 in another (order doesn't matter). You chain attack when your party gauge is full with the + button. Chain attacks may end early if all the driver's remaining blades are stuck in cooldown. Example #2: Driver #2 uses Fire blade and breaks an orb → Driver #3 uses Dark blade → Next round → Driver #1 uses Water blade and breaks the last orb → Water blade does Lv4 special, Fire blade does Lv3 special, and Dark blade does Lv2 special. Then you inflict big amounts of extra damage by bursting the elemental orb with a special move of the opposite type during the Chain Attack. The party members then proceed to use all of their Arts with their current Blade, while the party member that had the last turn in the Chain Attack uses their level 4 Special. Example #1: Driver #3 uses Ice Blade → Next round → Driver #1 uses Light blade and breaks an orb → Driver #2's Wind blade and breaks the last orb → Full Burst → Wind blade does Lv4 special, Ice blade does Lv3 special, and Light blade does Lv2 special. A certain percentage will be added to the damage ratio based on the amount of intact orbs. In particular, a thank you to: sdw4527 (about HP of orbs), Suasive2 (for many different tips throughout this article), and Lockdown106 (for correcting terminology). There is a damage ratio on the left that displays "Damage x X%". Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Best Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch eShop (for under $20). Not only this, but this allows you to combo so that you get to use everyone’s special move again in a second round? Or Ice? Full Burst is also another way to end the chain attack; see below. If the blade with Slamdown skill also uses an Element Orb Ender aux core, then it is possible to burst up to 3 orbs at the same time. Fusion combo means having driver and blade combos active at the same time. If Full Burst is achieved by breaking 5 of 5 orbs, then damage ratio reaches 2500%. Please take a second to support Switchaboo on Patreon! In summary, you inflict an elemental orb on your opponent with a combo’d special III move of any type. Right after Lv4 special ends, start Chain Attack as soon as possible. To further boost fusion combo damage, the blade that does the blade combo part has to have fusion combo boosts. If there is no weak orb to target, then 1HP damage is done to the orbs. Starting ratio is reduced to 100%. Lv4 specials and blade combo enders will pause the driver combo gauge, however. When a chain attack starts, the element orb order is randomized. Driver affinity chart bonuses and burst symbols do NOT count and are completely ignored. Other examples: If Full Burst is achieved by breaking 5 of 8 orbs, then damage ratio reaches 5000%. If you have 4 leftover orbs, then you get 5000% added to the Full Burst 500% bonus. Breaking additional orbs will reset the 3-turn rule. Orb bursts are reduced to 50% each. The fire and electric orbs are now burst in the first round.

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