It can survive in the harsh weather of highlands even in freezing cold to the rugged trail. The end piece of a chewed treat may pose a choking hazard. These savory cheesy muffins will make for a satisfying lunch. Made in Nepal. On the way to Nepal trekking, you will see a slow animal with long horns and long hair in high altitude which is a cousin of the cow, which also grazes across the grassland, you will know it’s a Yak. Please supervise your dog's chewing. NDT produces 100% all-natural dog treats made from Himalayan Yak cheese (Chhurpi). NDT produces 100% all-natural dog treats made from Himalayan Yak cheese (Chhurpi). In this regard, farmers use yak for the beast of burden, meat, and for milk, dung for fire cakes. Even these cheese are export in the international market at a high rate. Ingredients: Yak & Cow Milk, Salt & Lime Juice, THREE Small Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews - 3-Pack (1.2+ oz. It has yak butter, salt, and milk. All Rights Reserved. रु 650. You can never go wrong with fried bread triangles filled with oozing mozzarella. Yaks shed their downy undercoat. As a result, a question is raised on humanity whether we only think of us or of nature and its gifts also. When the winter season begins, yaks are sent to lowland areas. Almost every trekking routes of Nepal are the habitat of Yak. Nepal Dog Treat Dog Chews are premium 100% all-natural products crafted by hand in Nepal. रु 370. Nepalese Yak Cheese Chews - X Large (Bulk), Nepalese Yak Cheese Chews - XX Large (Bulk). 14: Yak Butter 1 kg. It is also a major income-generating activity for the people in the mountain region. ea.). Sourced from free-ranging, grass fed yak in the mountains of Nepal. ea.). Nothing will be wasted. Nepal’s biggest festival Dashain fails to lift the market mood, buyers and sellers say, Remittance to Nepal may drop to $7.4 billion in 2020, World Bank says, Remittance flow defies expectations to record a strong 8 percent growth, World Bank approves $80 million project to boost Nepal’s agriculture sector, post-Covid-19 recovery, Shoppers snap up subsidised goats at government outlet, Strengthening constitutionalism strengthens democracy, analysts say, Covid-19 cases expected to surge in villages in next two weeks, Students fear coronavirus more than their exams, Oli is in a tight spot, again, of his own making, insiders say, Private hospitals charging exorbitant amounts to Covid-19 patients in Biratnagar. It’s a good source of protein in the Himalayan region. Add herbs for flavor. For the Big Dog! ... Get updates on new treats and exclusive discounts, delivered straight to your inbox. Find more offers in Dairy Products. It was a Super Gold Medal that Francois Driard won for the cheese from the mountains of Ramechhap district. Puffs are a great anytime treat! They are very popular in the cities of Nepal, eg Kathmandu. These are especially produced in the Himalayan region while people residing near the Tibetan border make Yak cheese. Skip your regular breakfast and try a bun stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon. The NDT Sigma Chew 3-Pack contains (3) Small chews: Small chews are appropriate for smaller dogs, and best for dogs weighing 5-20 pounds. Yak Cheese 200gm According to the recent survey, the number of yaks are good but as increasing the global temperature and snow mountains slowly changing in grey. रु, © 2016-2020 Thulo.Com. Chattra Bahadur Tamang, head of Gosaikunda Cheese Production Centre in Chandanbari, said they were able to produce 11 tonnes of yak cheese and 4 tonnes of butter in the year gone by. Himalayan Yak Cheese, Richmond Hill. We do not buy secondhand/wholesale products or repackage other producers' products. This is a bag containing 50 pieces of yak cheese puffs. Not only as a load carrier, but its milk is also very hygienic and nutritious. We do not buy secondhand/wholesale products or repackage other producers' products. Balaram Ghimire. ea.). State-owned Dairy Development Corporation has produced 38 tonnes of cheese and 12 tonnes of butter since mid-April last year, a result of an increase in yak farming in the northern district of Rasuwa. CHEWING is a natural habit for your dog. Balaram Ghimire is the Rasuwa correspondent for Kantipur Media Group. With increasing global temperature, who knows these docile animals might extinct in the future due to lack of adequate habitat. In a nutshell, Yak is such a multi-purpose animal which can be survived only in high altitude. Our production team in Nepal obtains bulk cheese that is organically made from free range Yak using an ancient Himalayan recipe requiring months of milking, boiling, pressing, and curing. Prepare a delicious casserole meal with broccoli, potatoes and eggs with melted cheese. Yak Cheese produced in Nepal, Gluten Free, low Cholesterol. Tamang said that cheese is produced from mid-May to mid-November. Description: Intended to be bulked out and sold per piece. NDT produces premium 100% all-natural dog treats made from Himalayan Yak cheese (Chhurpi). Chandanbari, Dhunchhe, Gatlang and Langtang are the key cheese and butter producing centres of the corporation. Stuff them with some cheese and anchovies and deep fry for a perfect snack. Specs: each piece weighs between 5 - 5.99 oz and is barcoded. The cheese is made from the milk of free range Yak & cows using ancient and organic techniques. “The production has been increasing with the rise in the number of yaks,” said Gyalbo Lama, chief of the Langtang Centre. We work directly with certified Nepali farmers to bring you and your dog the highest quality and freshest chew treats. Ingredients: Yak and/or cow milk, salt, lime juice. Chandanbari, Dhunchhe, Gatlang and Langtang are the key cheese and butter producing centres of the corporation. Yak cheese production started in Nepal in 1952 after a factory was set up in Langtang with financial support from the World Food Organization and technical support from the Swiss government. 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