At this point, both logs could potentially be throwing errors, so checking each of them out wouldn't hurt. Error: Can't find profile directory. @khoath @KG4RDF I can not get 1password working under firefox works great in chrome. Turn on “Show button next to the address bar”. 9 svar 32 har dette problemet 490 visninger Siste svar av AMCarter3 2 år siden; David S. Skrevet 9/22/17, 11:20 AM. Nothing happens when I click on the 1password icon in the toolbar. To add the 1Password button to the toolbar in Brave: First, make sure 1Password is turned on in Microsoft Edge. Learn more. 2020-10-30 15:53:19 @grrracie_ @1Password my 1password app has randomly stopped giving the option of generating passwords. It sounds like you were previously using 1Password X, @bhdbiz, and have ended up with the companion extension instead. That said, I'm under the impression that you just installed this copy of 1Password X, which makes me think reinstalling wouldn't be very effective. The 1password extension in Chrome (80.0) still works. Then click to turn on 1Password. The 1password Firefox extension is no longer working for me. Perhaps another small clue... @bhdbiz – 1Password X doesn't communicate with the 1Password for Windows app, so the "Open & Fill" button will only work with the 1Password companion extension. Firefox 9.0 Not Working With 1Password. If you still see this message when you install the 1Password extension in Firefox, try turning off antivirus or security software. Since a few days (week?) See everything 1Password X can do: About your privacy 1Password was designed with a deep respect for your privacy. I don't see a 1password icon inside username/password fields in any sites I visit. The latter requires the 1Password desktop apps so it won't work without one installed. If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to get in touch. Choose the Edge menu I experience the same problem with the Firefox extension. (No need to start a new profile). I really appreciate you sharing all the details with me. Let me know whenever you get a chance. @Elpaso – I'm glad you were able to refresh Firefox in the end! @bhdbiz – I'm so glad to hear that did the trick! I don't see a 1password icon inside username/password fields in any sites I … Then click to turn on 1Password.  in the toolbar and choose Extensions. 1Password not working in Firefox Mobile Hi, I'm on Android with Firefox mobile installed and it just doesn't prompt me to fill in passwords I've tried it with the normal app and the beta. Had to uninstall Firefox 12 and go back to an earlier version because 1password program is not supported. Choose Safari > Preferences, then click the Extensions icon and turn on 1Password. This referral to the 1Password page is something that didn't happen the last few times I installed 1Password X and it didn't occur to me at the time that it should be happening. To help get to the bottom of the issue, would you be able to grab a copy of your 1Password X log as well as your browser log? It works in chrome. If you have an item in 1Password that’s not appearing in your browser, edit the item to make sure its website field matches the site you’re visiting. Try reinstalling 1Password X: I still get no response when clicking the (new) toolbar icon. Once that's resolved, we can move onto the next issue, if need be. You should be able to get things working by creating a new profile in Firefox: First, make sure 1Password is turned on in Brave. If you'd prefer to send them through email, let me know and we can go that route instead. The new profile will have completely fresh Firefox settings. But it worked out very well and I just had to re-add the 1 PasswordX extension. I look forward to hearing back from you. I'm looking for a new tab opening, a pop-up appearing (even if it's blank), or anything else, really. What you're describing sounds familiar, so I'm wondering if things may have changed in regards to using 1Password X in private browsing mode recently. But then you suggest creating a new Firefox profile. Since upgrading to Firefox 9.0 (iPad & iPhone, iOS 11) I can't login to websites using 1Password — the 1Password button does not appear in the sharesheet when I tap on it. If you’re having trouble installing the 1Password extension in Firefox or it doesn’t update automatically, follow these steps to install the extension manually: Open a different browser, like Safari, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Control-click or right-click the 1Password icon. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy out there. Hi, The 1password Firefox extension is no longer working for me. Same problems as described above.

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