Just hugely WRONG. Steve, when George was talking to someone about his secretary’s death, etc. Just listened to episode 5 of Root of Evil podcast. In his book, it seemed like he got a confession from some else. In cold-blooded premeditation Zodiac/Avenger has picked innocent victims that either happen to be “in line” with his coordinates on the map (Ferrin/Mageau, Blue Rock Springs) or has deliberately moved them to the position(cabdriver, Paul Stine, Presidio Heights, “Take me to Washington & Maple”), moving them at will as pawns on his chess board. He knew if we figured out the victim relationships we could connect- Zodiac to Black Dahlia Avenger. I’d guess 40%? The right hand column represents Dr HODEL’s future address in downtown San Francisco, for It is a matter of public record that Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL resided on the 39th floor at 333 BUSH Street West, San Francisco, California 94104 between 1990 and when he died at the age of 91 in 1999. Best, Steve Hodel, Los Angeles. Thank you for sharing your story. Regards, Steve. Of course, he married a very wealthy Filipina in 1952 which got him started so to speak in Hawaii, then in 1953 they moved and lived in Manila, which became the Home Office for his venture into Market Research. He had owned and worn it for more than forty years. 333 Bush Street West, just 995’ East of from where Huston filmed the Archer murder. But, then by May 1999 his condition worsened, and he reinitiated Plan A, before he had a stroke and would become unable to take his life. Do they really think it’s a waste of time or do you think they’re afraid to turn those stones over? Say did you know that YouTube has deleted or taken down your video on your opening blog page, “Beyond the Black Dahlia” ? Eve: He and his wife June lived downtown in the Financial District at 333 Bush St. West on the 39th floor. (I know, as I saw all the numbers as assistant executor of his property at his death.) He wanted to be a famous Artist and what better way than to pose a dead woman? I’m a professional counselor and know how early development/ attachment can potentially affect a person. Thanks so much for answering all these questions. Note that Zodiac himself, moving in a counterclockwise direction from the apex has drawn five small X marks on his circle spacing them approximately 30° apart from each other. ft. condo is a 2 bed, 2.0 bath unit. Standing at almost 500 feet, the building is one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers, boasting commanding views of the nearby waterfront and surrounding skyline. I was wondering if you have done any digging into your father’s time overseas and what he may have done there re: his other children or other crimes? Tamar an if after her death they ran any psychiatric tests or her?? Money and power talks. I listened to the Root Of Evil podcast. As a teenager, George Hodel’s stated early goal was “to become a chemical engineer.” Above are his actual course assignments and transcripts accredited from high-school and the California Institute of Technology. CAM: Yes definitely dysfunction city for sure. or am I missing something? I moved to SF in ‘95, and now I’m a little creeped out to think I lived in the vicinity of the Black Dahlia killer for maybe 4 years! I was going to leave this discussion for another blog, but because it is so intrinsic to the material at hand, I will present it here as a closing thought. At 333 Bush, you’ll find Studio by Tishman Speyer. We just heard on the podcast today that Fauna told her daughters that she felt like George was her father. Notes about the weight of the bird: It obviously has some heft in those clips – especially when it is laid on the table. Phone: +1 (415) 856-9001 Saw them on weekend leaves when they were small, 4,5,6,7 ish. It didn’t but in my mind at least Deborah died, “I” was reborn. I worked on the movie gangster squad and same thing… If they turn your book into a film let me know 3rd generation native here… LA is in our blood! Much appreciated. The connection with Man Ray seemed especially telling. Then again, Tamar’s credibility was described as colorful. Reading your first book. Olivia: No, but I suspect she heard it at the house prior to the 1949 arrest for incest. I pray for each one to have peace. I have mostly included these in blogs here at my website. Here are some stills of the murder location shown in the film. Totally unexpected that TNT would have Exec. I am wondering do you belive that Elizabeth Short was his first murder or was she just the most artistic? Steve. I intend to read your books and learn more. I cover it extensively in BDA I (Skyhorse/Arcade 2015 ed.) As to your question. FaunaEliz, Fauna Elizabeth; Tamar was clear that Fauna’s father was an “Italian Male in San Francisco.”. Zodiac promised that if we could “crack the code” we would learn his identity. Until just last week because so many have called out on this! They did not believe the case was solved, but neither did they read my investigation. I believe that this fact along with the angles connecting to the separate crime-scene locations is the decoding of Zodiac’s, “Mt.

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