I am using LDC501 to drive the laser. 6 years ago, http://laserpointerforums.com/attachments/f38/23164d1252150941-what-technical-specs-ir-diodes-phr-wavelenght-current-voltage-power-phr-redir1.jpg may be the same. This card is also available separately below. Please refer to the Laser Diode's documents for the specific pin configuration. Reply You can use that resistance but you may use slightly higher as the current should be limited to a maximum of 10mA. For example the ITC series controllers can directly modulate from DC to 150Khz. Typical laser diode mounts rely on contact between the diode and the mount's cold plate for heat transfer. When operating a pigtailed laser diode, temperature control is highly recommended to stabilize the laser's power and wavelength, while also prolonging the life of the laser. But the laser diode has 4 pins instead of the usual 3. Thank you. LDM-4984T In addition to the configurable pinout feature, a bias-T adapter is included, allowing for RF modulation of butterfly lasers specifically designed with this capability. Repeat the 2 steps above until stop supplying the voltage into Laser Diode Module. And I try to use LDC220C & TED200C for drivers, which are fully functional to LDM56/M. The LM14S2 Universal 14-Pin Butterfly Laser Diode Mount is designed for use with lasers, optical amplifiers, and two-port electro-optic devices in a 14-pin type 1, 2, or 2 with bias-T butterfly package. The package body is the anode connection. thanks. Thank you. Thread starter leo.b; Start date May 17, 2020; May 17, 2020 #1 L. The intelock is on bypass mode. Thanks, Thomas. 2015-11-05T12:27:50Z Thank you very much for your help. Please reply. 5. Zhemin.Cai. Choi. Please note that Thorlabs' butterfly package laser diodes are not compatible with the bias-T adapter. We are using LM14S2. Do you have laser mount for 10-pin butterfly package??? By eliminating any unnecessary packaging, implementing packaging design changes, and utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials for our customers when possible, this initiative seeks to improve the environmental impact of our product packaging. Thanks... A response from Ken at Thorlabs to yuhengc: An applications engineer will contact you directly to discuss about the problem. a. Ben. want to use it to hold a long butterfly package, 2. I have reached out to you directly to gather more details about your application and requirements.

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