Don’t let rules stop you from being creative. Also, I’d recommend keeping things to a single color. Pros: Garamond has an old-school, vintage look that lends it a touch of class. It’s similar to the other fonts optimized for the web, with a more slender, sleek typeface. This pairing is quite literally the best of the old and the new. It is thin, yet elegant, as though it is made of bamboo. Equally, two very different fonts could be in danger of pulling your design in opposite directions. , I was looking for great combinations and thanks to this article I’ve found the best one for my business wich is Raleway & Lusitana. Since the ultimate goal is to make your resume as easy to read as you possibly can, the optimal font size is between 12 and 14. See the KlinkOMite/Agency FB and Sparkly/Copperplate Gothic Light examples for pairings with more plain secondary typefaces. Just as we discussed in the previous section, even “silent” choices like font and formatting can convey tone as easily as your word choice. You can always personalize it using font weights and formatting. Since its creation, it has become incredibly popular and widespread. Keep it simple and pick one. It is very much knowingly inspired by the classic art deco font, but with very subtle differences. Now that you know what font you’re going to use to convey your value, it’s time to make those updates! You may have noticed that a few of the fonts I recommended don’t show up when you try to find them in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This helps make it understandable in so many ways!!! The thick inkiness of 20th-century type brings a natural weight to the sleek, almost intangible lightness of 21st century online lettering. That was the case with the, And last but not least, if you have seen a pairing from the era you’re trying to convey, then by all means, replicate it. Try an eye-catching, 30pt title in white sans-serif Futura, with a subtle, neutral grey, 12pt subtitle in serif Garamond. Depending on the style and tone (as well as the subject matter), this combination could work well for a blog. We’ll also talk about why employers care about font choice and how you can use it to set yourself apart from the competition. Its letters are tall and wide. When it comes to crafting the perfect resume to land your dream job, you probably think of just about everything but the font. It can do a lot of things.”. Finally, Lato is open-source, which means anyone can download it for free. Now that you know which fonts should play best on your resume, you may be wondering if combining a few will get you even better results. The rule of thumb should be one font per resume. If one or both aren’t up for the task, the process can go awry. For example, the Avenir superfamily includes the following sub-fonts: Avenir Heavy, Avenir Medium, Avenir Light, Avenir Next, Avenir Bold, Avenir Condensed, Avenir Roman, and Avenir Oblique, all of which come in italic, bold and regular. PT Serif is an excellent serif typeface, and it never fails to work well as paragraph text. Despite being some of the best choices out there for your resume, these fonts aren’t always part of the standard package with Microsoft or Google. Any font combinations will work well together, so by keeping it in the family, you cannot go wrong. Hey Christie, I really appreciate the kind words! I’ve never seen a career consultant delve into as many aspects of job searches as you, Austin. Courier New and Georgia meant “maturity” in participants’ minds, while Agency FB was associated with rigidity and Kristen symbolized excitement. Great article! Thank you for sharing! Use black instead of grey or any other color so that your resume is optimized for readability. Think about it: You’d probably feel confused if you went to a fresh fruit smoothie shop and saw grungey, gritty, dark decor. Here we have another excellent example of this tried and tested move; Century Gothic and PT Serif. Let’s say you want to use a retro font as your title or main font, then my advice is to choose either a lower-key version of another retro font for your paired text; a neutral, ageless font, such as Arial; or one of the examples to the right. This allows for clean, consistent graphic design, as there’s no size variability between the characters. Because everything they see about you will be written in your chosen font, it will make a much bigger difference than you might imagine! It won’t cost you a penny: The two most important factors when selecting a font for your resume are readability and professionalism. The first decision you have to make in terms of selecting a resume font is which font family is best for your goals. Pros: Lato is an increasingly common choice for resumes because of how readable it is. Amatic SC is for the titles and headlines, while Josefin sans is for use as body text; be it short taglines, longer paragraphs, or even prose. font. is an archive containing over 130934 free fonts. This is the truth: The window air conditioner in the house I grew up in and then inherited had a very similar combination to the the. If you save and/or send as a Word document your formatting, style, and resume font may get messed up. Tip #3: You can use bold in your resume to highlight specific key aspects of your background that are relevant to a given job, or to set apart particular sections for optimal scan-ability. When you craft your resume, think of yourself as a marketing team of one. That will give you straightforward answers on what templates to use, how to format your resume, what sections to include, and how to get your value recognized. As with colours, typefaces will often conflict if they are too similar (imagine pairing hot pink with dark red). Alternatives: Adelle Sans is similar to Open Sans and is a great substitute. A recruiter might be sifting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes at a time (or more), and making their job simpler is the first and easiest way to make yours stand out in a good way. It’s not a default or standard resume font, so it’s not the best choice for an executive-level position in a traditional field.

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