All licenses remain valid forever DTW = 43. The plus side of longer flights is that you could potentially earn a bigger profit, so with that in mind, you may also mix in some MH flights with your SH-centric itineraries in the early goings. The internet gives you so many ways to keep in touch. What happens when I haven't logged in for a long time? The game is detailed and intricate. For each Gazette, you can make a choice. Duration of your flight minimum (opt.) This is normal, the more you purchase routes on a hub, the more the next routes will be expensive. I run economy class airline with A380 at BKK and FRA. To change an aircraft’s hub, go to the Web version of the game then in the details of the aircraft you want to assign elsewhere, you will see a button to change the aircraft’s hub. It can be events related to the game or aeronautics news. Data Protection Policy, Copyright 2020 © All rights Reserved. This would mainly be useful in the early goings, but if you’re new to the game, leasing would normally be the better course of action. The answer all lies in your Agenda, which is Airlines Manager: Tycoon’s version of the quest list in RPGs. A new workshop is available on the first Friday of every month. We serve the route as part of a 168-hours week schedule resulting in 63 weekly flights using the Airbus A380-800 model with a 372 (341/25/6) 51T configuration.Whooping weekly results: 43,092 Pax in Economy-, 2,569 Pax in Business-, 476 Pax First-Class and an insane 5,747 T of Cargo. Woh I love your blog posts, saved to my bookmarks! To customize and specialize your hub according to the economic policy of your airline, you can use services. I recently started getting hubs that can fly to Africa between 20-24 hours, and the demand is HUGE. I've always wondered this actually. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Airlines Manager. LAX/LGB/ONT are Southern California airports that could make a giant network too. The tutorial will make this clear early on in the game, but just as another reminder, you should double-check the clearance number, because it is extremely important to gameplay in Airlines Manager: Tycoon. When I want to purchase an aircraft, I can choose a SH, a MH or a LH, which one should I choose? The structural profit represents the actual profits of your airline and enables you to know how much you can invest each day without risking to have your accounts in the red. This post is also available in: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AirlinesManagerTycoon community, Continue browsing in r/AirlinesManagerTycoon. To try to test my theory, I used the route finder to find 23-24 hour flights for the A380 with category 10 destination airports. The AM+ is a subscription which enables you to browse ad-free on the Web or on mobile (except for the Slot Cockpit’s ads to get more tickets). However, if you lease an aircraft, you can use it as delivered, but you cannot customise the interior settings. I just checked HND. Can you say something about economy demand at those hubs? • The structural profit represents the actual profits of your airline and includes your rental fees and your loan repayments. Yes. So if you are away from the game for 8 days, there won’t be any loss. For me it wouldn't be the best idea to buy LAX with a Economy airline isn't it? High Income A large airport will require higher taxes than a small airport. PAX is a term used by professionals to refer to passengers or customers. Notwithstanding, longer flights require a lot of planning and are usually more expensive than shorter trips, which generally means that they are also much riskier.

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