November 11, 2017, 5,975 downloads , 165 MB Thank you anyway! WHEN AN UPDATE IS OUT, PLEASE NOT CHANGE WHEELS OR PAINT ? The Fast and the Furious Cars Pack 2 [Add-On | Animated], [Fast&Furious] 1993 Honda Civic EJ1 [Add-on], The Fast and the Furious Cars Pack [Add-On | Animated], S10 PMMG RODOVIÁRIA GTR - Grupo Tático Rodoviário, Voir le topic sur les forums de », Mods de peintures pour véhicules de GTA 5. @Marc30499 oh really? Especially the former has amazing handling. The model is: N-Speak Vinyl author: Od1N Author screenshots : Od1N An exact copy of the legendary car from movie fast and furious ! the game dont load up. Télécharger Partager. Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 37 551 téléchargements , 280 Mo Thanks for sharing this and have a good one :). @N-Speak brother, I have installed this latest mod in my Game but i cannot do any missions in the story mode after installing this. 3 décembre 2018. wow what an impressive list of cars and so detailed! 1.0.2. Hi. October 29, 2017. hi got a quick question when i add fastcars2 car pack and n-speak car packs the game starts too crashed and when i removed it t worked fine in the game got any solution. do you perhaps have some mods that are conflicting with it? Other than that all cars are high quality and drive well. They all look fantastic. nothing just installed it with the installer and it worked like a charm... almost like a console working right out the box. thank you so much for this! Exclusive in its kind! Привет. Faire un don avec . However here I stumbled upon your mods that features this wonderful Silver machine I've only been dreaming about driving in the old NFS Underground 2 game since my High School days...and my question to you is...would it be at all possible to be able to convert this vehicle to a version that will be playable in the NFSU2 PC game to a point where I can obtain a stock version of a Skyline in-game as I complete the storyline and customize it to the movie bodykit you've used with your mod here, the vinyls, paint, neon, etc??? To be honest with you...this will be extraordinary to be able to will also mean a lot to me... Hey, can you please make a seperate or whatever add-on mod for the 2F2F/C-West skyline, would really love it. @N-Speak my game crashes on loading screen, any tip for this? please tell me how did you manage, I'm still trying to make it work on the new version. @WSmall I did a fast&Furious mod for NFS UG1 , wanted to do for NFS UG2 , but as far as I remember there crashes the game if you put the fashion , right? Any HELP? @N-Speak what if the game crashes when loading a story game? Im sorry but im not recommend to download this mod especially for new GTA V Moders.

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