When two traps are placed down, the piggy teleports from one trap to another after stepping on one of them. Added in a recent update, Build Mode is a mode that players can build in his/her server and can save up 5 maps. This is because hackers tried to play as the skin early before anyone could get the True Ending. It's said that Doggy has been missing for weeks, referring to the fact that Doggy and the Player were in the Forest for 4 weeks. : Gurt (only available on April Fools' Day), Limited Time Map (Available in Piggy But it is 100 Players): Distorted Memory (Replaced by Chapter 12 Plant), When the Piggy player quits the game while the game is still playing, the Piggy is replaced with a. Escaping as a runner or Traitor during a chapter, awarding 15 Piggy Tokens. The Roblox Piggy All Skins Tier List below is created by community voting and is the cumulative average rankings from 118 submitted tier lists. Status Zizzy tells Pony the infected can't talk. The person runs into the mall to hide. If a Player has a loaded gun, they can shoot Piggy, stunning them for 20 seconds, or a Traitor, which kills the Traitor. Bear… A sequel called Piggy: Book 2 is currently in development and was released on September 12, 2020. Note 23 reads: "She broke out, but she's somewhere. When playing as the Traitor in the Traitor game mode, surviving for one minute will grant the Traitor the knife. If teleporting to the map, it may take a while to load. To celebrate this, the Traitor gamemode was added. Foxy was attacked by the infected confirmed by note 15. The batteries and the gas can are consumed once used. Once you escape, you realize that Mr. P has left without you. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article. Penny is a character in Piggy. Also just an observation, but when the final scene is playing once you've escaped, Bunny's theme can be heard in the background. The unique bot(s) in plant are Mr. P, Doggy, and Bunny. Once opening up the base's door, George piggy runs up to you and the others. The unique bot in Forest has the Doggy skin. To your horror, more monsters show up, surrounding you and Doggy. It's confirmed Willow is still alive as of Chapter 2. None Founded Exiting the car you get hit in the head after hearing sounds. Note 39 reads: "This is the perfect place to continue our research from the hospital, as this is the source of some of the ingredients we use." She appeared in the temporary chapter, Distorted Memory. He says he tricked the two sisters into playing hide and seek so he could come and find out who hurt his family. Place traps near you so you can catch the players without them escaping after the designated trap time. Around the hospital, there are notes about an experiment involving "the majority of a family". Robber "They've got what we want at the hospital. Piggy is the secondary antagonist of the game Piggy. It has the same storyline as Piggy but has with 100 players as its maximum player limit per server. Month created Note 44 reads: "Dear Willow, please take care of William. Add to library 9 » Discussion 14 » Follow author » Share . You try to convince her to come and that you will heal her. They're consumed once used. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You take the train to the Carnival hoping to get revenge on Mr. P. After realizing Mr. P isn't there you have to escape from one of the Infected in the Carnival. We know it is a female because they say "her". They're used to obtain the white 'key. She says she needs a rest but gives you her crossbow, which you can use to stun Piggy. Must've felt good to rip me away from the ones I cared about, right? He later probably dropped it in the mall while sitting on the bench. That was one of his many flaws, heh. "Doggy and Foxy got what was coming to them." The crowbar is also used to remove wooden boards. Wolf It is signed by Mr. P. You and Bunny escape to the Metro to catch a train out. The Doggy and Bunny bots only appear in the second portion of the map, and are only able to stun the player. Willow states that she only stole to provide for her family, but you are forced to arrest her. These traps can also be used for those camping in the vent in Mall, if placed next to the entry and under the vent to catch the player. Zizzy asks how you ended up in the Carnival and you tell her you were looking for Mr.P to stop him. The piggy bot in Alleys has the Rash skin. The Piggy should remember that they can double jump, and this can help even against campers, using the NPC to jump up on their head and get the camper or to double jump and place black hole traps in the air. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the trailer, Willow looks similar to a husky over a wolf. Locations There was a missing poster of George. Start of infection Accurate as of Oct 31, 2020 In the bad ending, you try and convince Mr. P to come with you. But a few hours, while you were asleep... Something came over them. They weren't the same." Pony was trying to become an optometrist like his father and Zizzy was a fencing coach. Willow could be the first character to have a gun, and the fourth having a long-ranged weapon the first being bunny the second being torcher and the third being doggy. This hints that Pony has romantic feelings towards Zizzy. Similarly to Piggy's role, the Traitor needs to kill all Survivors, but Traitors have to not get caught, because if a Survivor has a loaded gun, a Survivor can shoot the Traitor, and they will die instead of being stunned. These are items that can be found in most of the chapters. Hopefully, it goes well." Bunny drank the 1st potion. This is why he'd risk his life to fight off the infected. He probably put the note somewhere on him and hid. She's gone, just as Bunny is... - Mr. P" This shows Mr.P was in the forest. House - Chapter 1Station - Chapter 2Gallery - Chapter 3Forest - Chapter 4School - Chapter 5Hospital - Chapter 6Metro - Chapter 7Carnival - Chapter 8City - Chapter 9Mall - Chapter 10Outpost - Chapter 11Distorted MemoryPlant - Chapter 12 (Finale)Alleys - Chapter 1 (Book 2)

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