Black Aluminum Landscape Edging Project Kit (4 - 6 ft. pieces) with 620 reviews and the ProFlex 24 ft. x 4 in. They are trying to create a defined edge in their landscape. But to each is own. Being flexible, it curves or bends easily to virtually any radius or angle to fit any shaped lawn, path or bed. Only the highest quality aluminum alloy. $54.50 New. Finally many people find the idea of having a wide piece of plastic in the middle of their flower beds unappealing. Add to Cart. 1/8" x 4" Deco-Black, Deco-Bronze, Deco-Green and Mill Finish (natural aluminum) 3000 Series Landscape Edging:  Common in California and the Northwest part of the United States. 3000 Series Landscape Edging: Available 8' and 16' sections: 24 ft. x 4 in. Popular applications include landscape beds, tree rings, walkways and pathways, brick or stone patios, gardens, drip edges and more. Aluminum is also one of the most highly recycled materials in the World. Aluminum is much more discreet and subtle. ... Aluminum Edging. Curv-Rite aluminum edging is extremely flexible enabling Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers the freedom to create any type of curvilinear design with the confidence that the lawn edging they specify will meet their demands. Aluminum Lawn Edging and Aluminum Landscape Edging Aluminum landscape edging is the perfect choice to use as lawn edging to separate flower beds from lawns or to use as a landscape edging border for gravel walkways or decomposed granite driveways. Another draw back to concrete edging relative to the edging mentioned above is the price. It … Metal landscape edging is the little black dress of a garden: elegant, strong yet understated, tailored and timeless. EasyFlex EasyFlex Paver Edging 8-Pack 48-ft Mill Aluminum Landscape Edging Section. Black Poly Edging ADD TO CART. Landscape Edging In the Northern climates it quickly heaves out of the ground after the first cold freeze thaw cycle. It will rot over time. EASYFLEX Landscape Edging,24 ft.,Silver,Aluminum 1806ML-24C. We have listed the most common ones so you can see how investing in the right edging can benefit you. Permaloc ProSlide LT Aluminum Landscape Edging Bronze Duraflex 1/8 in. Versus other edgings… click here to learn more. There are a myriad types of plastic edging from the inexpensive pound-in type, to the coiled black rolled edging to the professionally grade plastic edging that can only be purchased by landscape professionals. Permaloc Aluminum Edging and Restraints for Landscape, Hardscape and Green Build. Dimex 300 … Natural Stone Edging . Curv-Rite aluminum edging will never rust like steel edging or rot like wood edging.Aluminum lawn edging and aluminum landscape edging … Item #810397. Aluminum is also one of the most highly recycled materials in the World. Advantages of Aluminum: To create and define bed areas thereby giving their landscape structure and definition. EverEdge lawn edging … We offer a large selection of handcrafted metal home and garden art pieces. Model #1856-48C. 95. Download Catalog. Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging can be used in a variety of applications from separating lawns from bed areas or as a bed divider separating mulch from flower beds. Compare Add to list Add to list. Euroline Click has slotted connections which easily joins pieces together without overlap forming a straight … This connection will fail over time and leave a rusting nail at the edge of your gardens. Quality landscape edging should meet the same criterion. Metal lawn edging uses materials, such as aluminum and steel, which are more adaptable to curves but are still solid for straight lines. Aluminum Landscape Edging,No EZ-BLACK, Sure Loc Aluminum. In addition to the beauty of concrete landscaping, our borders provide maintenance-free long-term solutions to your edging needs. 3500 Series Rigid Maintenance Strip: Available in 8' and 16' sections 3500 Series Rigid Maintenance Strip: © Copyright 2014 Curv-Rite, Inc.  All rights reserved. Concrete Edging. Dreamscape outdoor landscaping tools can make your life landscaping job a breeze. Available Sizes and Finishes: 1/8" x 5 1/2"   Black Anodized, Deco-Black, and Mill Finish (natural aluminum) Available Sizes and Finishes: Paver Edging… Thirty years ago Steel Edging was the product of choice for Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors. It can also be used in conjunction with stone to be used as pathway edging or as a maintenance edging around the perimeter of a building. Aluminum is lightweight and will never rust. The attractive, effective, low-maintenance solution for establishing and retaining a crisp, permanent edge for landscape beds or pavers. You cannot lift it up and move it to a different shape. Typically it is already rusting before it is even installed in the ground. It is extremely flexible and can be shaped into a multitude of designs. In most every instance the Landscape Contractor, Landscape Designer or homeowner all have one thing in common. 2000 Series Landscape Edging: Available in 8' or 16' sections Black Plastic Edging: Aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times without any loss of product during the recycling process.

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