Genetic emphasis for high marbling cattle and hogs has resulted in Slagel Family Farm producing beef and pork that yields tender, juicy cuts of meat. Sugar Valley Meats. Add to Cart. Beef Jerky - 1 lb. They are fed grain, grass, and hay raised on our own farm. This means our products are 100% pure, unlike products from large commercial companies that have 5-10% saltwater solution injected into them. Avg), Silverstar Low Salt Semi-Boneless Ham (7 Lb. Wholey’s Market is the top destination for food lovers everywhere, and our whole boneless pork loin is a... You can smell it in the air, it represents lazy Sundays when you can take your time getting up, and you don't have to worry about rushing through your breakfast, but instead can just relax... Searching for the perfect centerpiece to serve at an upcoming event? At Slagel Family Farm, we definitely strive for quality rather than quantity. Out of stock. Memorable meals await your dinner table with Wholey and Amish Valley.

It’s all natural, just like Mother Nature intended. This holiday © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Wholey's. View your shopping cart.. Main Menu Email: $7.99. Our meat chickens are a Cornish rock cross…, One of our very popular items is our farm fresh eggs.

Fairbury, IL 61739, Phone: (815) 848-9385 A family-owned and operated butcher shop and retail store that has been serving the local community for more than 25 years. Silver Star carefully blends natural spices to obtain the most distinctive flavors. 23601 E 600 North Road Specials | A variety of Amish meat products are available to those who prefer to buy meat online. Loda, IL 60948    Fax: 217-386-2672, Home | The hens are…. Only the smoked ham is a timeless favorite. P.O. We have been developing our own genetic herd for several decades…, Our fresh IL lamb, which is becoming a staple in Chicago’s fine dining restaurants, is raised by both the Slagel Family Farm operation…, The goat herd was expanded at our farm several years ago to accommodate the growing demand for goat meat in the Chicago…, We offer whole fryer rabbits on a weekly basis. Our livestock are raised all-naturally in an outdoor environment. $58.99. In addition, no implants or hormones are used. Fully-cooked and ready to eat, our Amish ham is delicious gently heated, served at room temperature or eaten cold on sandwiches. Young turkeys are more tender and flavorful than older birds and hen turkeys finish out earlier than toms. When you're in the meat business as long as we have been, you know what makes a good meal and what doesn't quite make the cut. We work hard every day to bring our customers a healthy, consistent product with a taste they will remember. What’s more, you can always be sure you’re getting the highest quality ham available when you shop Wholeys. By allowing our turkeys adequate space to roam, we have created a stress-free environment. The Big Valley of Pennsylvania, more accurately known as the Kishacoquillas Valley, is a fascinating valley for those who study the Amish. Avg). Because all animals deserve to be treated with respect and care, our turkeys are raised and handled in a humane manner. Amish Country Kitchens

Find out where to enjoy Slagel Family Farm meat products at the finest restaurants around Chicago. The family farm advantage. Our livestock are processed at Slagel Family Meats, our own facility in Forrest, IL. Fully-cooked and ready to eat, our Amish ham is delicious gently Our Amish Country Kitchens Turkeys are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet and are never fed antibiotics or growth stimulants. E Jefferson    Phone: 217-386-2381 Perfectly tender with an unforgettable rich flavor, our ham is now Add to Cart. Marc's Fresh Meat and Poultry Department carries the highest quality U.S.D.A.

Memorable meals await your dinner table with Wholey and Amish Valley. Perfectly tender with an unforgettable rich flavor, our ham is …

Hundreds of 'em. The Amish have a tradition of raising turkeys the natural way – all vegetarian diet, free range and no antibiotics.

Amish Country Kitchens lean and tender hard wood smoked ham is a timeless favorite. also offered in a spiral cut for easy serving.

$40.99. Our Golden Buff chickens lay large brown eggs with nice rich yolks. The result is a fresh turkey like no other. Our rabbits are raised by a younger…, The most recent addition to our product list is all natural locally grown turkeys.

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