Our unique holiday cottages are a great way for visitors to immerse themselves in life here on the peninsula. Cecil Rhodes attended the housewarming in 1901. He commissioned the architect Sydney Mitchell to design the building, and it was constructed using a red sandstone brought by puffer from Annan in Dumfries-shire. The fishermen amongst you may wish to try the small lochs and burns across the Estates for Brown Trout. The torch was passed on to MacIan’s granddaughter, Mariada, who finally disposed of Ardnamurchan to Archibald, the 4th Earl of Argyll in 1540. Shortly after the dramatic events of the 13th century, Ardnamurchan became part of the feudal holdings of the Scottish King, David II. Ardnamurchan Estates enjoys an enviable reputation for its red deer which have been managed and improved through selective breeding for many generations. Their burial site lies nearby. The loch was used for the assembly of convoys and local residents were required to carry permits to allow movement into and out of the area. He was buried in Kilchoan cemetery though some twenty years ago his remains were returned to Germany. Today they consist of the central third of the Peninsula (instead of the its entirety, as in the mid-19th century). The Navy occupied Glenborrodale Castle but it was also available to staff of Boots as a wartime rest centre. Ardnamurchan wasn’t always the peaceful corner of Scotland it is today. Thanks to National Lottery players, we have been able to create this important resource for local heritage. Remote, timeless, beautiful and bounded by sea on three sides, this is one of Scotland’s last truly wild places. Characterful properties During James Dalgleish’s time, a fundamental change took place in crofting law. Glenborrodale Castle, with its sawmill and two of the houses, was bought by Colonel M.H.B. The Campbells won out and the Mclans were eventually dispossessed in 1626. Mingary Castle Preservation and Restoration Trust. Between 1898 and 1901 Rudd built Glenborrodale Castle on the site of the house which Dalgleish had occupied. Three expeditions failed to quell this disquiet. Feuding was common and the Crown found Ardnamurchan difficult to control. In 1897 Charles Dunnell Rudd bought the land from Acharacle and Salen westwards to Ardnamurchan Point, including Ardtoe and Shielfoot, while the land to the east, from Salen to Strontian, was bought by the Department of Agriculture. In 1828 the townships of Coire-mhuilinn, Skinnid, Bourblaige and Tornamoine were cleared and in 1853, the Swordle townships. The Ardnamuchan Peninsula lies on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. John MacIan was finally given the lands of Ardnamurchan in 1499 – redeeming himself in the eyes of the Crown but falling out with the other Islanders! When Angus, Lord of the Isles was assassinated in 1490, John MacIan, the new Chief of the MacIans, decided to favour the Crown and King James IV visited the Castle in 1493. The purchaser of the Estate, Mr Michael Thomson, also bought Kilchoan Hotel and rebuilt and extended Mingary House to make an estate house, a feature lacking since the castle at Glenborrodale had been separated from Ardnamurchan Estate on the break-up of the estate following Lord Trent’s ownership. After all, it is the most westerly extremity of the British mainland. During the war, several aircraft crashed on the peninsula. In 1933, after Sir Kenneth’s death, the Estate was put on the market in three lots [1]. Celebrating the History & Heritage of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. Since then the Estates have been sold several times, sometimes in parcels. The fact that it’s a westerly peninsula with poor land access made it a highly desirable strategic stronghold for the ‘power barons’ of the past. In Lord Trent’s time some forty crofters took advantage of a housing improvement scheme under the 1926 Housing (Rural Workers) Act which enabled them to obtain grants of £100 towards housing repairs, a loan for the balance being made by the Department of Agriculture. In 1588 we find another, older, John MacIan residing at Mingary. Mingary Castle was built between 1265 and 1295 by the MacDouglas of Lorne to serve the needs of the Lords of the Isles (against the wishes of the Crown). It’s no wonder the Vikings stayed here for over half a millennia, their reign coming to an end in the mid 13th century after the assassination of their tyrannical ruler, Mhuchdragain Mac Righ Lochluinn, in 1266. & highland hospitality. Contacts: Mingary House tel: 01972 510208 Estate Office 01972 510222 Sitting on the coastal fringes of the 12,000 hectare Ardnamurchan Estate, Mingary is at the heart of some of the finest countryside in the UK, its mountains, moorland and seawaters are teaming with rare and beautiful flora and fauna. One Ardnamurchan-bred Galloway bull became champion at the Ayr Show and was exported to Newfoundland to start the first Galloway herd there. There are three main routes to travel to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula by car, two involve crossing lochs, and the other is entirely by road. Mingary has been restored (beyond its former glory!) A base on this peninsula could be a highly important strategic fortification for overseeing activities in Mull, Skye, the Argyll coast and even as far as the Western Isles. This was not the end of the turmoil,  nor the Maclans presence in the area though. After the death of King James IV at Flodden, feuds once again erupted all across the Highlands and Islands. In 1856, Sir James Milles Riddell’s trustees sold the Estate, comprising 2,225ha (55,000 acres) and including the Ardnamurchan peninsula and land eastwards to Strontian, to Mr John James Dalgleish (1836-1916), who lived in a house he built in Glenborrodale. Rudd, had worked closely with Cecil Rhodes in the diamond fields of South Africa; together, and with others, they set up the De Beers Mining Company. SC167632. However, the fact that it is a peninsula on the west coast with poor land … They sold it to Mr John Grisewood, who sold it to Mr Donald Houston. Being a Hanoverian and Campbell stronghold, his presence in this parish was not welcome by the local minister in Kilchoan (although many of his parishioners disagreed with this stance). © 2020 Heritage Ardnamurchan. Glasgow airport is aproximately 4 hours away and Edinburgh Airport is aproximately 5 hours away. land, sea & sky. ... Ardnamurchan Estate Mingary Steading, Kilchoan, Acharacle PH36 4LH An Avro Anson landed on the beach at Sanna and a Whitley bomber crash-landed on croft land there, both without severe injury. The news of this controversial visitor quickly reached the Sheriff in Inveraray. Although it was rebuilt by Maclan shortly after, a further battle saw him and his two sons lose their lives. He also let the castle to famous names like Sir Thomas Sopwith and Sir Thomas Lipton. In July 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie landed at Loch nan Uamh near Arisaig and immediately set off for Kinlochmoidart. View 1111 homes for sale in Transylvania County, take real estate virtual tours & browse MLS listings in NC at realtor.com®. Sir Donald Campbell took control of Mingary in 1628. Visitors might notice the local landmarks around Ben Hiant whose names stem from Eoghan’s. In the two decades before 2013, the castle structure had been in such a dangerous state of decay that access had to be prohibited. While he was waiting for the castle’s completion, Rudd lived at Shielbridge House on the banks of the River Shiel, which was demolished shortly after the Second World War. With evidence of human habitation that goes back around 4,000 years it’s always been an ideal base for overseeing activities in Mull, Skye, the Argyll coast and Western Isles. Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Scottish Highlands. He entertained lavishly at Glenborrodale, one of his major interests being his membership of the Western Isles Yacht Club in Tobermory. A cairn (above) was raised on the spot to his memory. During the Second World War the Ardnamurchan peninsula was a restricted area. It is also possible that Rudd acquired land along the north side of Loch Shiel. It was acquired in 1973 by a subsidiary of J Lyons & Co, and sold to Trust House Forte Ltd in January 1977, who ran it as an hotel. Ritchie, while most of the remaining area was sold off to different buyers, including members of the MacKenzie family. Then, in 2012, when a survey was carried out for the present owner of Ardnamurchan Estate, Donald Houston, it was found that the walls were threatened by movement of the granophyre sill on which they were built. You may also see Roe deer across the Peninsula and a few Fallow Deer in the forest blocks around Loch Mudle. Other more tangible remnants still remain – a Viking boat burial site was uncovered in October 2011. In many cases, the money was used to put an upper storey on their croft houses. However, the fact that it is a peninsula on the west coast with poor land access made it ideal for the "power barons" of the past. We love welcoming guests to Adrnamurchan and have a number of accommodation options designed to show you the best of what the peninsula has to offer. For an unforgettable escape into Ardnamurchan’s incredible landscape, our holiday cottages are perfect. Although the two parties seem to have found reason, yet more trouble was brewing, this time between the Maclans and the Campbells. Again, the Castle was besieged for three days by the MacLeans of Mull. Ardnamurchan Estates enjoys an enviable reputation for its red deer which have been managed and improved through selective breeding for many generations. On Rudd’s death in 1916, the Ardnamurchan Estate, now confined to the area to the west of Acharacle, Salen and the Shiel River, was bought by Sir Kenneth Clarke of the Paisley thread manufacturing family. Owner Address: Mingary House Kilchoan ACHARACLE PH36 4LH: Property Address: Website: n/a: Further Information: Ardnamurchan Estates Ltd. is a Company registered in Scotland No. After the ’45 rising, and to a certain extent as a result of it, the Highland Clearances took hold and Ardnamurchan was not spared. Mingary Castle provides guests with the finest of Highland hospitality, surrounded by unforgettable scenery and breathtaking wildlife.

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