Your troops on the main screen will continuously slaughter random enemies that come their way. Each unit type excels at something different, so knowing their strengths and weaknesses is the key to overcoming your opponent. In the bottom menu, tap the hero avatar button and go to the troops collection tab to check the list of troops. by getting victories. As such, Art of War: Legions is all about planning and positioning. You need troops to battle the enemies. Update). Some troops have special abilities such as the Ice Mage, they have the ability to ice barrage. Hot New Top Rising. His passive ability Rapid Cooling constantly slows surrounding enemies’ attack speed until he moves away from them. Art of War: Legion is an addictive Android game where you choose and organize your tiny army to battle the enemy. To unlock chapters, you must reach a certain level. There are mainly three types of troops in the Art of War: Legions game; tank-type troops, buildings, and DPS-type troops. When you gain quest points, the bar at the top will fill up. We have compiled a lot of Art of War: Legions game tips & tricks that we think you might find them useful. That’s all for now in this Art of War: Legions guide and tips for beginners. They have loads of health, defense, and attack, making them huge threats on the battlefield. Speaking of game modes, it has battle stages/levels, expedition, event, and PvP arena mode. From the Battle of Actium in 31 BC to one of the many Jewish revolts between 132 and 136 AD, the Cyrenaica Legion had an influential presence during many major events in ancient Roman history. Heroes are powerful units that have special skills. Use them well, and you can overcome any battle! * Exciting Battles The battle is more like a real dance of war. At level 30, you will gain access to the Arena. You will also see how your enemy is positioned and grouped up, so you will need to position your troops in a way to counterattack the enemy adequately. In our Art of War: Legions tips and tricks guide, we will go over the most important things to keep in mind during a battle, and how to be a master strategist. Try to complete all of the Headhunts before the day is over for a lot of gold. You have entered an incorrect email address! r/ArtOfWarLegions: A community for the Art Of War: Legions mobile app by 10P STUDIO for tips and information. It’s your army, you in charge. In the front line, use melee-type or tank troops(the ones with high health stats – they are good at soaking damage) or mages. Add the DPS-type troops in the mid-line – these troops have low defense but they do a high volume of damage – they must be protected at any cost. The reward amount increases as you pass more levels. Add more tank-type troops in the rear line or use mages. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below! Tapping on the scroll at the top right corner of the main menu brings you to the daily quests screen. His active is Boreal Grace which grants shields to nearby friendly units. Hope you can become a glorious commander and have a lot of fun. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Before you attack, you will see a number out of another number. This will generate gold and gems for you over time. Eventually later in the game, you will find opponents who have more complex formations, and you will have to adapt in order to counter them. Join. Here you compete with other players. These guys are pretty straightfoward: they will charge the closest enemy and whack them with their swords until one of them dies. Art of War: Legions is a simple and quick-to-play real time strategy game where you are pit against armies of different shapes and sizes. If you try to fight in the arena as soon as it is unlocked, you will probably get destroyed. We have been playing this game for a while now and it’s been great so far. If you love playing mobile games, Subscribe to Gaming Soul on YouTube for new mobile gameplays. Each quest is worth a good amount of gold, gems, and quest points. You can fit a single squad of units on a tile. Got more tips? As such, you should deploy Infantry at the frontlines so that they grab the attention of the enemies. From the card packs, you might get the troop card that you already owned. Tap the battle button on the main screen and there you will see the current level. Learn how your comment data is processed. card. Facebook – GamingSoul. The ones with high HP stats are tank-type troops, high attack power means DPS. When a Headhunt has lost all of its turns, it will be done. As such, Art of War: Legions is all about planning and positioning. At around level 15 you will unlock the opportunity to take on Headhunts. Arena is the player vs player competitive game mode within Art of War: Legions, frequent seasons with a competitive leaderboard for clans and players makes it a great test to truly show your strength and strategy within your formation. Posted by 11 hours ago. This troop unit blocks to the back of the enemy and releases deadly blades – as the battle starts, you will see this unit climbing back to the rear line on the enemy side and stabbing them. When you get into the arena, you will be presented with a list of challengers randomly selected. Heroes have active skills and passive skills. You should always constantly be reinforcing your army. Tap on the troop card and check the parameters such as HP, Attack, Defense, and special ability. It also looks like a player gets moved from Elite to Master once going beyond 2000 trophies. They are not powerful, but their numbers might be able to push your team to victory! Here you progress chapter-by-chapter. The problem is positioning: your heroes can only be deployed in one of three spots. For mobile gaming news, updates, and reviews join us on Social Media Platforms. Make sure to read the profile info carefully. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! Their passive skill grants them a special ability, and their active can wreck havoc on the battlefield. However, with some smart positioning, you can alleviate this. Troops. You will be the commander who leads legions of tiny armies. Sandship: Crafting Factory Review – Micromanagement Game! Once you get to around level 20, you will unlock your first hero. Art of War: Legions has many troops to pick from to fill your army, each troop has its own abilities and respective levels. They are single Infantry, and you can deploy them anywhere on the battlefield by tapping. Hot. Make yourself the most powerful night killer. They will earn gold and gems for x6 hours. The premium pass contains even better rewards, but you need to pay real money to activate it. Depending on your hero’s movement speed, you can get them to charge right into the enemy forces, letting them absorb all the hits. You start out with the free pass, and you can get some nice rewards like gold, gems, troops, and keys. It is the perfect synergy, and you should always be looking for opportunities to pair up your troops together! You can set up the arena defense on this mode’s screen. That’s all for Art of War: Legions! For instance, 1-star Iron Guard + 1-star Iron Guard gives you 2-star Iron Guard. There is a spot to the left, right, and back of the deployment space, meaning you cannot really let your hero lead the charge. The Cyrenaica Legion was active in different shapes and sizes from its formation in 31 BC all the way up to the early years of the fifth century. There's also an online (kinda) aspect of the game where you battle another real player's army. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story Coming To Switch In... Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity New Video Reveals Demo Framerate, Resolution, Genshin Impact Massive 1.1 Update Launches Next Month. Refreshes every day – you can grind currencies here. The stronger your opponent is, the more arena points you will earn. Tap it and spend the coins to get the random troops. Top. Every win in the arena nets you a token, and when you collect enough tokens your battle pass will level up. So make sure to collect the idle chest on the battle screen and claim offline idle earnings. You need troops to battle the enemies. How do you get the troops? Twitter – Gaming Soul. Comment below. The Master players have the larger, more developed armies, but the Elite players are newer with smaller armies.

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