They also come in multiple sizes, are robust and easy to decontaminate and maintain. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Increasing that pressure lets the mask work better with PAPRs and SCBAs while decreasing that pressure is better for standard APR. Avon Protection 70501-155 Vision Correction Assembly fits PC50, C50, FM50, FM53 and FM54 Masks Avon Protection 70501-155 Vision Correction Assembly fits PC50, C50, FM50, FM53 and FM54 Masks $114.00 Enables prescription lenses to be fitted to the 50 Series masks ranging from … The variable resistance exhalation unit allows the user to change the pressure required to open the exhale valve. It gives the user unprecedented levels of protection, comfort and versatility in the most hostile of environments.

Hampton Park West Semington Road Melksham United Kingdom, +44 1225 896564
The flexible design of the Vision Correction Assembly allows the assembly to easily fold inside the mask for installation and adjustments. +44 (0) 1225 896 301. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The FM50 is part of the latest generation of Avon CBRN full face mask, specifically designed to meet the latest NATO forces military mask requirements. Avon Protection offers a comprehensive range of CBRN Respirators/Masks that have been designed to cope with the fiercest challenges from specific CBRN situations that face today’s military and first responders. The FM53 Mask is Avon Protections most technologically advanced mask with both positive pressure capabilities for SCBA, CCBA, APR, PAPR and on-demand negative pressure capabilities. With a range of accessories available as well, it is the perfect versatile system for building and confined space entry where the threats are unknown. The main difference is the VREU on the FM53. For safety reasons in case of an extreme ballistic impact it is recommended that the Clear Outsert (70501/156) be worn with the 50 Series masks when wearing corrective lenses. And I wondered why even though the C50 has the ability to have dual filters which can make it easier to breathe, and the fm53 is only one sided.

It provides high levels of respiratory protection against both classical chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial materials.

Avon Protection Individual Equipment Carrier, with MOLLE attachment, compatible with PC50, C50, FM50. In terms of actual benefits, all of Avon’s respirators are quick to don, comfortable to wear, provide the highest protection factor, enable the user to have a wide field of view and include a communications port compatible with all current specialist radio systems. All put their trust in Avon's advanced respiratory protection solutions to shield them from every possible threat. In addition to this, the assembly design allows the lens height to be adjusted without need for any special tools. The Avon C50 protective mask is based on the U.S. M50/JSGPM (Joint Services General Purpose Mask) and sharing key technologies, provides maximum operational flexibility to counter multiple threat scenarios, including chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (CBRN) agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs). Avon has been in the respirator/gas mask business since the 1920's, so they've quite a bit of experience under their belt, to say the least.

Official Discord:, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The Avon FM53™/FM54™ Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with Digital Microphone Assembly is designed to enhance voice projection while allowing for non-obstructed weapons sighting and easier... Fleet Safety, 2020 Your First Responder Superstore | Emergency Vehicle Upfilter, Tactical Gear and Apparel, (Creating an account is highly recommended for faster checkouts and for tax-exempt customers), Emergency Vehicle Upfitter, Tactical Gear, and Apparel, General Dynamics Docking Stations and Cradles, Panasonic Toughbook Docking Stations and Cradles, Body Armor Carriers with Optional Ballistic Panels, HWC Police Equipment Wholesale Distributor, Click here to watch a video about this product. So I’m buying a C50 tomorrow, and I saw some things saying how it’s not as good as the FM53. Flexible polycarbonate outsert that simply attaches to 50 series masks to provide additional impact and scratch resistance in extreme environments. The Avon Protection Vision Correction Assembly is a unique design that allows for prescription lenses to be fitted to a wide range of the Avon Protection 50 series masks.

C50 – The first responders choice. FM53 Vs. C50. Our kit is the only AVON mask adapter designed to disable your headset's microphone to avoid the negative impact of environmental noise outside the mask when transmitting Each solution has been developed for the operational user when in a high risk environment. Avon Mask Comms Adapter Kit.

And I wondered why even though the C50 has the ability to have dual filters which can make it easier to breathe, and the fm53 is only one sided. Avon Protection's expanding global client base now includes military forces, civil and first line defense troops, emergency service teams and industrial, marine, mineral and oil extraction site personnel.

With the FM53 at its heart, and a choice of short (seven or 14 minutes) or long duration (up to approximately 60 minutes) compressed air cylinders, it is possible to enter a location on filter mode, assess the situation, and then change to SCBA mode if the need arises without having to leave and change equipment.

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