The series is also not for those who might not abide the apparent political incorrectness in gender characterizations as Eda is banished to the desk because she is a woman, even though she plays a substantial role in solving crimes and making clever links which ‘the boys’ often fail to see. The best turkish tv show, the quality of cinematography is not good but the screenplay is perfect. The series is about a homicide detective, the people around him and his mental state. You often wonder how he made the deputy leader of the team at all. I wish though that all police officers. Best because it is daily life.. it is sincere.. they are not acting, it is like a window to someone's real life.. so intense, so sincere, so real.. You can find friendship, sacrifice, pain, empathy, understanding, passion, intelligence unlike modern series.. I finished and am completely spent emotionally. • Sen Cal Kapimi • Trailer • English • #sençalkapımı Episode 17 Trailer # 2, with grammatically correct English Translations. which is also in our Instagram bio Centered around a personally troubled, officially discredited police chief and his inharmonious police team in Ankara Police Force. The best part of the series is that it tells the whole story with all its naturalness.The best example of how to deal with American TV series with a simple budget. _____________________________________________ Behzat Ç. is basically about the adventures of a homicide detective and his squad in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. | Shooting the episodes mostly in popular local venues and people's homes, the series has a rather short list of permanent shooting sets: only the the homes of the main characters and the offices for the Homicide Squad is kept as a shooting set. This serie is unique. Thank you, Behzat and all the members of your world. Ankara and its surrounds play a starring role, competing overtly with Istanbul as visitors from Istanbul in the episodes insult the city and those from Ankara reciprocate. What allures me and the others in Behzat Ç. is the property that nothing seems phony in it. I was sad to see it end at 96 episodes as I felt like I was loosing friends. He is the very epitome of all detectives ever: disheveled, divorced, drunk, desperate, drop-dead gorgeous, and dramatically brilliant. He is the very epitome of all detectives ever: disheveled, divorced, drunk, desperate, drop-dead gorgeous, and dramatically brilliant. However by itself the 30th episode could not be the reason. In this respect, it should be acknowledged as an epitome of social impact made by a quality artwork. Behzat Ç. is basically about the adventures of a homicide detective and his squad in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. There is little that is pretty about Ankara, and less that is pretty about its criminal underworld and its political machinations. It is so realistic in many instances, to me, who knew very little of Turkish culture. They focus on the story which consists of crime scenes with secrets and enigmas in Behzat C's psychological situation and history. _____________________________________________ Links to … The actor who plays Behzat really lives the role. I am probably writing this because of the last scene on the 30th episode. Behzat Ç. solves crimes in and around Ankara with his team of six, and prosecutor Esra, one of his many love interests. I just loved the humorous lines they were given as they killed right, left and centre. They're like my family. Gave me a great view on what Turkish life and customs and political issues . Our prayers are for all the lives affected. Best because it is daily life.. it is sincere.. they are not acting, it is like a window to someone's real life.. so intense, so sincere, so real.. You can find friendship, sacrifice, pain, empathy, understanding, passion, intelligence unlike modern series.. Origins of characters shown from time to time by flashbacks usually, especially if they are related with the topic of the episode. How many times have we sat with friends, drinking, recalling past stories that have made our lives what they are? Perceptive viewers will notice this inverted paradigm, although it irks Eda that she seemingly plays a secondary role. I particularly enjoyed Episode 78 due to how incredibly honest it was. Erdal Besikcioglu is the star of the series. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Although this series takes a whole chunk of your life since each of the 97 or so episodes is between 1.5 to 2 hours long, you will enjoy watching it much more than doing anything else in the same amount of time. Behzat Ç.one of the best realistic shows in Turkey maybe the best.As writers says:what's happening in life it must be in Behzat Ç. to because of that the show has pressures from a lot of different organizations so producers decided to end the show in 100 episodes.You can see reality in everywhere from Actors's language to extras-es.Behzat Ç. is fiction part of the show.He's a police who doesn't care politic,religion,ideology.He's just want to do his job.He also just watch documentaries in TV(i guess there's a joke behind it to) but in that job you can't escape from politics and some dark relationships when show gone forward Behzat finds himself a lot of dirty jobs,danger,puzzles and of course murders. Vulture painfully recalling why the woman he had loved for so long committed the murders she did and Behzat admitting that Sule is his daughter. Starring: Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Fatih Artman, İnanç Konukçu Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Saw this on NETFLIX. The actors - what can I say? I know they are only TV characters, but still I wonder what happened to them, how their lives went. Yet, life's itself has a lot of these situations. Well, here we see a damn Turkish TV legend and guess what? However they are so close to the fact, they make you think about them even can visualize them in your life. Use the HTML below. I am "Memduh Baskan" fan. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this series. A disheveled detective flying into an interrogation room with a “tesbih” (similar to rosary beads) around his fingers, hitting a detainee across the head and blurting out a series of profanities as. A routine story of life goes parallel with the story of pressure which you already have because of the unwritten rules of the society, politics, family, even friends. Footage credit to owner. @cagataynorthamerica #BehzatC #Netflix #CrimeDrama #ErdalBesikcioglu #IMDB #EmrahSerbes #HazalKaya #Ankara #InancKonukcu #EnginOzturk #EnglishReview #Volkswagen #BluTV #BirAnkaraPolisiyesi, Tags: Ankara, Behzat C, BirAnkaraPolisiyesi, Blu TV, Crime Drama, Emrah Serbes, Engin Ozturk, Erdal Besikcioglu, Hazal Kaya, IMDB, Inanc Konukcu, Netflix, Your email address will not be published. I have learned so much having watched this series through 78 episodes. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Even though the show usually focuses on murders and other crimes that happens on a weekly basis, the undertone of the story leads to an eventual duel between Behzat Ç. and the rotten department officials and bureaucrats. The team tries to hide Eda and Selim's news from Harun on his big day. None of the characters are shallow, they all have their own past and they are all played by great actors and actresses. A series of very sincere. Here is the hardened, often violent, smart head of the Homicide Bureau who manages his team with a stern, loving father’s hand; a team comprising Ghost (Inanc Konukcu), Vulture (Berken Sal), Harun (Fatih Artman) and Eda (Seda Bakan), the female detective who runs the office. Harun is the only one who lacks any visible usefulness, although occasionally he shows some insight into the investigations, according to one of my Turkish TV friends. A rising attorney finds his perfectly crafted life threatened when his long-lost childhood friends threaten to expose a dark secret from their past from Kuyudibi district in Istanbul. A follow up series of nine episodes (Season 4) was filmed in 2019, and is shown on BluTV for those who can access that platform. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. His immersion into the role of Behzat is nothing short of genius. The show has also been noted for its willingness to confront issues faced by contemporary Turkish society, with episodes tackling topics such as domestic violence, police brutality, political suppression, censorship, and the treatment of minorities such as Kurds, migrant workers, and the LGBT community. The effects are the same in the serial. I used to be a fan of Law and Order Criminal Intent, now it seems all too fictionalized for me. With a full title of Behzat Ç: Bir Ankara Polisyesi (Behzat C.: An Ankara Detective), Behzat C. is by far the best detective show I have ever watched. He was annoying in a very entertaining way. Moreover this impact is not limited to those who detest the government. Only one of his books so far has been translated into English and the rest have been translated for readers in Germany where Serbes is very popular. Thanks to blutv, (it's kinda Turkish Netflix) we'll meet with our captain on July 2019. The series follows the format of a standard procedural, presenting a weekly case that is usually wrapped up by the end of the episode, but also features character arcs and an over-arching mystery that unfolds over the course of a season: With copious amounts of swearing and alcohol consumption, Behzat Ç. was a frequent target of RTÜK, the national broadcast regulation agency. _____________________________________________ That is what a great TV series should do it should make you feel the characters are real and care about them. Follow: @north_america_ten for translations of trailers, interviews and other content related to learning more about Turkish drama and entertainment Read this insightful piece on this thought-provoking topic • Political side of the series is also highly controversial; some episodes attracted attention from officials, representatives and even from ministers because they contain serious criticism against the current administration.

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