I freaked out a little, but was confusingly appreciative of her honesty. See the article in its original context from. When the day was done, he would sell his crawfish for a decent price and go home. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. ''But over time, people tried it. Last year, he supplied stores and restaurants with four million pounds of Chinese crawfish. Seasonally they have softshell crab. We live close by and it is probably the one restaurant we visit the most. 2. Small, casual restaurant with excellent seafood. No comparison awesome food and this could have easily fed two people! Again, we were a little surprised. If you’re like me, a crawfish boil — aside from the camaraderie and beer — holds little allure. he added. ''This is the best time of year,'' Mr. Landreneau declared, presiding over 60 pounds of the piping hot crustaceans, with his wife, three daughters, mother, sister-in-law and nephew. Gone are the days when he could fish his ponds in a flat-bottom boat into late May and still make a profit. But it was good enough, for $2 a pound.''. When we attempted to eat the expensive bowl of seafood gumbo, it was still mushy from the freeze, and the few, and I mean few like not even pass 10 shrimps that were in this gumbo were so small (dried shrimp size small) that some had not had the peelings fully taken off because of the tiny size. They should not complain, then, when they are on the other side of the trade table, he said. Bernards Seafood Express, LLC - 204 CARMEN St, Cottonport, LA 71327 - Rated 4.4 based on 3 Reviews "The food is horrible and I will never go back ever again" In good times, Mr. Peltier simply would go out every day and trap what he could. Louisiana crawfish are also sold live or already boiled whole. Greg Morago was a features editor and reporter for The Hartford Courant for 25 years before joining the Houston Chronicle as food editor in 2009. The numbers bear him out. Amount Per Serving. You can't beat their prices. A lot of people get take out.More, Bernard's Seafood Express is right next to (connected to) the company's seafood shipping headquarters. The seafood platters come with extras and is almost...enough for 2 small meals. 2 tablespoons milk. Then there are fishermen like Clyde Peltier, who sinks traps in the wild. ''It's like anything else,'' he added. He points out that Louisianians export many of their biggest crawfish to Sweden, where the crustaceans command a premium price. Drain on paper towels. But even in this season of plenty, they and others fear that this hard-shelled symbol of their heritage is slipping away. ''Instead of catching 40 sacks, we might only catch half that,'' he said. 1. The lunch has great food and great prices. ''Everyone has their own secret recipe for how much lemon juice goes in the water and how much cayenne pepper and how much vinegar,'' said Dr. Jules d'Hemecourt, a professor of mass communications at Louisiana State University, who also studies Cajun culture. Add the heavy cream, and salt and pepper to taste. dishes. Again, we were a little surprised. Make a roux by cooking and stirring continuously for about 20 minutes, or until the mixture is golden brown. Cooking with crawfish is easy thanks to the frozen packets of pre-cooked tail meat you can find in the frozen-seafood section of your supermarket, available all year round. Dugout Grill and Bar Rocky's Tails and Shells. Saute, stirring, for 2 minutes. Live sack crawfish, yeah! But the more troubling issue for farmers is the deluge of imports, which are often cheaper by half. There are farmers like Larry Miller, who raises them in ponds. For the truly adventurous, Crawfish King feature hearty seafood feasts, bursting with lobster, crab, prawns, crawfish, mussels, clams and more. Louisiana's crawfish industry is in the battle of its life, its position as the country's leading purveyor of the delicately sweet meat threatened by a flood of less-expensive imports from China. Although prices for the Louisiana meat, which are seasonal, have dropped in the last two weeks, one jazz-festival chef noted that when he ordered peeled crawfish tails, the choice was either the Chinese import, at $3.50 a pound, or the Louisiana meat, at $8. We have bought 3 -40lb sacks at $25 each to boil and put away in the freezer for later...recipes. Add the mushrooms. They're not good at all!" Nutrition Facts. As Dexter Guillory, a crawfish processor in Eunice, La., said: ''There's room for crawfish tail meat besides Louisiana's. My wife had touched the bowl of gumbo and noticed the bowl was hot, which tells us that the seafood gumbo was frozen not fresh, which it was. You can get good fried fish anywhere in the Parish. 1. Let the mixture sit for two minutes, then place the crawfish in a colander to drain. In another wide, shallow dish, combine the flour with the Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste. It's a weeknight at Dwight Landreneau's house, not a weekend, but zydeco music fills the room, and someone has popped open a beer. Get quick answers from Bernard's Seafood Express staff and past visitors. It's not Xerox. My appreciation for swampy critters peaks during my yearly sojourn to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (this year starting April 26), where we often head straight to the Crawfish Monica booth to savor a dish of spiral pasta judiciously coated in a creamy sauce studded with plump crawfish. Saute for an additional 1 or 2 minutes. I would estimate my income is down 30 to 40 percent every year since the Chinese crawfish came to Louisiana. The battle is far from over, but the Louisiana crawfish industry has won the early rounds. As the market expanded, so did the cuisine. Mr. Bernard also argues that the crawfish industry has not been nearly as hurt as it has portrayed itself, emphasizing that most farmers have other crops and that fishermen -- there are 1,100 of them -- often have other seasonal jobs. We have tried the other surrounding restaurants but always come back. HOOKED: You can customize your seafood boil at Shell Shack on Washington Avenue. In the rural hamlet of Church Point, La., where the land is luminously green by early spring and the warm air is dense with humidity, Larry Miller is a farmer -- one of about 1,500 who raise crawfish so that they can be boiled and fried and sauteed in kitchens all over America. ''I've been doing this 20 years,'' he said. Bernard's Seafood Express is right next to (connected to) the company's seafood shipping headquarters. I love the flavor and texture of the pink curlicues of tail meat, and all the creative things chefs and home cooks can do with them: étouffée, bisque, dip, enchiladas, beignets and fried rice, just to name a few. At first, people laughed. ''This strikes at our culture, our food and our jobs,'' said Mr. Landreneau, an aquaculture agent for the state's Cooperative Extension Service. It's individual families. ''In the first couple of years, there was a lot of resistance to the Chinese product,'' recalled Mr. Guillory, the processor, who owns Riceland Crawfish Inc. in Eunice. 5 tablespoons, plus 1/2 pound (2 sticks), butter, 1/2 cup sliced scallion bottoms (white and light green parts, 3 pounds cooked crawfish tail meat (available frozen from seafood markets and specialty-food stores), 1/2 cup sliced scallion tops (green part only). Do you use MSG(monosodium glutamate)? Serve very cold. Frozen crawfish tail meat, available all year, is easy to use in recipes — a delicious way to enjoy mudbug flavor without having to wait for crawfish season In a wide, shallow dish, combine the egg white with the milk and two teaspoons of water. Saute until tender, about five minutes. Garnish with the parsley and sliced scallion tops. Anyone who has tasted Crawfish Monica knows what a glorious thing it is.

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