I really enjoy podcasts that have individual episodes, or maybe a few episodes that are linked together. I have tried Casefiles, and I just can't get over the monotone voice, and how the narrator will sometimes use a dramatic/scary voice during unimportant details/facts. This is not a place to promote your podcast. I dunno what , 10/28/2020. I really loved Sword and Scale! The Watts family if you want a good cry . The fact that he had no MO literally kept me awake at night after listening to that episode. One of my favorites is the Monster in Fort Wayne case. They go into detail about the case, the lead up and the aftermath. I'll need to hunt them down by searching manually but I suppose I can't complain much in that. Also the yuba county 5 episode. I find his story fascinating. Is it on spotify? There are about 115 episodes so far. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CrimeJunkieDiscussion community, Continue browsing in r/CrimeJunkieDiscussion. I think about it every other week, and I heard it when it first came out. I guess those non-sensical ladies know what they're doing. Things! Hopefully it gets better because I think it has potential. Yes, fuck every murderer — but they need to tone it down. From murder to missing persons, there are an endless number of true crime cases. Anyone else listen to Morbid too? I don’t mind that there is a script but I do mind bad writing and no rhythm. It was honestly the first podcast I’d ever listened to that I had a very emotional and visceral response to. I have been a fan for a long time and finally got merch but the quality of the hoodie is really making me question the price. Their case did not deserve to go unheard of, or be shadowed by the GSK, so "Crime Junkie" decided to give them recognition. It was CRAZY. looking for more! I think we need a new Content Warning for disturbing facts related to dogs/pets. Like, the in depth story telling, the emotion he conveyed and the care he had for Susan Powell’s case. The Casefile 3 part special about Silk Road is probably the best podcast(s) I've ever listened to. I also listen to CaseFile and Australian True Crime (yeah I'm Aussie). Some people may like that but tbh that attitude disgusts me. ...Wait. So far, the Bryce Laspisa & Israel Keyes episodes have stuck with me the most and blew my mind. Best podcast Best true crime podcast out there. Everything was a lighthearted joke. I don’t usually get squeamish, but I almost had to pause some of those descriptions. Open discussion about the Crime Junkie podcast. I’ve been listening to them since February or so. A little humor is fine but it was too much for me. and for some reason the case about Charlie Brandt really fucks me up. It was only my favorite bc of the things the guy would do, but Ashley interviewed a guy to make that episode. Top tier podcasting. So true! I also like serious true crime podcasts. I just realized you said episodes so here are some of my fave episodes of Criminal: Episode 76 - "The Big Lick" (about Tennessee Walking Horses, animal abuse, and mob crime relating to the long-standing tradition of "soring" walking horses), Episode 51 - "Money Tree" (about child identity theft), Episode 68 - "All the Time in the World" (a forensics episode about the "body farm" at Texas State University), Episode 33 - "Deep Dive" (about a professional police diver who goes into the La Brea Tar Pits to look for evidence), My personal favorite was the episode “Animal Instincts”, Dr death. I had to stop immediately because we were watching in bed and that made me incredibly anxious!! As part of this mission, r/podcasts is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions. Podyssey is the Goodreads for podcasts. Excited to dive in for some round twos! I listen to this and True Crime Garage. I’ve just started listening to “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast”. Whether you prefer to surf through reddit threads or read formal court statements, here are five chilling true-crime cases that will keep you pondering all night long. They are afraid to say anything she won't like to avoid her army of flying monkeys coming after them. All the things." Israel Keyes for sure! What was that baby doing out that late at night in a storm? Dr No is the one that first really scared the sh*t out of me. Grunting in the mic “oh...” “wait...what!” “Uuuh!” “Full body chills” yuck! Every Monday, Ashley Flowers will tell you about whatever crime she’s been obsessing over that week in a way that sounds like you’re sitting around talking crime with your best friends. I loved the April Marie Tinsley episode!! Every single episode of "cold" podcast left me shook to pieces. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I saved it and I’ll be checking them out. Excellent podcast. :( I am hugging my own puppet as I type this.

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