What are in your top 5 picks of Hopping Vampire movies? Literally, the word jiangshi means “stiff corpse,” and accounts of reanimated cadavers can be traced back to Pú Sōnglíng 蒲松龄, Jì Yún 纪昀, and other fantastical writers who lived during the Qing Dynasty. A large part is due to how unique of a genre it is. They're creepy as hell) but at the same time I love zombie, exorcism and jiangshi movies. They are some of the wildest, strangest movies in existence. Analytics cookies help us understand how our visitors interact with the website. Finally, the last and highest-rated film on the list is Three...Extremes. Bold Cheung (Hung) is known in his village for his bravery, his adulterous wife’s lover dares Cheung to spend a night in a haunted temple, where he has an evil spirit awakened to murder Cheung. Get in touch: editors@supchina.com.

They’re creepy as hell) but at the same time I love zombie, exorcism and jiangshi movies.

Kau and his incompetent students became stock figures, and some of the movie’s other inventions, such as the idea that jiangshi could turn living people into monsters by biting them, found their way into other movies. Unlike vampires, who spread their kind by biting, jiangshi were traditionally the result of a corpse being possessed, magically resurrected, or reanimated due to negative energy. Norris’ martial arts are great fun. Halloween is coming up, and it’s the perfect season for watching these top “Jiangshi,” or “hopping vampire” movies. They are usually a mixture of horror and comedy films, and incorporate a bit of martial arts and Taoist exorcism rituals. These cookies also allow for the viewing of embedded content, such as videos. These movies are awesome. While Mr. Vampire didn’t invent the jiangshi movie, it helped to define and establish many of its tropes. With the choreography and stunts to be somewhat uninspired. This article about kung fu horror movies is part of our ongoing series 31 Days of Horror Lists. The majority of the jiangshi films are from Hong Kong so the languages are in Cantonese, but subtitles in Chinese, English (and sometimes Korean) are widely available. Jiangshi movies make up one of the strangest and most entertaining subgenres of horror cinema. Although the film was praised for its dark premise and critique on capitalism, some found that the commentary gets lost by the slasher elements. This cookie is set by doubleclick.net. Share Share Tweet Email. Fearful Interlude (1975) The Spiritual Boxer (1975) The Shaolin Brothers (1977) Spiritual Boxer II (1979) Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980) The Dead and the Deadly (1982) Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave (1982) Fantasy Mission Force (1983)
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... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. However, some have also claimed the film as being quite creepy. However, things escalate when Kau realizes his body was not buried properly, and instead has turned into a vampire. For me, this movie brought back memories of my sister and me watching jiangshi movies together and my love for jiangshi films. ( Log Out /  This film was well-received, with each story being praised for its brutality and strong writing.

Jiangshi Chinese folklores are so popular that they have inspired a whole new genre of horror film in the Mandarin/Cantonese-speaking regions (particularly Hong Kong). Which do you agree or disagree with? Encounters of the Spooky Kind initiated an industry-wide fad that mixed kung-fu and horror, and director and leading man Sammo Hung (洪金宝 Hóng Jīnbǎo) was eager for a second outing. And if all that’s not enough? The cookies collect this data and report it anonymously. Here are some of the best (and worst). Anyhow, since summer time means time to watch scary movies, here are five must-watch jiangshi movies. The film focuses on Master Kau and his students as they fight to stop the Jiangshi, corpses within Chinese folklore. This is probably the one that led to the breakthrough of jiangshi films in Asia and is my favorite.

Trekkie, Not Trekker. Only Uncle Feng can combine his expert detective skills with his Taoist alchemy to fight the forces of evil!

While they are labeled “horror,” I don’t think any of these are genuinely supposed to be too scary. While sometimes the comedy can get grating, especially for Western audiences, these movies are often fun enough to let them slide. Actor Chin Siu-ho of the original film franchise plays a depressed version of himself who moves into an apartment building that turns out to be filled with ghostly neighbors. After taking pictures of a gruesome car crash, she bebcomes obsessed with the concept of death, taking her to a much darker path afterwards.

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