Please try again. "I'm a basketball junkie, and I enjoy the camaraderie I have with all my referee buddies," he says. Learn contract law. And he's a great communicator, five. Yet they felt no need to mention it. It was surely refreshing to see and I hope it continues for our kids and our style of play.In my opinion, most of the BIG 12 Zebras got a bad case of whistle-itis especially when the Mountaineers are involved. Has anyone seen and Big 12 refs in the NCAA tournament? Not true. That followed a western swing of five straight days that took him to, in order, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Spokane, Tucson and Salt Lake City. He remembers about 15 years ago spotting a sign during a game at Missouri State suggesting he should be on TV show Baywatch. I want a guy that gets the plays right. Not only did they have six players on the court, but the next morning WKU fired their head coach, and I have to live with that. I think that he's not influenced by any coach. ", "He's strong, for one. Candid Coaches: Who is the best referee in college basketball? It doesnt change the fact that regardless of what you call it. 801/392-1978 Division I. Correspondent Wendell Barnhouse spent two games embedded with the referees who officiated two Big 12 men's basketball games in late January. When push comes to shove, in our business it's about getting plays right.". Also saw Higgins Redding a gameYesterday. Active referees are listed in bold. Locked Topic - No more replies can be posted. They are independent contractors. ", In this respect, Higgins is well served by having Shaw as his primary assigner. 925/472-8299 Division 2. Big Twelve Conference. Some top-of-the-resumé information about the poll's big winners: All these officials are crew chiefs, and all work the biggest conferences, so it makes sense they would get the most votes. Like football, basketball needs to go to conference officials and make them more accountable for their actions. Whether he has something against the other coach, which he certainly could, I don't care because he's giving us a fair shake. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? I've seen plenty who I do think are good officials and have popped guys in those situations. He understands basketball and how things flow together. Like football, basketball needs to go toconference officials and make them more accountable for their actions. But I'd lean toward him because he's given us a fair shake against high-major programs every time he's had us. Contact us: Home Because they know it doesnt matter what you calk them. Conferences will have one game assigner that will assign all of the home games for the teams in the conference. If you're keeping score, that's 4,800 miles traveled over three days. They are independent contractors and work other leagues. His dark complexion results not from hours spent in tanning beds, but from his family's roots. Ayers, Eades and Valentine represent more than 50 percent of the vote, which speaks to the strength of ACC officiating. Its not a hard concept. Now, it's of course the opposite.".

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