Featured Above: Fine Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphires from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of Fine Jyotish Gemstones. are stones of the apocalypse, and ancient lore held that the tablets upon which So, Blue Sapphire stone is recommended by the expert astrologers with due caution as it possesses the energy of a Karmic planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology. Know The Future Of Joe Biden In The 2020 US Election, Nita Ambani Birthday Prediction: First Lady of Indian Business. However, it is one of the most effective stones that is ruled by planet Saturn. In today’s world, Sapphire is referred to as the stone of wisdom, Energy and Healing and it also helps in both mental healing, assimilation and learning. The gemstone will give instant relief to the natives by infusing energy and enthusiasm in the wearer and also enhancing his metabolism and the pallor of gloom going away during the Sade Sati phase. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is really the most powerful acting gemstone in Astrology. This mighty planet governs the major life aspect. It also believed to be a bringer of prosperity and joy. Traditionally, it is the birthstone for September. For enjoying the above astrological benefits, it is very important that Blue Sapphire stone should suit the wearer because it is suitable for only 40-50% of the people even after expert recommendations. In the Hindi language, it is also known as the Neelam Rathna. It is an expensive gem and gives tremendous benefits to the wearers. A person with a strong Saturn in Kundali helps people like researchers and leaders. Since ancient times, gemstones have been a great aid to influence the positive impact of planets. Shani is a planet that brings both positive and negative in any of its forms. Neelam Ratna is immensely helpful in curing the laziness. The wearer gets protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire, etc. Blue Sapphire can bless natives with wealth, name, fame, good luck, opportunity, and promotion within 1 day to a month of wearing it. Neelam stone benefits the wearer during this tricky and challenging period. It is a slow-moving planet. In just a few days after wearing Blue Sapphire, you can experience harmony. A person with malefit or afflicted planets in their Kundali can find gemstones highly effective. Your email address will not be published. most appropriate stone for ecclesiastical rings. Lastly, Spiritual Meaning, therein, many cultures and in many traditions, sapphire is a sacred precious stone. It is usually found in various locations which are Kenya, Czech Republic, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Brazil Africa, and among others. Consult the best Astrologer of India here to know more. Hence it is recommended students and professionals working amidst an academic environment as it will give immense benefits to them. Saturn major and minor periods can reward or crush the life of the natives. To The stone will enhance the focus and the determination of the wearer. It is a top-quality stone that mined a lovely Sapphire gemstone used in jewellery trade. The color of Neelam stone varies between dark and light blue, based upon its hue and saturation. The stone should never be worn with a gold ring or pendant as it gives negative results. It will also benefit surgeons, astrologers, doctors, scientists, writers, and mechanical engineers as the stone empower them in enhancing their skills and knowledge. . It helps to avoid and overcome stress, anxiety, and depression related symptoms. Sapphire over the years is regarded as not only precious but greatly significant and mystical. You must wear it on a Saturday (the day of the planet Saturn). Priti Patel Birthday Predictions: Will a racial discrimination lawsuit jeopardise Priti Patel’s political career? to overcome all the stagnancy and gloominess in the path of success. The individuals who are involved in a creative field like direction, acting, dance, drama, cinematography, and also martial arts will be benefited in excelling their career by wearing Blue Sapphire. It attracts infinite prosperity. The stone helps to recover all the ailments of the stomach and improve the digestive system as well. For enjoying the above astrological benefits, it is very important that Blue Sapphire stone should suit the wearer because it is suitable for only 40-50% of the people even after expert recommendations. It is believed that blue sapphires hold answers for many problems and malefic that surround and individual life. some religions, the blue colour of the sapphire represents the heavens. Therefore enough care must be taken while wearing the Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone. Shani or Saturn is the planet of Karma. The wearer will have peace of mind as Neelam stone has the ability to relax the mind. Blue Sapphire stone should be worn on a Saturday in the middle finger of the right or the left hand. Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold Rings What Should Know Before Buy, 5 Vintage Blue Sapphire Rings You Must Have Seen. If you keep Neelam Ratna in water, the water becomes capable of washing off the poison of a Scorpio’s bite. will help you to know more about the hidden powers of the stone. It is known as Yakut in … In our solar system, it is the second-largest planet. They preserved the wearer from envy and attracted divine favour. Ancient Persians, who believed they made the sky blue with their reactions. The stone gives positive results only if it is worn in a Silver or Platinum ring or pendant. Blue Sapphire gemstone carries a whole lot of powers and has overtime shown its deep connection with the metaphysical world. So the stone should never be worn without consulting an expert astrologist and judging the suitability. Health problems such as bronchitis, paralyzes, gout, insanity, and rheumatism can be recovered by wearing Blue Sapphire. the Ten Commandments were written, were sapphire. One good thing about sapphires is that they require very little maintenance because it requires no cleaner or polish unless grime accrues on the stone after fervent contact with water which its cleaning does not require much of polish or cleaner. If you like to know how to choose a perfect blue sapphire gemstone without getting scammed you want to read “A Complete to Blue Sapphire ”, […] Blue is the color of royalty. Thus, wearing a Blue Sapphire doesn’t suit everybody. Sapphires are not easy to come by as they are second only to Diamond in rank and relevance. The stone will be beneficial to the politicians and the natives whose work is dependent on public support. The natives can explore the Sade Sati report to overcome all the stagnancy and gloominess in the path of success. Rulers of ancient Persia believed the sky was painted blue by the reaction of sapphire stones. The natives can explore the. It can impart all the positive energy of Saturn. It is important to ensure the suitability of the stone to the wearer. Definitely, the substitutes are less effective then Blue Sapphire stone. https://www.gemstonebuzz.com/meaning/blue-sapphire/ Blue sapphire (meaning): It is of a blue color and is associated with Saturn. Read on to learn about blue sapphire’s meaning in astrology and practical recommendations for blue sapphire gemstone use in the mystical Indian Vedic tradition. But it must be worn carefully and under the guidance of a good gem therapist/astrologer/numerologist. Further, you can enjoy reading Tarot Cards– A Tool Of Divination, Tags: best Gemstones, Blue Sapphire, bluesapphire, Gemstone, Gemstone for Saturn, gemstones, Neelam Ratna, saturn, Your email address will not be published. Also, the stone helps in handling nerve-related tensions and neurological disorders. You must always buy blue sapphire with the consultation of an astrologer only. where the Kundalini unites with cosmic energies. The stone gives fruitful results in social, professional and marital life. The industry refers to the ideal sapphire color as “cornflower blue,” which is a nice rich dusty blue with violet undertones.

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