"I would of [sic] made a terrible gay man [then].". [quote] he had a scale model of Disneyland in his back yard. In his book, Michaud claimed that Mineo had sexual relations with then teen idol Bobby Sherman. DL is for educated people. R106, you can stick that "frau" shit up your lonely asshole. [quote] Didn't Mineo have an affair with Charlton Heston? They are more real. Sherman went on to learn to play other instruments, and in total, he can now play 16 musical instruments. Nobody's going to care what is in Roddy's diaries 50 years after he died, which would be 2048. Why would you use that word? Bite your tongue! Also probably being ethnic didn't help either. Who does this dame think she is? Troy Donahue and Tab Hunter are another two who everyone knew of. I don't find her particularly credible. Sometimes the love for music comes from hearing different types of sounds and putting them together to form a melody. You're a disgusting piece of what you eat. And Troy was a whore AFTER fame, fortune, and fall. In the carport, but he fell on the sidewalk. Troy Donahue didn't make me feel funny inside. Ok, "group sex with underage youths" qualifies as sordid. What you learn is that Mineo quickly became obsessed with Sherman and had him over to stay all the time, mentored him, took him on trips, etc., and that Sal's friends were very suspicious of the poor little dolt. However, the Sherman that we all know used to be an Introverted Child who barely talked to other kids at school, but kept to himself. Kisco next to Bennett Cerf. R434, are you a member of the entertainment profession? I always liked him because he always seemed happy, not easy for a gay Leading Man in the '50s. Come on, girls, let's leave this little den of lies. Debatable, R320--Donahue was Warner Brothers' insipid replacement for Hunter when Hunter got tired of the WB conveyor belt and bought out his contract. Anyway, back to Sal and his suds......... [quote] I'll go along with most of what you said, except Arlene was a far bigger and beloved star/personality than her husband Martin Gabel. John Saxon, who began life as Carmine Orrico, was a similar type to Sal and was the same age. "Sal was jealous, all right," Courtney said. Come inside and see what the buzz is all about. About See All. He volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department, working with paramedics and giving CPR and first aid classes. I met him at a screening/signing (oddly before the "Confidential" film was made so not sure what it was but he was touring with it) and he was sweet -- but he made it clear he had no interest in being a gay icon or role model. After retiring from music, he became a qualified EMT and joined the LAPD in 1988 as a specialist officer. Any eldergays remember seeing Sal around West Hollywood in the early 70s? "Sal and I went out for something at the store, and when we came back, Courtney was fucking Paul. I would. The Bobby Sherman frau is quite attached to her paramour's imaginary number zero on the Kinsey scale. That couldn't have been a coincidence: And then to be bumped by "Elvis Elvis let me be, keep that pelvis far from me" - is the ultimate send-off. I would guess that within another 10 years, no one mentioned in Roddy's diaries will still be alive. She also appeared on Broadway, and in operas. 2. This is after a jaunt to Morocco, where they had group sex with underage youths (not part of this Google Books preview). You can believe it or not, but it's not like it's came from Scotty Bowers. R433, nice shot, but it always looks like an alien hand is emerging from her right shoulder. I don’t think anyone will even know who the people mentioned in Roddy’s diary were 50 years from now, they won’t even remember who he was. I always heard this guy was gay, but that's clearly not the case. (Tab was actually a kind of dopey Christian himself but he had the bone structure to make him a handsome 80 year old while poor Troy looked rather sad rather quickly. There are 'physique' photos out there of lots of different actors (like Burt Lancaster), from before they became famous. They had two kids. Most of them had some sort of Broadway or cabaret careers. Especially in that swimsuit. Bobby continues to live at his long-time home in Encino. BOBBY SHERMAN???? Perhaps Tab Hunter made more films, but as far as above-the-title leading man roles go, Troy Donahue wins. Bobby Sherman has never denied the rumors to the best of my knowledge. ick. I think the party shows a bunch of actors who probably got sick of glamour and being on display for the public; hence the appeal of the seaside bungalow community where they could relax and just hang out together and be normal. Tab Hunter has nothing that can compare. Even if there's a nuclear war tomorrow, the ensuing thread will eventually wind up being about Arlene Francis, Judy Garland or Joan Crawford. Route 66 producer Herbert B. Leonard found out that Maharis was gay and was having a hard time keeping his star’s sexual activities away from the press. [quote]The sordid final years of Sal Mineo. He wanted nothing to do with any Nancy boys. R209, I think he specified that 50 years after his death they would be read, but not before. R73, I wonder if that cutie is McDowall 's (sp?) In a Rock Hudson biography I read he was said to prefer blond men who looked and acted 100% straight. I only watched "7 Brides For 7 Brothers" just to get a look at Bobby Sherman. A first-hand account from his fiancee at the time is not unsubstantiated gossip. Sounds like after his show business career ended he made himself very useful. Bobby, who was good at what he did, left no stone unturned in his job. I will never forget how incensed she was by Troy's horrible acting and line delivery. As he got older, his type got younger; so, I can imagine him going for more of a twink type. What exactly did they DO? Body hair is disgussting. He only did that so he could hide the tape. This comedy show surrounded a business tycoon, known as Ricardo Sanchez who decided to move his family to Bel-Air. He was out there, had sex, drank and did the usual. For instant unlimited access. [quote]Mineo started out as Sherman's mentor and helped him to get an agent. The book is very well researched and there's so much sex in the book that you keep waiting for names to be named. She wasn't rich like a star of a TV or movie would be but she lived in nice home and met all the famous people and could act, whenever it suited her. Glenn Corbett did a soap and tv-movies. Question: Since Tab is healthy at 80, could we assume he is a top? I wonder when Maharis did those penis pictures? WTF) had him arrested for beating her. Repeat...WAS STRAIGHT AND LIKED WOMEN ONLY. That clip, R220 mentions that Sal is about to get sordid with ex-cons and cons at 4.30. By 1977, many many men were unknowingly infected. Please click here to get full access and no ads for $1.99 or less per month. "Being into Disney" is very frauish, like being into Harry Potter. He also performed in an episode of The Partridge Family (1970) (The Partridge Family: A Knight in Shining Armor (1971)) which was used as a pilot for his spin-off series Getting Together (1971). every single site you visit? She may have been bigger had she been forced to actually try. How was this bobby Sherman a teen idol, he's odd looking. People don't realize how difficult it is to make something even half-way decent from scratch. What's the point of having a star appear if they were forbidden from showing their personality. I know, at least I would rate my own special thread. I think the story was related by Courtney Burr? Well said R138. R200, if Sherman really made that, my estimation of him has risen considerably. murder on the LA streets in the 70s: I once read that Sal, Brandon de Wilde and James MacArthur had a love triangle. obby Sherman performs during the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children's Foundation's 6th Annual Christmas Gala and Fundraiser at Montage Beverly Hills | Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine. Your Cat Is Dead in San Francisco, Mineo received substantial publicity from many positive reviews and he moved to Los Angeles along with the play. site without all this bureaucratic nonsense, Poor Don Johnson was raped in 'Fortune and Men's Eyes' (which Sal directed). There's been speculation who it is since these movies were made public, but I have no idea if any conclusion has been reached. Conrad's type, r199? I'd still give the edge to Hefner's home video collection. Repeat...DID NOT TRICK. He founded the Bobby Sherman Volunteer EMT Foundation, which provides free EMT services for community and charity events. Young Tab Hunter did. He just died last year. Sure, Robert Wagner was very handsome, but other than that, the men and women were nothing special. It's believed that all the traveling to and from the US for the bicentennial celebrations accelerated the spread. Not sure though. If I was young and clever I could link to some of those ads....but I'm not. Very telling episode. That's rather impressive work, R60. (BTW, click on the link for some hot photos). r187 I love that gif, dogs breaking up a catfight. Gay? "Fuck you" is about what it mean. He had an anal prolapse in his later years. Whenever he was not writing songs, he was playing any instrument of his choice, and this continued for a long time. Anything to get by. Interesting bits. Bobby's still alive, why don't we ask him? That was the most scathingly brilliant thing I saw all day! It's supposed to be part of the Guggenheim's permanent collection, but I don't know if it's on display or not. R63, interesting video. Even Rock was looking a bit haggard. Over the years there have been many stories about Bobby Sherman on DL. The automobile accident that she was involved in was not deemed her fault. His parents, Robert Cabot Sherman Sr and Juanita Sherman named him Robert Cabot "Bobby" Sherman, Jr. As time went on, the child-star found refuge in his stage name, Bobby Sherman and the name stuck. You dotards! Big star and then time goes on, especially for teen idol. I see that Robert Walker, Jr. is now 77 and still working. Williams was defended by Mort Herbert.". Originally Natalie Wood was suppose to be cast in the female lead of ROME ADVENTURE. It was less a panel show than like a dinner party where the guests were playing a private game and you (the audience) got to look in. What I'd have paid to have been part of a Tab Hunter/young Anthony Perkins sandwich back then (pre-AIDS, of course, though Tab is still very healthy). ", Sal was angered by Courtney's transgression, but not for the obvious reason. It was a surprising job, but the former singer had the skills to perform his tasks accurately. Troy Donahue was leading man in 4 commercial successes all made within a few years of each other: "A Summer Place", "Susan Slade", "Parrish" and "Rome Adventure". Get Directions (310) 207-7007. Can't remember,) That's a shame to me, because he really looked the part and probably would have done a great job. Johnson and Mineo had been roommates for a time and became friends. [quote]But did it really happen? Bobby Sherman performs during the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children's Foundation's 6th Annual Christmas Gala and Fundraiser at Montage Beverly Hills | Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine. If they eventually became lovers that's news to me. Sorry, I misquoted the name of Sherman's show. [quote]No one in the US had "AIDS" when Mineo died. R63 Jesus Christ, Bobby Sherman looks BEAUTIFUL in that video. The address is 8563 Holloway Drive, A lot of weird random stabbings, in the 70s, for actors. teen idol Bobby Sherman performing on stage at Variety Club event | Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine. I think Brandon Dewilde was in Giant. At the time it was considered a shit job and basically the "women's work" among fire departments and the police. It takes a lot of skill, I'm sure. Sal had one hit record and one hit movie. In Boston it's been rumored that mobster Whitey Bulger bent Sal over a couple times. From one of Roddy McDowall's home movies. In the 60s and 70s, we had the likes of Bobby Sherman blowing the fans away with fantastic music, then transferring to another profession where he made a lot of impact. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sal flew into a rage and tore up my flat, throwing lamps about and screaming.

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